Video Marketing Services

As the digital world was revolutionised by engaging content, companies started to realise the significance of audio-visual advertisement. In today’s day and age, the power of videos is well-known. As the saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words’. Well, a video is made up of millions of pictures and it further enhances the power of engaging content that is already powerful.

While the power of content is already recognised in the circles of marketing professionals, the exceptional potential of online video marketing is not known to many. Several pieces of research depict that over 50% of consumers prefer videos over any other form of content from their favourite brands, and we can not blame them – videos are quick, pack more messages and most importantly, are entertaining. They tend to have a long-lasting impact on the minds of consumers, which in turn generates strong emotions. Every good marketer knows that emotions drive sales.

Brandvisage’s expert video marketing services accomplish the core message of your brand in the heart and mind of the audience. The team of experts have been creating video campaigns that can be made viral upon will. These campaigns work two-fold to achieve the desired results:

  • Create awareness about your brand, product and services in the market of potential customers – their minds quickly register the value your brand brings and want to engage with the brand in some form or the other.
  • Create a lasting impact in the core group of existing users who in turn share, like, respond and engage with the video content, further enhancing its reach. These users, once turned into loyal ones, can act as one of the best sources of free marketing.

All the above ultimately creates more hype in the market, generates leads and improves conversion ratios. This means enhanced long term loyalty to your brand and more profit for your business.

Why choose video marketing over other forms?

Video marketing companies reveal that one of two customers say videos are better than any other form of content. The fact that it is readily consumed drives positive changes in customer visits on websites. According to leading researches, videos on product landing pages result in a whopping 80% increase in conversion rates!

A mere mention of the word ‘video’ in your newsletter’s subject can dramatically improve the opening rates. Videos penetrate the minds of consumers as no other platform does. Some reports suggest, 69% of the total consumer internet traffic would be generated by videos by the end of this year. Obviously, brands and marketers that cash-in on this trend is bound to succeed.

One of the reasons why the demand for video-content is ever-increasing is because the human brain remembers music and faces attached to videos more than words printed on paper. Videos have not only changed the way people relate to brands and products but have also flipped the world of sales and marketing. The advancement in hardware technologies such as sports cameras, drones has created a surge in video-consumption.

On the other hand, developments in its software counterparts like professional editing software have led to snappy and crispy videos that capture attention in no time. Professional editing can turn unattractive raw footage to peppy video that influences the call to action from the audience.

How Brandvisage shapes your online video marketing strategy?

Business video marketing is an area which a few can master, given the ever-evolving patterns in websites, customers intent and market perception. Brandvisage stands out in the crowd of video marketing agencies through its deep research, careful planning and meticulous execution of strategies.

The strength of Brandvisage also lies in its matchless expertise in other forms of content creation and management (blogs, social media posts etc) and integrating it with your video marketing strategy to create a holistic marketing mix that targets customers in the best form possible.

Some of the ways in which the team accomplishes your marketing goals are:

Brandvisage has mastered the art of working with the Youtube algorithm to generate rich, user-friendly content that keeps the audience hooked. This means more of them stay on the advertisement page for a longer duration of time, leading to more call-to-actions

Stop Letting Your Customers Find Your Competitors!

Let’s get started!

Facebook video marketing

one of the USPs that Brandvisage has, is the awareness of facebook pixel and algorithm. Millions of users are active on this platform, making it one of the most sought after destinations for business video marketing. Hundreds of clients and their success stories testify to their abilities in Facebook video marketing. The teams know what motivates users to click on a certain advert and what drives their purchase decisions, enabling the teams to deliver top-notch video marketing services.

Multiple platforms

In the era of blown-up Instagram and Twitter profiles, old ways of advertisement are dead! Users either skip right through boring content or hardly notice it. This is where influencers come in. Brandvisage works with creme de la creme of the social media world who create the latest trends. These personalities alone can raise businesses to newer heights. Their industry relations allow us to make sure that top influencers act as active promoters for your brand. They also ensure the product placement is as subtle or aggressive as the situation or client requires

Tags and SEO

It is said that videos are goldmines for search engine optimisation. If done rightly, videos can boost the click-through rates and eventually augment conversions. Interestingly, the world’s largest and second-largest search engines - Google and Youtube are owned by the same parent company and can be made to work in sync with each other through effective tagging, achieving wonders in SEO

Endless options

The Brandvisage service teams work seamlessly across many video-roles such as ‘how-to’ videos, customer testimonials, training videos, entertainment and other formats that do not annoy potential customer video marketing companies with aggressive tactics but integrate into their routine and simultaneously bolter a positive brand image. From basic methods like ‘thank-you’ videos for fresh sales to advanced tactics like ‘behind the scenes’ videos for existing buyers, Brandvisage knows what works where, when and how!

Video marketing agencies may have sprung like mushrooms in the rains and it is wise to choose yours carefully because after all, it represents your brand to a wider audience. Brandvisage recognises the time, effort and revenue goals you set for your business and promises massive value on every endeavour you embark with us. Their viral entertainment videos, binge-worthy content and highest standards of professional achievements separate us from the crowd.

Backed by a team of industry experts and ace-professionals, you can never go wrong with Brandvisage!