Do you have the next big app idea? But you don’t know where to start and how to implement it? Fred not! This is the ultimate guide to app development that will walk you through on how to make your app development dream a reality!

In today’s digital age, be it web application development or mobile application development, the app development sector, is constantly evolving and changing. Mobile applications and web applications are changing and increasing in number to cope up with the growing number of users. The total market revenue of the mobile application development industry is expected to touch $693 billion by 2021 as per leading forecasters. Various industries around the globe are constantly trying to reach the consumer through their mobile and web apps and drive market penetration along. Many companies in the eCommerce, entertainment, IT, healthcare, finance, tourism and retail industries are trying to evolve their business models and take advantage of the ongoing digital revolution.

Guide for app development

There are certain differences in web application development and mobile application development. Nonetheless, both require some principal factors.

Define the purpose of the app

We are drowning in a sea of apps, both mobile and web apps! Hence, you need your app to stand out and catch the audience’s eye. You must decide what service the app is going to fulfil, what is the X factor your app will have that will make you unique?

There must be a need for the app to exist and various tools can be used to estimate the demand of your app. An analysis of the keywords associated with the service you are offering will give you a good idea of how many people are searching online for that particular service. We often hear about entrepreneurs having eureka moments where they get ideas to solve or simplify problems that consumers are facing in daily life. Proper brainstorming is needed to define what gap your app is going to fill in the service market.

Get the wireframing right

Wireframing is done to map out the flow of the app. The structural design is laid out in a wireframe to figure out the basic structure of the app which involves mapping out how the content is going to be displayed and how the user is going to navigate the app to go from one feature to another. On a basic level, even if you are not familiar with wireframe tools, this step is crucially important and can even be done by putting the idea down on paper. The key is to be as detailed as possible.

Focus on the core features at first

The additional features that can make your app more attractive or make it feel nicer to use can be eliminated from the basic flow design. App developers do this so that they can add these features later as “updates”. In the beginning, only the core features and functionalities of your app should be prioritised before the app is established. This particular step will help you to focus on one thing at a time.

Think design

The design of your app is not just important for its looks, but it is also important for how the consumer experiences the app. A top of the charts app not only looks good but gives an easy, intuitive and seamless experience to the end user. App development companies often follow well-defined patterns and use popular or common components. But this is not because of laziness or lack of innovation. This is because an Android or iPhone app development company has to pay due respect to the platforms being used. The operating system that the app will be compatible with defines and controls some of these elements. However, how you distinguish your app really depends upon how much you prioritise the customer experience. You have to consider the device capabilities while designing your app. Scalability of the app is a major agenda that must also be decided in this phase.

Get a developer on board

Nowadays, there are many design-savvy and talented mobile application development and web application development companies available. You need to do your research to check their track record and see the apps they have worked on in their portfolio. App development companies can help to overcome the shortage of in-house skills and the years of specialised professional experience you lack. You can easily locate an Android and iPhone app development company that builds a track record of providing excellent quality services at relatively low costs.

Register your developer account

In order for the app to be available on the myriad app stores, you need to register yourself with a developer account on stores like App Store and Play Store. Either an individual or a company can be registered as a developer.

Introduce a plan to improve and update your app

Most app developers introduce analytics in their app for this purpose. Also, taking feedback and customer ratings is important. This gives an idea about the impact the app is having on the market, the level of engagement with users and what things the end-users like or dislike. This is important to consider while formulating a plan to work on changes to improve the app and find out additional features that can be added to the core features list. The impact these additional features individually have on the performance of the app can be monitored via analytics and can help the developer decide what the consumer wants or does not appreciate.

Developing an app is getting more and more crucial for many businesses to survive or operate to full potential. The continuous growth in technology and global digitalisation is expected to have a knock-on effect and give even more thrust to the advancement of the mobile and web app development sector. Moreover, consumers are used to high-quality design, flawless interfaces and easy simple to navigate features. This raises the bar pretty high in terms of quality that mobile and web apps need to be held to today. 

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