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Application Development

The growth of the user base on digital platforms is major because of the vast increase in the number of smartphone users all around the globe.

As the prominence of cell phones is at the prime, mobile application development is emerging as the basis for each business today. These brilliant applications fill in as incredible business tools as they enhance them, upgrade their profitability, and increment their client base. They expand the span of the business by setting up a closer association with the prospective consumer base. With the Android and iPhone being the most generally utilized gadgets, the interest for iOS/Android applications is the best, and thus the uprising of android app development companies and iPhone app development companies.

We, at Brand Visage Communications, provide mobile app development services, which are rich in features and are versatile in order to seamlessly suit every platform and stage. Our talented group of developers understands the remarkable necessities of the customers and deliver interesting as well as feasible solutions to these requirements. We curate extraordinary iOS and Android versatile applications that are assembled utilizing trend-setting innovations. The mentality we follow while creating these applications is to dominate in each viewpoint, from the UI to client experience and execution. Regardless of whether you are a hopeful startup or a built up brand, you can confide in us to convey master Web application development for making the most intuitive and customized portable experience for your clients.

Being a top mobile app development company, we deliver the following range of benefits:

  • M-Commerce: The majority of the masses today are inclined towards online purchase of goods and services, which is accessible 24*7 from anywhere, on devices that are handy. We deliver easy to use m-commerce apps for our partner brands. This includes:

    1. Incredible UI/UX
    2. Portability and feasibility
    3. Swift connectivity
    4. Customization
    5. AI-enabled chatbots
    6. Enhanced AR/VR experience
  • Wearable gadgets: The increase in the number of wearable gadgets has led to an increase in wearable applications for every business, which leads to higher attraction of the target consumers. Our experts include advanced technological formats into the usual wearable gadgets with the mobile world for delivering an unparalleled experience to the users. This includes:

    1. Focussed communication
    2. Lesser content
    3. Expedited user action
    4. Regular design elements
    5. AI innovation
    6. Real time benefits.
  • Geographical location: To further enhance the personalization level of our developed apps for the consumers, we incorporate our apps with geo-location features to help our brands target consumers in discovering them, therefore, improving the overall experience of the users. This includes:

    1. Finding the nearby places
    2. Finding eating joints
    3. Traffic updates
    4. Locating business
    5. Real time updates
    6. Targeted notifications
  • Chat experience: Our experts in mobile app development, mingle the exhaustive experience of chatbots and messaging into our apps so as to increase the reach of our partner brands. This further helps the brands to increase their return on the investment made. This includes:

    1. Effective communication channels
    2. Swift chat facility
    3. Protected messages
    4. Self-updated timer
    5. Deletion of metadata
    6. Social networking
    7. Enhanced customer services
  • Streaming of videos: The rise in video consumption on social platforms has been tremendous. This is the reason why the apps today are also being curated with video streaming facilities. We provide advanced video solutions to prospective consumers. This helps in increasing the app traction of the brand. This includes:

    1. Ease of discovery
    2. Ease of search
    3. Location centered
    4. Social shareability
    5. Real time interaction with the users

Our Services: Being one of the top app development companies, we at Brand Visage Communications are not restricted to a singular app development type or platform. Our range of services involve the following:

  • Android app development: The number of android users still tops the smartphone industry. It is for this reason that the android platform is the most crucial app development platform. There is a booming expanse of the requirement for the android supported apps, and this is where we enter. Our team consists of some seasoned experts in the android development sphere, making us capable of delivering the best app experience to the users.
  • iOS app development: The number of users of the iPhone is increasing on a daily basis. Businesses can tap into the elite group of their consumer base by reaching out to iPhone users. Our experts help in creating amazing iOS-enabled apps for these sections of users. We understand the significance of class and effect for this section of users and we, therefore, provide the best to deliver the same experience.
  • PhoneGap: This is a cross platform app development facility provided by us, which means that a singular app is created with the help right coding formulas that is accessible on all the platforms, android, and iOS. This specific area of app development facilitates swift and easier integration of third party APIs, adding to its advantages.

Whatever your choice of platform or deliverables, connect with our expert coders and developers to give new heights to your brand.