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Everything you need to know about Media buying

Monday, January 4th, 2021

Media buying is the latest trend that you must be aware of. Moreover, in the previous year, digital media advertising has exceeded the conventional kind of advertising. Thus it is imperative that you incorporate digital media planning and buying for a thriving business. Besides, digital media buying is far more cost-effective than traditional media mechanisms. But you need to have the acumen for buying the right kind of media. Hence, we have provided everything that you need to know about the particular strategy. 

What is Media Buying?

In easy words, media buying in advertising is all about purchasing ad spaces. It can involve both digital and traditional media. Whether purchasing a billboard advertisement or a programmatic website advertisement both are part of the same system. However, analyzing the current trend when the digital ad sector is flourishing, the particular idea stands for buying the right kind of ad space. Moreover, digital media planning and buying involve greater command over the placement, timing and the prospective audience. 

How does it work?

Purchasing an ad space looks pretty easy on the day to day basis, but it is not. First, you need to come up with a differentiated advertisement that you want to present in front of individual audiences. Then you go for purchasing the space to run the ad within. Traditional ad spaces include TV, ads in newspapers and magazines, radio ads and outdoor advertisements. You need to devise a strategy for traditional media buying in advertising. For instance, if your target audience lives in Delhi then you have to focus on buying billboard ad spaces in Delhi. It is better to choose ad space in the magazine or newspaper that your prospective customers or audience subscribes to. Moreover, timing also plays an important role, for instance, if it is about an independence day sale you need to advertise for it before 15th August, to get a better response from potential buyers. 

Buying space on digital media works in a similar fashion, but unlike traditional media, it offers more flexibility and space for brands. There is an uncountable number of websites for advertisement and many of them even do niche marketing. Perhaps with digital media, you can have better control over the target audience. Further, you can also utilize their search history for better planning and retarget them as well. Buying a strategic ad space involves a lot of planning and you must take help from a professional online media buying agency for the best results. 

Things you need to know about media buying

Before going for media buying there are few things that you should keep in mind which are laid out below for better understanding. 

The process of buying digital ad space

The complex task of buying digital ad spaces has been made easier with the evolution of technology. In contemporary times, media buyers utilise many effective means to accomplish their goals. One of the oldest means is the use of the advertisement network. The digital networks join prospective publishers searching for advertisement space with prospective advertisers. Social media buying agency such as Brand Visage helps prospective businesses, devising strategies for buying ad spaces. The brand has the best bids backed with promising quality. 

Media buying should always be optimized

Effective results in ad performance can be leveraged by optimizing the particular. This happens by default when you choose strategic media buying practices. With Brand Visage, you get access to modules like influencer marketing, SEO, creative services and more. 

Conduct thorough research about competitors

Carry out detailed research on the plans and strategies used by your competitors, detect their target audience as well. Go through the history of their business, this will help you to learn from their mistakes, and do not opt for the same. 

Prioritise the safety of your brand

The safety of your brand is a major concern and is vulnerable to harmful content. Thus ensuring its safety is an appropriate task that needs to be taken care of. Leaning on a skilled media buying agency like Brand Visage will protect you from being exposed to these perilous environments. Its Online Reputation Management feature will streamline it all.  

Stay away from ad-frauds

With the advancement in technology and on the set of automation, detection of ad-frauds has become a hectic task. Moreover the lower you pay for the ad the lower is the quality of ads which can eventually lead to ad frauds. 


Good content is key to your success. Make sure the content you are delivering has a quality turnout rate, take professional help to get you sorted. Brand Visage comes equipped with a team of experts, helping out brands with their content segregation, facilitating better business. 

Devise a sound strategy for media buying

DSP has eased the process of bidding spaces for advertisements. Thus buyers are more focused on developing a sound plan or strategy than focusing on buying ad spaces. Media agencies help prospective businesses devise smart plans based on researched keywords and make use of available statistical data in an efficient form.

Ensure Prompt Delivery 

As a media buyer, make sure that your advertisement gets delivered to the right audience at the right time. Be particular with the messages being highlighted, do not opt for controversial topics that might instigate a certain part of the population. 

Wrapping Up

Collaborating with an experienced online media buying agency such as Brand Visage can help you with buying lucrative ad spaces for your business. You will get access to useful tools and advice that will facilitate better business. The extraordinary work ethics offered by the agency, teamed with out-of-the-box ideas and social media buying strategies makes them the best among the rest. You will be introduced to different ad channels that are available on the internet, today. Besides these, the media buying procedure will be completely unambiguous and kept open for you. Most of the companies opt for digitalized marketing strategies because of the higher ROI generated by the same. 

We hope that the points discussed in the article are useful and served as a knowledge base for sure. Final tip, always make sure your media buying strategies are both open and transparent at the same time, facilitating greater business. 


Digital Media Planning: The Beginner’s Guide

Wednesday, November 18th, 2020

Digital media platforms have become the go-to place for people not only to communicate or seek entertainment but also to learn about, compare and get access to the products that they want to consume. Around 59% of the world population are active internet users who spend several hours on digital media platforms on a daily basis. Considering this huge obsession with digital media, companies are now focussing more on digital media marketing than on traditional modes of promoting their brands. This has necessitated effective digital media planning.

Digital media planning and buying is an online method of bridging the gap between brands and their prospective consumers. It includes strategies through which companies aim to create brand awareness and expand customer base via digital media platforms. A well-structured digital media planning can prove quite beneficial in growing a company’s reputation and online reach.

Top digital media planning strategies

Nowadays, social media presence is highly important for brands to get noticed and fetch an increased number of customers. However, if you start promoting your brand haphazardly without any planning, it can affect the company’s reach drastically. To help brands frame effective digital media strategy and secure an ad space on digital media platforms, many media buying companies have come into existence. They have skilled digital media marketing agents who create customised online marketing plans for enhancing the brand’s visibility online.

Conduct market research

For excellent digital media planning, the first thing that you would need to do is study the market. For that, you need to identify the category of your product and brand. Then, you must analyse the competition among similar existing brands and keep track of the market trends. Having a thorough knowledge of the target market is extremely important for proceeding to the next step of framing digital media strategies. The better you understand the industry in which your brand fits, the better will be your digital media planning. Well-thought strategies based on market research and trends will go a long way in ensuring profitable returns from investment on digital media.

Create target audience persona

Once you have done your market research, you have to invest your time in identifying who the potential audience of your product are. You should practise social listening to get an idea about the target audience. You have to analyse and identify their behaviours, interests, problems and how your product can solve their existing problems. Considering your brand’s product, you must frame your target audience’s age group, their professional backgrounds, gender proportion, etc. creating a target consumer persona. You can do so by analysing their common demographic and psychological aspects is extremely necessary for ensuring that you frame a suitable strategy to reach that prospective audience group. You can contact the media buying companies to get thorough guidance in creating audience persona efficiently.

Map consumer online journeys

After you have understood who are your potential customers, you have to track their online lifestyle. With digital footprints left behind by internet users, you can analyse their data and conclude which media channels do most consumers visit on a regular basis, what are the trending searches online, etc. mapping such information about the way consumers use digital media will help you create campaigns that will capture audience’s attention and convince them to take actions in the way you desire.

Choose an effective media mix

Once you have tracked down your potential audience’s online history, you can select the suitable digital media platform which will help you expand your brand’s reach phenomenally. However, for surviving and excelling in an intensely competitive market, promoting your brand on one digital media platform won’t suffice. Knowing the popularity of various social media platforms, you must create contents and promote them on multiple media platforms to increase the brand’s social media presence. You can go for social media buying to ensure customer engagement on various digital media platforms every day.

Frame an audience-centric strategy

Since your product’s success depends on its popularity among consumers, it is imperative to give foremost importance to the audience’s interest while chalking digital media strategy. Nowadays, viewers can decide whether they want to skip or continue seeing an online ad. Thus, it is important for companies to make sure that they post ads that will be alluring and relatable to the audience. People no longer prefer sales ads boasting about the product’s benefits bluntly. Ads which empathises with the pain points of consumers and suggests suitable remedies through their product stays for long in people’s mind. Thus, if you want to be the talk-of-the-town brand, you must ensure that your digital media strategy is framed, keeping the target audience in mind. You can seek help from an online media buying agency to get a desirable space on digital media platforms for your brand’s contents.


Allocate your budget effectively

A core aspect of digital media planning and buying is assessing the budget and knowing how much to spend where. While executing digital media planning, it is important to stay within your budget. Identify your business goals and infer how much you would like to invest in promotion through digital media. Once you know your gross budget, start segregating the investment among different online media platforms. An effective digital media planning doesn’t only mean framing a strategy, ensuring lucrative profits. It must also ensure that you get good reach and return from the digital media strategy at a minimal investment.

Abide by your plan

In a fluctuating industry, oftentimes brands tend to reframe their digital media strategies frequently in the expectation of better returns. However, it affects the brand’s progress negatively. Mostly, getting profitable returns through digital media marketing takes time. If you change your long-term strategy overnight because of a temporary fall in business conversions, it is not likely to produce any desirable result. So, just focussing on sales and numbers might actually harm your profit returns in the long run. You can take assistance from an online media buying agency to frame an effective online media marketing strategy under any given market situation. Once you have a well-thought plan, you should focus on building the brand’s reputation through that plan and stick to it irrespective of market fluctuations. 

If you execute these steps while figuring out the ideal digital media strategy for your brand, it is likely going to help your brand prosper and yield attractive returns on affordable investments. Social media buying through media buying agencies can also be helpful in getting the desired digital media presence for scaling up your company’s reach and profit margin.

Reasons to Start Content Marketing in 2021

Monday, October 19th, 2020

The World Wide Web has completely revolutionized the world as we knew it. The internet quickly evolved from a communication method used by a few elite organizations to game-changer in every field. Be it scientific endeavours in Engineering and Biology, or economic activities like manufacturing and retail, the internet has touched everything.

This also meant that people stopped responding to age-old methods and moved to self-reliance. One area where this change is widely visible is people’s shopping behaviour. They now spend less time in retail stores and more online – comparing, selecting and buying products through reviews and rigorous tests. While marketing has always been focused on influencing the purchasing habits of potential customers, online marketing is a completely different ballgame.

Traditional marketing is dead

To stay relevant, brands have moved online as well. Those who did not were needed out of the competition.

With billions of people using the web every day, sales and marketing have also evolved considerably keeping their changing preferences in mind. In the 21st century, the traditional ways of marketing, where advertisers relied on print media and word of mouth, are dead. Today’s consumers are bombarded with advertisements every second and have unlimited choices. Online marketing has outperformed the traditional methods when it comes to saving costs, reaching more audience and eventually inspiring their purchase decisions.

However, the vast amount of information available, complicated procedures and changing algorithms make it overwhelming for amateurs to succeed in creating effective online marketing campaigns. Most of the times, it results in revenue loss if you are utmost attention is not paid in and executing the online marketing strategy. This is because offline and online marketing is completely different and similar methods do not necessarily work in the other, especially with the ever-changing scenarios of online businesses. Professional help would not only help save your time and cost but also mean you would have to worry about complicated technicalities.

Choosing the right professional partner, however, is of paramount importance. Some of the traits that should clear the fog are expertise, costs associate and testimonials to certify past successes.

Brand Visage is a content marketing company in Delhi that aces online marketing through skilful utilization of professional tools and has delivered countless success stories.

The average time that a customer spends viewing an ad has reduced drastically, meaning brands have a few seconds to create a long-lasting impression in their minds to drive sales.

As a result, advertisers have to come up with new and innovative ideas to catch the customer’s eye and not get tucked away in the market’s corner. Choosing a content strategy agency like Brand Visage would enable your brand’s core message to reach its customer’s hearts.

Content is King

In 1998, Bill Gates said, ‘Content is where I expect much of the real money will be made on the Internet, just like it was in broadcasting’. He referred to the fact that most, if not all print media have also moved to an electronic, online counterpart. And in most of the cases, the readership of the latter has surpassed the former. Unsurprisingly, this has also led to the closure of several media houses while leaving the futures of others called into question, further reinforcing that the future is indeed online.

This is the potential of content right now and the brands that recognize this are outshining others.

With the era of countless existing websites and newer ones popping up every day, it can be overwhelmingly difficult for a brand to stand out. To ensure a lasting advertisement impact on the audience, highly targeted content has to be created. However, it is necessary to form a content strategy to stay relevant in the ocean of the Internet.

Brand Visage content strategy agency will certainly help elevate your marketing game, keeping in mind the constantly changing algorithms of social media.

Enter content marketing

Content marketing involves creating, updating and advertising highly engaging content towards specifically targeted customers. It not only ensures your brand’s prominence but also makes sure the audience trusts it.

Brand Visage stands out amongst content marketing services in Delhi with its years of experience, exceptional skills and talented professionals. Its genius is in the ability to generate and market content that does not interrupt people but attracts them. There are several strategies it follows to achieve your online goals, some of which are discussed below.

Social media marketing

Social media is an outstanding marketing tool if used right. Millions of people turn to social media platforms to have an informed opinion about products and services. A strategy to dominate this space should consist of analyzing competition, researching target audience, establishing business metrics and setting meaningful goals before creating engaging content.

Brand Visage’s content marketing services in Delhi have mastered the art of skilful usage of YouTube features, Facebook pixel and Instagram ads targeting the exact demographics required for your brand’s overall success. This means that your brand reaches new customers besides making sure the existing ones stay loyal.



Search Engine Optimization ensures that the right quality of traffic reaches your websites in the right quantity; generates more leads and which in turn leads to higher conversion rates. It is one of the best ways to increase your brand’s visibility and online reputation. Brand Visage also makes sure this is approached through a carefully crafted reputation management strategy to manage online reviews and customized solutions.

Video content marketing

Videos have carved a niche of their own in content marketing because of a certain entertainment factor associated with them. An increasing number of people turn to platforms like Youtube to get answers for their question, watch brand or product reviews and ultimately decide which way to turn. Regular updates, competitions and video engagements also boost customer loyalty. Video content marketing seals the deal when it comes to increasing customer interactions with the brand. Its far-reaching effects augment your already existing content marketing efforts.

Overall, a good content marketing plan should enhance your visitors’ trust, generate higher organic search results, uplift the brand’s awareness and generate more leads. Great content, both textual and audio/video is the crux of this plan. Brand Visage is a market leader in managing all this and more for your brand.

If you are looking for a content marketing company in Delhi, look no further. Click here for a consultation and transform your brand’s value forever!

How social media strategy can impact SEO?

Monday, October 12th, 2020

The search industry is always looking for ways to use social media to enhance SEO. The term social media SEO is an upcoming term which usually means using social media in various ways to increase the traffic of your platform organically. Although social media and SEO sound different, they have a connection to each other that is unknown to many.

Using social media can make your SEO related activities both effective and profitable. So if you want to increase your website’s exposure and drive traffic to your website you can invest in the best SEO company to profit from your website.

Ways in which social media impacts SEO?

Using social media for your website can help you in various ways. The way you use social media can decide the effectiveness of your website. For example, if you share the link of your platform on social media sites such as Facebook or Twitter it can affect your ranking. Besides this, there are other productive ways in which your SEO can be influenced with the help of social media. Here is a list of them for you.

Helps in driving traffic

As mentioned before, social media helps in driving traffic to your site. Traffic is one of the major factors of ranking. More the traffic the better is your ranking in the search engine. Social media makes your content more visible. When a good number of people begin to share your content with others they are unknowingly driving more traffic to your website. But for this your content must be rich in quality and creating quality rich contents can be arduous in a world where everyone is running for better content and higher traffic. Nevertheless, you can surely make use of a top content marketing agency in Delhi to make your task easier and effective.

Improves your profile rank in search engine result

A website’s social media page is never limited to the social media circle. The same is used to rank them in search engine outcomes too. If your social media site has good reach then your profile will be ranked on the first page of the search engine. The better the reach the greater are your chances to be on the top of the page. The profile ranking also provides an excerpt from the reviews and link of your social media profile. Anyone can click on this link to know more about the brand’s image and may even discover valuable content. Thus, a brand should make optimal utilization of their social media profiles to create visibility. This is never too hard if you can choose the best SEO company that will do the job for you. 

Enhances your content reach

Social media serves as an effective conduit between your content and people. If used in the right way, it can certainly ensure that your content is reaching everyone. Unlike web browsers, where a certain content only appears after entering the keyword, in social media, your content becomes visible to all and sundry irrespective of the fact that they search for it or not. Better content can in turn bring you traffic of high quality.

Your aim should always be that your content is shared multiple times and over again to ensure it reaches people who do not even sometimes realise that they need it. If you have superb content then it will reach a maximum number of people and if you’re lucky it might even get shared by important personalities and celebrities. Don’t be too late and try out a good content marketing agency in Delhi to bolster your content reach. You can also use influencers who have a good reach to improve your content reach. But for that too, you need to know the right influencers for your vertical. A top social media marketing agency in Delhi can sort this out for you.

Social media sites act as a search engine

Never make the mistake of thinking of social media as just social media. It is a search engine as well. Gone are those days where users just used it for looking up different stuff. The search feature of social media has become so strong that it has become a web browser itself. People are likely to discover your page and relevant content with the help of the social media search button. This makes it all the more important to make the best use of your social media content to improve your visibility.

Improves local SEO

Social media can also improve your SEO activities locally. Local search rankings are usually impacted when the name address and phone number (NAP) is up to date. If you are successful in constantly maintaining your NAP information on your website and listings then your business will be recognised as bona fide by Google. This can eventually bolster your rank in local search outcomes. Thus, it is imperative you use the same NAP information on your social media, website as well as listings.

Besides, social media sites such as Instagram enable geotag option to share posts and stories. This can expose your local audience to your content which can further widen your reach.


Creating YouTube SEO

Youtube is one of the most popular social media sites. Thus, it is absolutely important that you have good YouTube content. A top social media marketing agency in Delhi can be your saviour in this matter. As optimizing your YouTube channel can rank your page on the top in the search engine result. Also, the relevant and popular videos will be highlighted on the top of the results depending on the search. Optimizing your video titles and descriptions by using pertinent keywords can boost your visibility both on the platform as well as on web browsers.

Wrapping Up

Thus, it is evident enough that social media improves your rankings. Although not directly but by acting as a catalyst. It can also provide numerous benefits in the long run of your business. Social media easily creates a web presence of your business. It can connect you with potential audiences who are ready to do business with your firm. Thus, it is imperative to optimise your social media SEO efforts for effective growth of your business.

10 reasons you need to start digital marketing in 2021

Tuesday, September 29th, 2020

Businesses are becoming more competitive each passing day. Every brand is giving their best to attract more consumers, persuade them and manipulate them to purchase their products or services. In such a situation, your brand needs to stand out. To do so you need to try out new and updated marketing techniques to improve the presence and reach of your company. 

With the world going digital, ‘how’ is no more a question. The Internet is the new key to all your marketing solutions. Using digital media platforms for marketing can prove to be very impactful and lucrative. Besides investing in the best digital marketing agency in Delhi, you should also have a sound idea about why you need a digital marketing plan. 

10 reasons to start digital marketing

With print and radio advertisements you definitely can reach a certain number of audience but with digital marketing, you can reach beyond just a ‘certain number’. Digital marketing provides you the opportunity to connect with your audience instantly and go beyond the limits. If you want your business to grow and reach new heights in the era of digitisation then, digital marketing is the only choice you have. Here is a list of why digital marketing is so important in 2020.

  • Affordable

The foremost reason for choosing digital marketing is because it is quite economical and effective. Unlike traditional media marketing where it may cost you lakhs to run a print or TV ad, digital marketing is very budget-friendly. If you choose a good digital marketing company then they can devise email, content, and social media marketing for your brand at a very low price. This can help you in optimising your marketing budget and bring you a good return on investment.

  • The increasing digital use by the new-era customers

Nowadays, people choose to use the internet first before buying something. The Internet provides them with the ease to do a thorough research of the market before making a purchase. Digital marketing is of immense importance here. It is important that when customers are thinking of making a purchase your brand’s performance is visible to them. You can provide relevant information and influence their decision-making process. In order to do this, you need to pick the best SEO company for your brand that will work on your marketing strategies and create SEO based content that will put your company on the top while doing a Google search.

  • Helps to keep tabs on your digital campaigns

Tracking your campaigns is important. You need to have a sound knowledge of what is working out for your brand and what is not. This will help you improve and result in a better return on investments. Digital marketing serves this purpose too. But this is never possible without having the best digital marketing agency in Delhi by your side. They can provide you valuable data for your campaign. Their user-friendly digital marketing software and analysis instrument will help you check multiple ad content and tell you which one is the best for your target audience.

  • Ensures a better interactive experience

The use of digital marketing platforms ensures a profound customised experience. Making interactive videos and product recommendations can grab eyeballs by engaging, informing, and entertaining potential consumers.

  • Helps in developing a strong engagement with the audience

Brands need to make use of their social media channels to help build a strong audience engagement. You need to keep posting valuable content and start a conversation with prospective leads. By answering consumers’ questions brands can enhance their customer service methods which will eventually give way to a better brand image. 

  • Helps in responding to current trends

You can use your digital marketing strategies to respond to current industry trends. Creating relevant blogs and articles based on popular trends or by taking part in conversations can answer the concerns of the target audience. This will enhance the loyalty of your brand and establish your brand as the leading company. Digital marketing can work way faster than you can imagine. A good digital marketing company can help you reach your audience in seconds with the help of proper marketing or by publishing quality rich content within an hour. 

  • Improves your brand’s reach significantly

Digital marketing helps you to reach audiences beyond geographical boundaries. Traditional marketing will only help brands be recognised locally or by those who read a certain kind of magazine or newspaper. But there may be prospective customers who may have missed out your brand when they needed it. With the help of search engine marketing, relevant blogs and reviews you can reach those prospective consumers quite easily beyond your local area. If you are willing to go beyond the boundaries you should invest in the best SEO company that will help you improve your brand’s reach in ways unknown to you. 

  • Helps improving relations with the customer

Digital marketing is a two-way communication process that helps to develop a good relation with the customers. With the help of digital marketing, brands can address the issues of their customers and can also get to know about their likes and dislikes. By understanding customers’ needs brands can design products that will best serve their purpose. 

  • Competitors are going digital

Almost every other business in the market is using digital marketing in this era to improve their visibility and reach. They are constantly making efforts to engage their audience, reaching better leads and shaping consumers’ purchasing decisions. This makes it a must for you to try out digital marketing to create better brand recognition and drive potential customers. It’s better late than never!

  • Traditional print and digital marketing strategies can go hand in hand

While digital marketing has the potential to inform and educate your audience, traditional media can help you to be in the top of your target audience’s mind. If you can implement both traditional and digital media tactics well it will help your business reach new bounds and make your brand image stronger. 

Wrapping Up 

Digital marketing provides you the opportunity to use multiple platforms. YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitters are some of the top digital marketing platforms that are used by people. This gives you the opportunity to engage with your consumers on different platforms at the same time. Traditional media offer very limited engagement opportunities which are usually time-consuming and are not flexible. To sum up, using digital marketing will help you reach new goals and bring in a new turn in your marketing approach which will be beneficial for your brand in the long run.

5 Easy Steps to Build Your Reputation Management Strategy

Friday, September 25th, 2020

Since its inception, the Internet has taken over the world by storm and rightfully so. It connects the world in a fashion that probably none of us ever imagined, touching the very core of human existence. Besides the technological revolutions that came with it, the Internet also completely changed the way we communicate, whether it is interpersonal or mass communication.

In this day and age, businesses that use it properly for their sales and marketing campaigns are bound to thrive. On the other hand, ones that do not slowly got far behind their competitors and lost the game altogether.

With the consumers using the Internet more than ever, brands have to be very careful about their online reputation management.

Brand Reputation

Besides the quality of goods or services you provide, your business reputation also depends on customer reviews and what they generally say online about your brand. Although managing the brand reputation offline may be easier, given the physical interactions between service providers and consumers; in the digital space, it is a different ballgame altogether due to the difficulty in segregating spam and bots from genuine accounts.

To tackle this, you need a smart online reputation management strategy that targets the pain areas and increases your online presence.

Let us discuss the 5 easy steps to build your reputation management strategy, so your brand reaches its highest potential.

Online Reputation Management

Potential customers in this day and age like to search the Internet for brand reviews, website and overall search results before making a purchase. This is where ORM or Online Reputation Management comes in. It makes use of technological tools such as search engine optimisation and social media tactics to influence buying behaviour.

There are several ways to do this yourself and also professional agencies to get this done. One of the most crucial things while considering a digital marketing agency to handle this for you should be their in-depth technical know-how and success with past endeavours. Brand Visage is an online advertising agency in Delhi backed by a team of top-notch industry professionals and hundreds of successful clients. Its success lies in the ability to research the brand to the core and offer customized solutions that boost the brand’s image positively.


Website and App Development

The face of the brand online is its website. It should contain all the necessary information and yet should be easy to navigate. Certain tactics make specific websites stand out from the crowd and hence, garner customers’ attention. Brand Visage works on creating outstanding websites that are free of clutter and influence the customer’s buying decision subconsciously. To further reinforce your brand’s reputation, app development is another sure-shot path to success. Apps make sure your brand stays with your customer at all times through their cellphones. Targeted advertisement on apps exponentially increases sales and revenue.

Optimizing Search Results

Most brands today use custom websites for their online presence. With the advent of search engines and their practice of indexing web-pages, the world changed significantly.

According to several pieces of research, a large chunk of consumers only pays attention to the first few pages of the search results. On top of that, even fewer scroll down to the bottom of the first page, let alone going to the second. For businesses, this results in a constant struggle to stay on the top, not only offline with their products’ word of mouth reputation but also online on search engine results.

This is where SEO, or Search Engine Optimisation services such as those of Brandvisage are required. Your brand should stay relevant and offer up-to-date information on its websites to avoid being lost in the pool of millions of competing brands.

Social Media Marketing

Brandvisage helps you attain consistency in your social media presence and aligning your social media strategy to your business goals. It can not be stressed enough that reviews can make or break your brand. Not only manging them online, but the timely response and converting passive online reviews into promoters are some of the strategies used to control the reputation. Customers tend to prefer brands that are highly responsive and address their concerns on-brand social media handles like Facebook and Twitter.

Your digital marketing and reputation management strategies should stay consistent with your end goals. However, it is also imperative that they evolve keeping in mind the changes in social media algorithms. This is because social media companies keep changing their algorithms and if your strategy does not change with it, it might lead to ineffective ads and incorrect audience targeting. Brand Visage keeps a close eye on these developments with its dedicated social media managers who scan Youtube, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, amongst other major social media platforms for changes.

Influencer Marketing

It is a commonly known fact that influencers play a big role in affecting the decisions of their followers. According to polls, 80% of global marketers today believe that influencer marketing is highly effective. 

People tend to deeply connect with individuals who have personality traits that they like and this results in these influencers amassing millions of loyal fans.

Brandvisage works with the creme de la creme of influencers who can reshape how consumers view your brand. These are not your run of the mill influencers with only a singular achievement of followers under their belt, but market leaders who are considered experts in their niche by loyal fans. 

You do not have to shell millions to get celebrity influencers to endorse your brand; since there are micro-influencers and social-media champions that get the job done, specific to your requirements.

Public Relations 

Public relation management is an important factor in your overall online reputation management strategy. Brandvisage online advertising agency in Delhi has mastered the art of PR through crafted press releases and other tactics that enhance and sustain a positive brand image. 

It all starts with a detailed discussion about your business goals, target audience and budget constraints. Each brand is carefully studied before creating hard-hitting PR campaigns that drive the strategy forward.

It is evident that the world has moved online, and brands need a meticulously planned online reputation management strategy executed precisely. 

Rest assured, with Brandvisage’s experience, skillset and testimonials that back its claims, your brand is in safe hands. 

UI/UX trends in 2020: What’s New?

Friday, August 14th, 2020

A lot many things changed this year, the most dynamic being the digital media which emerged with multiple new features on every platform, while at the same time waving goodbye to some other features and apps. The digital media industry in India and worldwide have long understood the importance of evolving with the changing dimensions of the digital world, and this time the change has resulted in the UI/UX platform. This is the time for the agencies to step up and review changes in UI/UX to help themselves and their brands to stand strong during today’s era. Some of the most prominent and must evolving trends for the UI/UX industry are as follows: 

1. Scrolling through the dark mode: After the transition of instagram into the dark mode, the newest trend is now the transition of websites into the dark mode. The creation of websites into a prominent dark mode will attract many prospective consumers along with increasing the visibility of the website. In fact, the reasons behind the popularity of this trend is as follows: It gives any website a modern and chic look

# It helps in adding a dose of clarity and visual appeal by bringing out other elements of the website.

# It appeals more to the users as a black mode helps them save the battery life of their devices. 

# Furthermore, the dark mode of the websites helps in reducing the strain on eyes of the users. 

Apart from creating the application in complete dark mode, there are certain websites and applications that allow the power to the users, as per which, they can decide when to shuffle the modes from white to black.

2. Use your illustrator: Well, you can visit the best social media agency in Delhi and worldwide and they will all tell you about the appeal of illustration on every creative and video. The same appeal is also true for applications and websites. An illustration created from hand has gained unparalleled attention and praise from masses all around the globe. The usage of content that is liked and accepted by your target consumers, should at any cost, be a part of your deliverable. 

3. Animating every scroll: Although every expert in the field of UI/UX must be well aware of the cost and struggle of creating a compelling animation as well as motion design, each of them is also well aware of the amount of traction and attraction that these designs grab. In recent times the majority of the creators have recognized the value of videos and motion on the website and application, which have also resulted in transforming the otherwise boring content into the most interesting one. The creators often integrate the motion designs and animation in their About us Section or in the section of their deliverables. Some of the most magnificent usage of motion designs can be seen in areas like, home decor applications and sites where in the users are able to visualize the room of their choice, or the sites and applications for specs and goggles which allow the users to try a piece of glasses on their face, and so forth. The 360 degree view of the deliverables is yet another instance of motion on applications.

4. Voice recognition: Like we have mentioned in our previous blogs, the increase in voice search and Voice User Interface is seeing the peak in digital media. The hottest trend of this year is undoubtedly. The virtual chatbots and audio assistance, that is taking over the digital world. Voice assistance has changed the way users were interacting with the creators and thereby spending more time on what the creator has to deliver. The creators can make use of this new trend to dominate in their niche market and can attract the majority of the footfalls. 

5. Product photo does the charm: Every other trend comes with an expiration date for itself, but not the charm that is spread by the photos of the product being delivered. However, the integration of real time products’ image is no more a drink of the present. Now the trend for 2020 is the usage of surreal photos of the product, showcased on multiple platforms. 

6. The charm of fonts: Fonts have always been a driving force for good content. This year as well, fonts will maintain their charm and therefore on top of the list of trends for 2020. This is more due to the fact that the users pay a major fraction of their attention on the headings and subheads, if enticed at that point, they move further to read the contents written under them. Going by this insight, it is always recommended to use bold fonts for heading and sub heads as bold fonts are known to appeal more to the users and attract maximum eyeballs. Apart from this, usage of bold fonts also add a hint of modern aesthetic to the entire website or application. 

7. Layout is important: Everything else will fall out as advantageous only if your layout is interesting. One of the classic layouts has always been the block layout. This layout works on easily definable borders for each section and hence provides a proper sequence  of information flow, even at a glance. Another very interesting layout is the asymmetric layout that has not seen the market so enormously. But, this trend will change in the year 2020. This year, asymmetric layout will see an increased market, much because people today are accustomed to operate on multiple tabs at a single go. This changed attribute of users at large will be the driving force behind the growing popularity of this layout pattern. 

8. Tonality of the content and flow: Those were old times when being a popular company was enough to gain traction and be the talk of the town. Nowadays, companies are required to do a lot many things, other than providing top notch products and services, to become the leader in the industry. The users of today are extremely thought driven and aware, this is the reason why users are more inclined towards becoming the part of the company they are investing their time in than just being a user. The users feel this as their right to have an understanding of the history, reason behind the popularity of the brand, and its unique proposition, per say, the users are interested in having a transparent relationship with the brands. Hence, it is advisable to keep the tonality of the content very informal and in the manner of a two way communication, with the usage of everyday phrases and dialogues for creating a meaningful relationship with the users. Keeping the tone a bit humorous also helps, but the companies should keep their target zone of audience before jumping onto humor and deciding its limits. 

The sphere of UI/UX has seen a wide spread in previous years and is continuing to expand more this year as well. The year 2020 will have a mixed version of UI/UX with the mix classic styles and modern aesthetics, opening up new areas of the said department. A successful website/application will have to have the correct flow of this mixture.

PPC trends of 2020: An Overview

Friday, August 14th, 2020

Pay Per Click, or as is popular in the digital media industry in India, PPC has always been pivotal for marketers everywhere and this will be groundbreaking in this year as well. Technology will be the driving force for the crucial PPC trends this year and all the seo agencies in Delhi and worldwide will have to adapt to these trends in order to use it as an advantage for their innovative growth. In today’s world of cut throat competition, it is imperative for the marketers to gain maximum in a little peck of budget. However, with such a dynamic world of PPC, it is quite difficult to eye the budget on the important ones. Below we have included trends of 2020 in the world of PPC, to help the marketers and brands in achieving desired growth: 

1. Automation of PPC: One of the most powerful methods to improve the ratings of a campaign has emerged in the form of PPC automation. The masters in Search Engines, Google, have been known to invest a big amount of resources in plumping out their best in class automation options. In order to make maximum of the said PPC automation. It is essential for the marketers to make the algorithms of the search engine, work for their benefit and help the machines with their understanding. A very important pillar for successful automation is setting up of an effective and proper track conversion along with an exceptionally good ad copy. It is always advisable to drive a maximum of work in the direction of the machine in order to save yourself from excessive expenditure of time and money.  

2. Advancement of Smart Bidding: Smart bidding is a progressive bidding system that is automatically functioned to provide control learning. It makes use of machine learning to optimize the rate of conversions and their proper values in auction. Some of instances of this pillar are, Target Cost Per Acquisition (CPA), Enhanced Cost Per Click (CPC), and Target Return on Advertising Spend (ROAS). With our advent into the new era of 2020, smart bidding is going to emerge as a more powerful tool. The strategies that are making use of smart  bidding will also position themselves as more prevalent. With manual bidding taking the back seat and system bidding occupying the driver’s seat, the marketers will now have more time on their hands to invest in strategy formation and analytics.  

3. Socializing – The master plan: Many reports and datas have appropriately mentioned that more than half the population of the world is engaged on social media platforms. This engagement has increased by a whole new speed due to the onset of pandemic. People today are investing the majority of their time on social platforms such as, Instagram, Whatsapp, Facebook, LinkedIn, Youtube, Pinterest, and Snapchat. If you believe the charts, most of these people are youngsters. This clearly states that it will be essential for the PPC marketers to focus their planning and time on curating engaging ads to circulate on these social media platforms. The marketers are advised to print bills on this multi platform engagement opportunity. Facebook and Google are undoubtedly the pioneers of this format of trend, but these newbies too contain a lot of promising success and efficiency in brand conversion. 

4. Targeting of the audience: Every marketer operating in the dynamic world of digital media is well aware of the importance of target audience and the amount of research that goes into defining the set of target audience. Google Ads, took this issue and in its recent deliverable, Google Ads have made provisions to its users wherein they will now be able to add target audience in their ads. This will help the marketers in narrowing down their focus to the target audience. This upgraded characteristics of Google Ads allow the marketers to limit their budget and its usage in the most productive way. This feature also permits the marketers to exclude the group of people who the brand feels does not gel with the communication and target of the brand. Apart from this, the new upgrade of Google Ads also allows the users to layer up audiences against each other, this specifies that a brand can make use of demographic targeting along with keyword targeting together like a shell, to curate significantly relevant sets of ads. 

5. Rise of Bumper Ads: As stated earlier, there is a significant increase in the number of people using the internet, i.e, social media. But, another fact under light is that out of these groups of people, most of them are prominent online via their mobile phones, hence it is extremely important for the brands to curate video content that works most smoothly on mobile devices. If the datas are tgo be believed, video marketing and ads are already predominating the market and those who are still away from this trend are struggling hard to meet the engagement and traffic for their brands. Video ads are a popular source this year, not only because they are aesthetically more pleasing and interesting but also because they function at a comparatively lower cost. With the advent of video ads, Youtube now offers a platform wherein brands can curate a short ad video of 90 seconds or less for delivering information to the targeted consumers in a more productive way. Youtube, and other such video centric platforms are a great mode of hosting search campaigns for gaining maximum reach in no extra budget. 

6. Visual searching is the new normal: Voice search has already seen an upsurge, appealing both to the new advertisers as well as audience. But, the latest trend that is soaring high is f visual searching. Visual search on an algorithm wherein an individual will be able to search for his said search query with the help of picture, unlike usage of texts. For instance, if a person takes a picture of the glasses that he/she likes, then Google will produce search results of places from where you can buy it. In today’s fast pacing world, immediate response is the need of the hour and visual search is the answer for it, delivering required results more promptly than typing search. The year 2020 is expected to flow in more advancements in this particular field of search. 

7. Remarketing: Remarketing has been a trend since time immemorial in the digital media world and it will continue to be so, this year as well. However, this year remarketing will be extremely personalized and will be customized as per different set of target consumers. Like we know, the main purpose of remarketing is to keep the brand active in the minds of the consumers, and this is needed most during this time of pandemic, hence marketers will have to be on their best game to make full use of this trend, for their benefit. 

It has always been said and experienced that the world of digital marketing is an all-time evolving world with new trends and practices, flowing in from time to time. In order to survive in this ever changing world, the brands and marketers will have to sharpen their adaptation game which will help them to withstand and succeed at every turn.

SEO For educational website: Everything you need to know

Tuesday, August 4th, 2020

For many years marketers all around the globe are trying to explain the importance and usage of SEO in the digital world owing to their crucial presence that can uplift the reach of a brand, multifold. 

Now, it surely is difficult to keep up with the dynamic world of search trends and to keep a record update of your website from time to time. The algorithms revolving around SEO are not intended to negatively influence your organic traffic, but to facilitate your brand in providing user-friendly and content that is specifically tailor-made so as to stand out as relevant for your list of customers.

The digital media industry in India, is well versed with the unmatched benefit of SEO in the educational sector and is working hard in the same direction to make this a topic that is well understood by all. By exhibiting the algorithms involved in SEO, most appropriately, the schools, colleges, and universities will be able to optimize their website, which will lead to a raise in search ranking along with better functionality of the website for future students. While a vigorous strategy for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) does take a considerable amount of time, the results obtained will yield profit for many years to come. 

Search Engine Optimization for schools: 

Like we stated earlier, the world of Search Engine Optimization is extremely dynamic. Google alone makes use of more than two hundred factors to rank a website online. This means that each branch has over two hundred ways of updating their website to make it more relevant for the end users, in order to solve their queries. This is where Search Engine Optimization steps in, helping the schools to uncover these hundreds of factors and translating them into strategies to increase the visibility of the school on digital platforms. Few of the basic factors that a school must eye to implement a successful SEO practice and to keep control over it, are mentioned below:  Integrating essential keywords: The schools can increase the possibility of occurring on top of the searches by integrating relevant sets of keywords in their web content. 

1. Usage of Images: The implementation of visual effects on your website, either in form of image or video, helps a site to escalate by placing them higher in search results.

2. Authority of both page and domain: As the number of people viewing your site increases, so is the increase in your school’s online reputation. This further leads to a considerable growth in domain authority. 

3. Freshness and frequency of the content: The more frequently and freshly curated content on your site, the higher will be ranking of your page. 

4. Architecture of the page: Every search engine is different and as such each one of them make use of its own system of indexing. It is always recommended as well crucial to include titles of the page, header tags, and meta tags on your site, appropriately, to make sure that your content is properly structured.  

5. Quality of the content: Every school should aim to curate content that is both interesting as well as helpful to its prospective users.  

6. Length of the content: Search engines are known to be biased against the length of the content. Content with word limits exceeding 1800 words will surely attract more traffic, increasing the impact of a SEO strategy. 

7. Mobile view: Knowing that the majority of the masses today access the digital world via their mobile phones, is no rocket science. Make sure the site is mobile friendly or else you would be losing a considerable amount of traffic.

Optimizing content for Search Engine Optimization:

The essence of a fruitful Search Engine Optimization strategy lies in the integration of relevant keywords into the content at the right place of the strategic vision. However, the content writers should also understand that this does not mean unnecessary stuffing of keywords at every place as then the content will look redundant as well meaningless. The reason behind stuffing only relevant keywords is to facilitate the users in finding each answer to their query, easily.    

Role of Keywords: 

The market is full of keywords revolving inside the education sector. This makes it a little more difficult for the schools to identify and incorporate the list of phrases that is used by their target audience in order to search a solution to their problem. But, while you are in the middle of this tedious task, it is always beneficial to remember the benefit of integrating the appropriate keywords in your content, knowing the importance of keywords in SEO strategy. 

To trust the words of experts in seo agencies in Delhi  and worldwide, for  curating the most appropriate list of essential keywords, start with making a list of the words and questions that you feel is the core conversation pillar for your target audience. You can also get involved in a brainstorming session for the same for swift results. Apart from discussing the keywords, it is also advised to identify the search volume of your prospective target audience. 

Role of Links: 

Another extremely important pillar of a significant and result-driven Search Engine Optimization strategy is the appropriate usage of links so as to improve the ranking of your content, and thus, page. Developing a link simply means allowing search engines to understand that your content is thorough and inclusive of all important facets of a successful SEO.  

This is the reason why it is imperative for the schools to understand the three types of links that exist in the world of Search Engine Optimization and, viz, Internal Links, External Links, and Backlinks. 

Internal Links, as the name suggests, are the links on which the school has direct control. These are in fact, the hyperlinks that are used by the school to direct users to other pages available on the website. 

External Links, are the links on which the school has either no or very limited control. These are the links that increase the ranking of your site on the first page of Google by showing the search engine that the content used is well researched and evaluated. 

Backlinks are the links that are created by some other content creator on his/ her site, wherein they link your content. This improves the credibility of the website and therefore backlinks form an inseparable part of Search Engine Optimization for school. 

Apart from the above mentioned point, the technical aspect of Search Engine Optimization, keeping a thorough track rate of bounce rate, dwell time, and page speed, is extremely important. The authorities at school must make sure that their content as well their overall website is being monitored at regular intervals to fix any issue that might arise from time to time, like broken links, duplicate content, etc. The trend for mobile search is also reaching new heights and as such the schools must also provide an inclusion of the same in their SEO strategy. 

Search Engine Optimization is one of the most dynamic tools of the digital world and thus, it is always recommended to change and adapt as per the latest ongoing trend of the market. Indulge in a vigorous strategy to evaluate and edit the content of the website to gain maximum results. 

Online Reputation Management: Trends 2020

Tuesday, August 4th, 2020

Reputation of a brand and its effect on a probable list of consumers is a well known factor. These days, the reputation of a brand progressively impacts the purchasing choice of expected consumers. In an intensely digitalized society, organizations are continually being assessed and get open input through online life stages whenever day or night. In this manner, it is particularly significant for brands today to effectively deal with the reputation of their own organization and to present a powerful administration methodology. All things considered, it is not, at this point just you who has an effect on the picture of your business, for instance, through external correspondence, but in addition users and workers. There are many reasons behind the growing importance of reputation management for the brands, which are as follows: 

# In today’s world, everything is evolving at a speed that’s unmatchable. Everything is changing and evolving faster and on a global level. Be it trends, news, or any other issue, the level of transformation is unpredictable. These evolving parameters require constant interaction on online platforms and hence the importance of reputation management. 

# The consumers of today have become more susceptible to transparency in everything they do or see. The same is true when the talk is about reputation management. Apart from this, the increase of false information that’s being shared at a large scale also requires transparent conversion and reputation management. 

# There is a decline of trust of the users on the brand due to increased feeling of inequality amongst the users. This feeling of trust can be gained once again with the help of extensive Online Reputation Management. 

Below we have mentioned the trends of 2020 for reputation management for the brands to achieve new levels of success:

1. Artificial Intelligence and IOT strategies: The digital media industry in India and worldwide is quite aware about the advent of artificial intelligence and Internet of Things (IoT), playing a vital role in consumer’s world. While the Internet of Things (IoT) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the new trend, it can also be used most extensively to provide unparalleled customer experience and satisfaction. Brands can use these new age technologies to optimize the insights on their target consumers. This will also allow the brands to connect more closely with their consumers via multiple offers and crucial messages. 

# Messaging is the core: Numerous individuals these days like to convey by means of instant messages rather than a call or an individual discussion. Promoters can likewise exploit this turn of events. Since the contentions for tending to clients by means of informing are persuading from the customer’s perspective from one perspective: 

# Nearly everybody has a cell phone and most of clients know about instant messages 

# Higher reaction rate: An organization’s message shows up nearby other instant messages, for instance from loved ones, and is subsequently bound to be taken note 

# Versatile Help: Clients can without much of a stretch contact an organization through instant message, regardless of where they are. Clients can likewise get support or ideal assistance out and about 

# No holding up in lines: Informing Applications offer quick contact. On the off chance that the organization responds gradually, the client can set the cell phone aside and do different things while hanging tight for a reaction.

Then again, organizations can likewise profit by it as it is considerably more financially savvy than overseeing enormous call communities and informing applications give practical worldwide reach. Organizations can utilize them to share pictures, recordings and emoticons to make their client collaborations all the more fascinating and individual.

2. Spend more on google optimization: The purpose behind this pattern is the expansion in zero-click look. These happen when somebody scans for something yet doesn’t tap on the outcomes. This is on the grounds that the information found in Google list items contains all the data required. Tapping on a site is hence not, at this point important. From multiple points of view, this makes Google the “front entryway” to your business. As this pattern keeps on developing, organizations need to reconsider their site procedure. Rather than utilizing Google to attempt to direct people to their locales, organizations need to utilize their site to fill in the different Google properties with data and begin to see Google as the essential method to connect with clients and possibilities. Google utilizes the data it recovers from an organization’s site to decide how that organization will be positioned in look. Google likewise figures out what rules and what data will show up in the consequences of your site. Organizations that have organized information on their site make it simpler for Google to get to this data. Reputation of the executives is similarly significant, as audits and industry postings likewise assume a significant job in an organization’s hunt positioning.

3. Make brand visible: You should be seen and heard to construct a notoriety and an adherent base. In addition to the fact that you should prepare for what you will declare and impart, you likewise need to respond rapidly to new discussions while remaining consistent with your image, tone and informing. The test is that discussions and issues advance quickly on the web, much the same as the present every minute of every day sequence of media reports. On the off chance that an issue isn’t tended to rapidly, inside hours you can wind up overpowered with a whirlwind of voices across social, advanced and conventional media. In the most dire outcome imaginable, your key partners will have reacted and made a move before you have. Organizations and pioneers are progressively expected to take an open position on issues critical to people in general, and this weight can emerge from inside and outside the association.

4. Trolls continue to be a strict No: No brand can remain safe from the evil eye of trolls. The brands and the creators should know the thin line distinction between viable complaints and evil trolling. While complaints are steps that can help you improve your brand for the best, trolls are made specifically to damage the goodwill and public image of the brand. This should be tackled with utmost sincerity and sensitivity, without hurting the troller but also making it significantly visual that TROLLING CAN NEVER BE TOLERATED.

The brands and creators have long understood the impact of effective Online Reputation Management and this will continue to grow this year as well. The above mentioned strategies, as promoted by the experts from the best digital marketing agencies in Delhi and the world, suggests that the creators and brands can work in harmony to advance on a mutual growth pattern.