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Social Media Marketing

Engaging customers with your brand!

Social Media Service has become an indispensable part of our lives which has opened a new stage for the brands to connect with the target audiences at large, engaging with them to increase brand visibility at the most affordable cost leading to fruitful results in no time.

Ours is a social media agency that understands the importance of social platforms and the audience circling them, to churn out only the best and most engaging content, tailor-made specifically for each brand.

We aim to provide the following benefits to our partner brands with our social media marketing service packages:

  • With our strategic social media plan, we successfully create a brand image in the minds of the prospective buyers, regarding the brand and thereby help them in grasping a larger base of the audience for selling their products and services.
  • Increase your brand’s awareness in society with our social media plans.
  • With our well-thought and strategic campaigns for every brand, we appeal to the nerves of target consumers, thereby creating a successful connection between our brands and their target consumers.
  • Lastly, with our social media services to increase brand positioning and a list of prospective consumers, we help our brands in generating more business, hence more profit and growth.

We believe in creating only the most successful, result-driven social media campaign and tactics because we are aware of the following facts:

  • World’s population exceeding 60% is using the internet on a daily basis and is online for more than half a day.
  • The increase in the number of social media users by 9%, making the numbers more than 3.80 billion have increased the importance of social media platforms for brand engagement

Our pillars of Social Media Marketing, strengthening your business:

  • Strategizing your brand: We believe that behind every successful campaign, thought and execution there is a well-established strategy, containing into consideration the master objective of the brand, its deliverables to the end-users, and goals at sight. Different brands can have a different goal to achieve at first, some may seek social media coverage to increase their sales and website traffic, some might have a goal to increase their brand engagement, while some might turn towards social media to increase their awareness among the audience. Whatever short-term goal the brand is seeking to solve via social media marketing, we fulfill it with our custom made strategies at regular intervals. Once the goals are clear, the next step for the brands is to understand the communication pros of every platform, viz, Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Snapchat, and Youtube. Each of these platforms is a part of the social media genre, but they differ in terms of the communication they are most famous for. For instance, LinkedIn is more suitable for business-oriented pieces of information and marketing, while Instagram is majorly for enticing consumers using your products and services. We help our brands in clearly polishing their knowledge about the social media platforms, and suggesting them about the platform best suited for their needs. We believe it’s rather appropriate to concentrate the communication of every brand on some platforms rather than throwing away a piece of mixed information on every platform. For this, we yet again conduct thorough research on the patterns of the targeted consumers, chalk out a theory and strategy based on the pattern and work for its success. Next in our strategy, we decode the type of communication that our partner brand is willing to share with its target audience by also keeping in consideration the likes and dislikes of the audience. We conduct research to identify what type of communication is prevailing in the industry for each brand, is it educational or comic, video, static or GIFs, etc. We create a marketing persona for this, unlike other social media marketing companies, to attract more consumers and increase brand positioning.
  • Publishing the planned content from time-to-time: As we postulated above, more than 3.80 billion people are spending their time on social media platforms where they are getting bombarded with several brands and their communication. Social media today is not merely for uploading and sharing your photos and stories, it has indeed become a major marketing tool and we understand it more than clearly. However, publishing brand-centric content on social media is not as similar and easy as posting your photos. A lot of planning goes into it. We do that for our brands. We keep a thorough one month plan for each and every brand, in advance, so as not to miss any deadline and also to assign required time to the brands to share their feedback and thoughts. Since social media platforms for brands are a medium to increase customer reach, brand awareness and engagement, spontaneous content and their publishing will not do any justice to the brands. We understand the nerves of the consumers and their liking, based on which we create interesting designs and content to appeal to the larger audience base, at the right time and correct frequency. We also make use of certain social media tools to minimize any error, fuss, and confusion in delivering the results.
  • Building engagement: We help create a huge space for our brands, which further keeps them in consumers’ list of brands. One of the inevitable facets of social media is that it keeps the brand in news, and we help our brands in making the full use of it for their growth. As we help our partner brands to grow on social media, engaging more and more consumers, the conversations regarding the brand grow as well. People talk about the brand in their posts, convey their comments in the brand’s post, or drop a direct message to the brand. Some of these comments or Direct messages are beneficial, posing questions about the brands and their products, posing a sales opportunity for the brand while others are negative comments or queries about the services. Our expert team of social media managers keeps a record of all these comments, DMs, and other conversations existing at all the platforms, from time-to-time to help rectify the queries and spread the only positive reputation of our partner brands. We invest a good deal of time and effort in polishing the reputation of the brands by protecting it from the harms of social media.
  • Recording Analytics: Mere postings on social media do not help any brand and we sure are aware of this. We keep a keen observation on the performance of our partner brand, like what is the rate of increasing engagement on the platforms, the performance of social media campaign and postings, how to reach more consumer base, how many people have mentioned the brand’s hashtag on their social media, the number of times a brand is mentioned on social media, and so forth. We project these numbers for our partner brands and help them achieve it. We also keep and deliver a clear analytics report to each brand containing these numbers and methods to achieve the next set of goals. A properly recorded set of numbers helps the brands to visualize their growth plans and to deliver the best results, we make use of our expert services and some tools.
  • Advertising your worth: When we talk about social media marketing at large, we do understand the importance of social media advertising as well. We help our partner brands in growing their business by creating clear and result-driven ads for specific groups on social platforms. We believe that a business grows not only by ones that follow a brand but by tapping new potential consumers as well, and for that, we assist our brands with thorough social media advertising. With the current development in the platforms related to social media advertising, the brands can now distribute the range of their display ads based on various factors such as demographic, behavioral patterns, interest rates, and more. We understand the importance of these ads and also undertake steps from time- to time to optimize these ads for better results.

How do we increase brand awareness, conversions, and therefore sales?

We ace the job of sales acceleration by following a trail of creating leads that are then converted into conversions. To create content for these conversions so as to keep them interested in the brand and to keep them loyal is a difficult task as the consumer genre is popular for their dynamic taste. We work on creating ground-breaking content and design ideas for every brand, which comprises:

  • Monthly Contests: We create interesting contests each month for every brand so as to keep the potential consumers and the viewers engaged in the brand. This not only increases brand appeal in the eyes of consumers but also gives them a chance to communicate with the brand.
  • Encourage our partner brands to engage themselves in one or other creative methods of communicating with their prospective consumer base to make each brand the latest talk of the town.
  • We work on creating a unique campaign for every partner brand to provide them with a freshness that helps the brand to survive in the ever-dynamic environment. A new campaign at regular intervals keeps the interest of the consumers intact and also increases brand leads.
  • We represent our partner brands in building a strong relationship with their potential range of consumers so as to increase brand awareness and customer loyalty.

We believe that the success of any marketing and advertising depends upon good planning and we never cease to achieve that. We always keep our strategies ahead on the planning curve so as to deliver maximum advantage to our partner brands at minimum costs. Considering the growing population of the social media world, every brand is now forced to experience the challenging and opportunistic world of Social Media, which might come out as daunting and overwhelming at times, but with expert services and strategies you can assure yourself with only the best results achieved smoothly.