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8 Pro ORM Tips for Brand Marketers

Tuesday, November 5th, 2019

For several years now online reputation management has been center-stage in the online marketing field. And, especially when it comes to enhancing and protecting the image of a brand, the contribution of online reputation management is irrefutable.

The internet as a medium is very dynamic and can often be quite chaotic. And, to navigate your brand through this challenging terrain, you need ORM.

Here are a handful of tips that will help you carry out your ORM activities effectively:

1. Be Transparent

Publishing false information about your brand is something that you should always be wary of. You may often be tempted to do so to get some windfall gains, but remember, in the long run, this could prove to be quite damaging. Transparency is greatly valued on the internet, and people are more likely to trust a brand that is transparent rather than the one that withholds information or publishes false information.

2. Don’t Be Emotional

The internet provides anonymity and gives people the freedom to be especially vicious and mean with their reviews. Remember, Going into a vengeful mode to protect your brand from such negativity can do more harm than good. Before you do anything, it is important to take a deep breath and give yourself a little time to think. While dealing with hate and abuse on the internet, you need to be calm & collected and reply to hateful comments and reviews with humility & intelligence.

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3. Appreciate Genuine Feedback

All negative reviews are not hated, many of them may be genuine feedback which could help you improve your overall brand experience. When you do get legitimate negative feedback, make sure to respond promptly and offer a solution as soon as possible.

4. Encourage Positive Reviews

Reading product reviews or comments about a brand is a big part of the online buying process. And, More often than not, people tend to trust a brand that has a lot of positive reviews. To encourage positive reviews, you should ask happy customers to write about their experience with the brand, and you can also thank people who are submitting positive comments.

5. Engage With Your Audience

One way to develop a deeper relationship with your audience is to have a more intimate engagement on social media & other online platforms. You can do this by simply replying to people’s comments and reviews about your brand or by carrying out interactive promotional campaigns (e.g. freebies, contests, etc).

6. Use Social Listening

Social listening is one of the most effective ORM tools. With the help of social listening tools like Hootsuite, Sprout Social & HubSpot, etc you can monitor the chatter about your brand, and create an ORM strategy accordingly.

7. Develop A Company Blog

Having a blog specially dedicated to your brand gives you the freedom to demonstrate your expertise in your field. Your blog can be a place where your loyal audience gets to know more about your brand.

8. Don’t Ignore ORM

Many businesses realize the importance of ORM only after a publicity crisis. And, very often the damage to the reputation of a brand can be irreversible. When it comes to online reputation management, the first step is to “Start Early”.

Lastly, you must remember that ORM is a long term process, and it will take some time before the results could show. With a lot of hard work and some patience, your ORM activities can do wonders for your brand.

PPC Trends to watch out for!

Friday, May 17th, 2019

PPC Trends to watch out for!

1.  Automation

When it comes to PPC marketing, automation has become a crucial feature to factor in since Google itself is displaying ads for the targeted audience due to automation.

As this trend is picking up, Agencies have adopted automated bidding strategies instead of third-party tools and believes that the manual tracking techniques will soon be a thing of the past and PPC marketers will have to up their game in an effort align creativity with their skills.

2. Running E-commerce Ads

E-commerce platforms, without a doubt, are medium to reckon with when it comes to PPC marketing. We have observed that the biggest players in the market like Facebook and Google are looking to pick up this trend with keen interest.

3. Audience over keywords

Right keyword placement has been the mainstay of PPC marketing for decades. Digital Marketers in Delhi have used the best strategies to their knowledge and capitalized on this parameter effectively, but is all that going to change? We certainly feel so! Keyword targeting is gradually being replaced by Audience targeting strategies for the ads, which means audience grouping and behavior will highly influence the nature of campaigning. Though this transition sounds easier than done. Marketers will have to make sure that their messaging and copy is as relevant and personalized as possible!

4. Diversification of Channels

With the ever-growing marketing channels and mediums, brands need to diversify their strategies and make the best of the lucrative market, and with time, we feel, digital marketing agencies will have to keep a check on the multi-channel campaign strategy. It will be crucial to keep the users engrossed because the results are not always consistent.

5. Ads Quality

Most brands look to maximize profits via clicks and hence, the creativity, formatting and the nature of the ads placed need to meet the set expectations. What’s interesting to see is what strategy the digital agencies and marketers will adopt for the headlines.

6. Branding

Brands need to stay as much relevant as they need to generate ROI. This propels the brands to further their loyalty among users and requires them to push for ads on video streaming platforms.

7. Remarketing

The phenomenon of remarketing is not alien to digital agencies and marketers in Delhi. We feel that this act of reintroducing will be pushed further to maximize profits on products and services.

8. Video Marketing

Digital agencies cannot ignore the importance of video marketing and will have to spend on posting video ads, and banner ads on Youtube and other video streaming platforms.

Going by these trends, it is safe to say that we are keenly planning on effective implementation and patiently awaiting the launch techniques up our sleeves.

10 Pro PR tips for brands in 2019-20

Tuesday, October 15th, 2019

PR has always played a major role in the larger publicity strategy of a brand, and with time its role has become even more critical. PR is frequently used for developing brand awareness and gathering attention of the media, but with a comprehensive PR strategy, a lot more can be done. 

Over the long term, positive media coverage can not only improve the image of a brand but make it more trustworthy in the eyes of the consumer. For doing that, however, PR professionals need to be at the top of their game and keep up with the dynamic world of PR.

In the past few years PR has changed quite dramatically, and to help PR professionals keep up with these changes we have come up with a list of PR tips that are relevant in 2019 – 20:

Develop an effective Brand Story

A brand is not just a product or a service which has a name & identity; it is a narrative (or story) of how a brand adds value to the lives of its customers. If you have a brand story, for example, how your brand helped a customer or How the brand came into existence, you can use many traditional & contemporary PR techniques to share such stories with your audience and connect with them in a more intimate manner. 

Write industry related content 

Write content that is related to your respective industry and make sure that it is informative and educational. Every now & then you can publish content that is related to your brand, but most of the content that you publish must enlighten or educate the reader in some way. 

Write an effective Press release

If you want your press release to be picked up by a journalist, make sure that the writing is perfect. 

While writing a press release for your brand you need to make sure that it does not come out looking like an advertisement. Rather, it needs to look like a piece of news that the audience ought to know. 

If you write a press release that is unique, easy to read & has an awesome headline, there is a good chance of it being published. 

Build a relationship with journalists 

Journalists are often thought leaders and opinion-makers of whichever field they write about. If you are able to develop a relationship with an eminent journalist who is related to your industry, it could prove to be very valuable in the long term. 

If such eminent journalists choose to write about your brand or mention it in one of his/her articles, it could enhance the goodwill of your brand.  

Ride the trends

A new and effective way of carrying out a successful PR campaign is to leverage online trends. If there is a trending topic on the internet or social media that is related to your industry, you can quickly publish a news item or an article to engage your audience. 

Twitter is arguably the best platform for leveraging online trends, and if your news item/ article is relevant there’s a chance that it might even go viral. 

Get handy with Social Media PR

Apart from catching trends on twitter, there are other ways of doing PR through social media channels. One way is to reach out to journalists on social media platforms like twitter, facebook & Linkedin and engaging with them to share your content through their social media handles. 

Helpful in observing social media tends and dealing with negative publicity, Social listening is also increasingly becoming a norm in PR

Hold Events

Another great way to engage your audience through PR is to hold events or participate in them as a sponsor. Large scale events generally get a lot of media attention and if your brand is making its presence felt in such events, it stands to gain quite a bit. 

Prepare for PR challenges

The internet is a very unpredictable place, and there could be times when there is negative publicity related to your brand. PR plays a huge role in dealing with untoward situations on the internet, and over the long term, it can also be used for online reputation management (ORM). 

Leverage SEO

A lot of content that is published online invariably ends up on the search engines also. SEO can be used to optimize content pieces like news, blogs, articles, stories, etc and made available to your target audience on the search engine. 

Become a thought leader

By becoming a thought/opinion leader in your industry, you can pretty much become a PR channel yourself. But for becoming a thought leader you need to publish high- quality content on a regular basis that your audience finds relevant and valuable. 

The way PR is done today may be very different from the way it was done traditionally, but its relevance has not diminished in any way. In-fact with the help of social media and digitization, the influence of PR has only increased.

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How to create an amazing press release in 2019

Tuesday, May 7th, 2019

How to create an amazing press release in 2019

We live in times, in which marketing has become a space of constant disruption & innovation. Many channels such as digital, Television commercial & Out-of-Home advertising, etc compete with each other for prevalence. And, using a press release for publicity in today’s times may seem somewhat retrograde.

But with the help of innovation & creativity of the digital age, the press release has not only survived but has evolved into an effective tool to distribute information online.

Why choose a press release?

The reach of a press release is no longer just limited to conventional news publications. There are many popular online news and opinion websites like Huffington Post, Forbes, YourStory & First post, etc, whose audience, to say the least, is formidable.

If you write an effective press release, and it is picked up by one or more of these websites, your story and brand will reach a huge audience. Getting published in a trusted news website also adds an element of credibility to your brand and the probability of your story getting more shares on social media platforms also increase.

Tips for an effective online press release

Creating an effective press release is no kids play, and it needs a mix of experience, expertise, and creativity to develop a press release that stands out.  Some of the fundamentals that must be considered for creating an effective press release are:


  • Write an Awesome Headline

The title of the press release must be something that summarizes its message in a few words and is written in a way that captures a reader’s attention. Sub-headings are also frequently used in a press release when the title is not sufficient to convey the idea behind the press release.


  • Keep it Short

Journalists and online news networks don’t have time to go through lengthy stories. For your press release to be picked up it needs to be short, crisp & to the point, it is best to fit everything in a page or two.

Remember, your press release is one of the many hundreds that are floating around. And for it to be picked up by a journalist, it needs to be a quick & effective read.


  • The five W’s & one H.

Check that these basic elements of journalism are considered in the press release

– Who

– What

– When

– Where

– Why

– How?


  • Avoid Corporate & Industry Jargons

Unless you are writing for a specialized industry related journal, remember that most of your audience are common people who may not understand expressions related to a particular industry. To reach out to a large section of readers, you must write in a style that is relatable to everybody.


  • Use Images & Infographics

A news copy when integrated with an image grabs more attention, and also puts across the message of the press release in an instant. If your press release includes data points, you can integrate it into your news copy in the form of an Infographic. Infographics are an excellent way of presenting data points with clarity and structure.


  • Include a Quote

A quote from an industry veteran or an opinion leader adds a lot of weight to the press release; it also gives a human factor to your story, making it more relatable for the audience. Many online news and opinion websites present quotes by prominent people in rich text or images to drive reader engagement.


  • Try being Unique

Journalists and influencers are likely to pick up a story that has something unique about it. Even if your press release is not something profound or different, try packaging it with a unique perspective. A new and unique point of view, even on a benign subject, can make a press release newsworthy.


  • Hire an Expert

A press release is something that needs experience and expertise, not just in writing a copy, but also in its distribution. By hiring a good PR agency, you can have your news copies written by professionals. And also from their contacts, you will be able to reach a larger section of journalists, bloggers & influencers.

A press release is a great way to constantly reach out and stay connected with your customer base. Compared to the many marketing channels that are used these days, this method may seem a little “old-school”, but once bundled with the power of digital, a press release is something that has the influence to reaches out to a huge audience and also has the virtue to add an element of credibility to your brand.

Digital Media in India

Thursday, April 12th, 2018

According to an economic times report, the Indian media and broadcast industry is expected to touch USD 34.8 billion, and this growth will be paced by a significant surge in the digital media, which will gain more prominence in the times to come.
The Indian Media Industry is said to be at a digital crossroads today. The medium has almost spread to all the industries and traditional methods of marketing (TV, Print, radio, OOH, etc.) are being challenged by digitization.

Let us see some of the major reasons that are driving the growth of digital media in India:

Trust Factor

The early apprehensions in the digital medium have now faded away and people have started trusting the information on the internet and have adopted e-commerce in a big way. People now shop for clothes, groceries, furniture, etc. through the internet and a considerable number of people have even adopted online and mobile banking.

Communication revolution

Majority of Indians now have at least a low-cost Smartphone, which has increased the penetration of high-speed internet exponentially. This factor has revolutionized the market for both consumers and as well as marketers. The number of internet users in India was 481 Million in December 2017, which give a huge opportunity to serve a large and growing population.

Adoption of Digital marketing my companies

All the top corporate in India have already either developed or are in the process of developing an integrated digital strategy for themselves. Traditional methods of marketing are no longer seen as sufficient and the dependence on digital marketing is expected to become even greater in the times to come. In fact, on the global level, 2021 is expected to be the year in which Digital marketing will out-do traditional methods of marketing.

Digital Marketing, Cheaper than traditional methods

Cost-effectiveness is one thing that makes digital marketing very popular today. TV & Print ads cost a lot, but online advertising, on the other hand, is something that even start-ups can afford.

Although Digital Marketing is growing leaps and bounds, there is still a lot of scopes for the industry to grow. And with demography on its side and zeal for entrepreneurship and innovation, India has a bright digital future.