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Content Marketing Services

Bill Gates once famously said, ‘Content is King’. Although it was said many years ago, this statement still holds. The last decade has seen exponential growth in the number of cellphones and subsequent internet users. With this growth came a rapid rise in blogs, websites and social media platforms.

However, what drives these online giants at their core is content. Most social media platforms do not create their content but rather act as an aggregator between different users – showcasing their content to each other. With this, came the era of content marketing, where companies realized how the potential of highly engaging content could be tapped to create brand awareness.

Leisurely creating content for self-gratification is relatively simple, while generating content for business and professional services is a whole different ballgame. While the demand for content is witnessing rapid demands amongst marketers, it is necessary to scout for quality content rather than solely focusing on the quality and consistency of delivery.

Brand Visage is one of the best content marketing companies in the nation, given its expertise in managing content in modern digital space. The world of content keeps changing every day with the advent of new tools, changing search engine behaviours and evolving algorithms of social media platforms. We make sure your brand and its content stay relevant, updated and hits the bull’s eye, each time.

How our experts help you achieve your online goals?

Simply put, content marketing is the process of generating and distributing quality content to a predetermined audience to drive business goals. To achieve these business goals that ultimately boil down to more sales and higher profits, you should devise a content marketing strategy. The strategy should keep your company’s long-term vision, short term goals, budget and expectations in careful consideration. Also, the latest market trends and customer feedback should be kept in mind before executing the strategy to ensure the highest cost to return ratios. Alternatively, the services of a content marketing agency can be sought to save yourself the headache of learning with trial and error. This would also make sure your brand capitalizes the right prospects in the right way, weeding out irrelevant content and dominating the competition. Branvisage is an expert agency at curating, marketing and updating content that represents your brand in the best possible light. We champion the art of subtle ways to reach potential customers and have them converted into sales for your brand. Customers do not prefer being disturbed by annoying advertisements while they are busy doing something. We make sure invasive advertisement is replaced by steady relationship building, leading to greater brand-recognition and eventually higher sales.

Why does a content marketing strategy matter?

In a world where billions of websites exist and thousands of brands compete for a share of the pie, online content marketing is the game-changer. While all small, medium and larger businesses do realize the need for content, only a few understand the potential of quality content that is served consistently to the audience. It is one thing to provide regular content but curating highly engaging content is what separates the good from the great! A glance through the history of digital evolution depicts how content has taken the centre stage to become one of the most important pillars of a brands success - both online and offline. The basis of your online content marketing strategy should be a clearly defined approach. According to studies, only 18% of the marketers believe their organisation has a well-defined strategy and the right technology to manage content marketing. This is critical because 92% of them on the other hand, believe that content is a significant asset to their business. Choosing the right content marketing agency for your strategy design and execution is pivotal to the overall success of your online endeavours. Brandvisage’s content marketing is a notch above the others with its dedicated team of experts in utilizing professional tools, market research and intricate strategy design for effective content marketing. Its R&D team understands what drives customers and what.

What methods we use to ensure quality?

Engaging content makes sure your audience can associate with the brand and realize what it stands for, and the best content marketing companies know this very well.

There are several methods of achieving successful content engagement online, such as:

  • Written content marketing services in the form of blog posts, articles, press-releases etc. that use keywords optimized for a search engine, so your brand shows up more often in search results. This increases the brand’s visibility
  • Audio-Visual content marketing services such as Instagram influencing, Youtube advertisements and PR campaigns that augment existing content to attract new leads or increase the volume of business from existing consumers
  • B2B content marketing tactics that focus on promoting the story before selling the product or service. This ensures a long-term, subconscious impact on the minds of the consumers leading your brand to register easier, stay longer and feel positive
  • Us Vs Them Approach, considering that it is not about you or the brand as much as it is about the viewers. The target audience should be kept in mind while designing any content
  • Paid professional tools for traffic analysis, keyword recognition and discovering already existing content to suit your brand requirements

How our team ensures your online success?

We believe in a complete 360 degrees analysis of the problem at hand. Our team of digital professionals carry out each operation in a precisely calculated way. While most marketers do not have a clear vision and set goals, we chalk out every step and ensure completion.

Some of the features our teams embody in the content strategy are:

  • Branded Content Marketing – We are skilled at generating content that the audience can instantly associate with your brand. This focus on intangible qualities of the brand, rather than just the product or service generates conversations and creates hype. This triggers emotions and sustains long-term impact in the minds of the audience. Branded content marketing improves your brand awareness exponentially by immersive storytelling. Needless to say, leads add up and sales improve as a direct result
  • Inbound Content Marketing – Research shows that when customers seek a solution to their problem, they are more likely to respond to a call to action. We integrate this concept into content marketing – instead of baseless marketing to random strangers, our sophisticated, AI-based systems target people more likely to buy your products or services, for instance, repeat website visitors rather than first-timers. Inbound content marketing is one of the best ways to convert a passive visitor into an active buyer
  • B2B content marketing – We use tactical tools and dashboards to launch drip campaigns that nurture leads. Analytics are employed to measure success and tweak strategies according to audience response. Our teams are adept at the mapping customer journey and assisting your brands through multiple steps of B2B interactions

Our innovative approach towards digital management is revolutionizing the content marketing industry in India. With a long list of reputable clients and hundreds of successful campaigns under our belt, Brandvisage is the market leader in creating fresh and interesting content that users can identify with. With our comprehensive approach and all-round vision, your digital strategy and brand are in safe hands.