How to create an amazing press release in 2019

We live in times, in which marketing has become a space of constant disruption & innovation. Many channels such as digital, Television commercial & Out-of-Home advertising, etc compete with each other for prevalence. And, using a press release for publicity in today’s times may seem somewhat retrograde.

But with the help of innovation & creativity of the digital age, the press release has not only survived but has evolved into an effective tool to distribute information online.

Why choose a press release?

The reach of a press release is no longer just limited to conventional news publications. There are many popular online news and opinion websites like Huffington Post, Forbes, YourStory & First post, etc, whose audience, to say the least, is formidable.

If you write an effective press release, and it is picked up by one or more of these websites, your story and brand will reach a huge audience. Getting published in a trusted news website also adds an element of credibility to your brand and the probability of your story getting more shares on social media platforms also increase.

Tips for an effective online press release

Creating an effective press release is no kids play, and it needs a mix of experience, expertise, and creativity to develop a press release that stands out.  Some of the fundamentals that must be considered for creating an effective press release are:


The title of the press release must be something that summarizes its message in a few words and is written in a way that captures a reader’s attention. Sub-headings are also frequently used in a press release when the title is not sufficient to convey the idea behind the press release.


Journalists and online news networks don’t have time to go through lengthy stories. For your press release to be picked up it needs to be short, crisp & to the point, it is best to fit everything in a page or two.

Remember, your press release is one of the many hundreds that are floating around. And for it to be picked up by a journalist, it needs to be a quick & effective read.


Check that these basic elements of journalism are considered in the press release

– Who

– What

– When

– Where

– Why

– How?


Unless you are writing for a specialized industry related journal, remember that most of your audience are common people who may not understand expressions related to a particular industry. To reach out to a large section of readers, you must write in a style that is relatable to everybody.


A news copy when integrated with an image grabs more attention, and also puts across the message of the press release in an instant. If your press release includes data points, you can integrate it into your news copy in the form of an Infographic. Infographics are an excellent way of presenting data points with clarity and structure.


A quote from an industry veteran or an opinion leader adds a lot of weight to the press release; it also gives a human factor to your story, making it more relatable for the audience. Many online news and opinion websites present quotes by prominent people in rich text or images to drive reader engagement.


Journalists and influencers are likely to pick up a story that has something unique about it. Even if your press release is not something profound or different, try packaging it with a unique perspective. A new and unique point of view, even on a benign subject, can make a press release newsworthy.


A press release is something that needs experience and expertise, not just in writing a copy, but also in its distribution. By hiring a good PR agency, you can have your news copies written by professionals. And also from their contacts, you will be able to reach a larger section of journalists, bloggers & influencers.

A press release is a great way to constantly reach out and stay connected with your customer base. Compared to the many marketing channels that are used these days, this method may seem a little “old-school”, but once bundled with the power of digital, a press release is something that has the influence to reaches out to a huge audience and also has the virtue to add an element of credibility to your brand.

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