The soul of a marketing strategy is narrating and expressing a story or an idea in an explicit form. In that case, creating video content can do miracles. Multiple brands these days utilize video content marketing strategies, to promote their services and products. However, coming up with the right kind of video for your brand needs a lot of brainstorming. 

Creation, distribution and promotion are the three main factors that decide upon the success rate of your video. If you have adopted the right strategies for your video you are definitely going to be viewed by millions. However, businesses usually lack one of these three essences in their videos. Whether Youtube or Facebook video marketing, your content should be a synergy of information, entertainment and education to create a lasting impression in the viewers’ minds. 

Top 8 tips to create a killer video marketing strategy

You must be worried about how to incorporate the three factors in the same proportion in your online video marketing strategy. Don’t worry cause we have got you covered. You can simply leaf through the tips given below to come up with a killer video content marketing strategy. 

Decide the video goal and KPI

Your foremost task is to spot the mission of your video content. Once you know your aim, come up with a solid plan, in line with your goals. Sit down and work on the script. Note down the minute details, content and the messages that you want to put across through it. 

There are different kinds of videos that you can choose for your firm, but the idea behind it should be clear. It should be beneficial for your business and target audience as well. 

Once you have set the goals of your video, it’s time to think about the key performance indicator (KPI). This means you need to set a target to reach a significant number within the stipulated time period. Let’s get this straight, the main purpose of slogging behind a video and its content is to boost your ROI and generate more traffic for your business. 

Strategize your video SEO

SEO is not only limited to websites and blogs but also applicable to video content marketing strategy. Plan in arrangements in such a way that your video appears at the top of any search result. Incorporate relevant keywords within the title and description of the particular video. When you embed a video be certain that the content of that webpage aligns with the video. For better indexing try using video transcripts. 

Describe your video in the best way possible 

People usually have the proclivity of viewing titles of different videos and not watch it all. Hence, you need to provide them reasons to pick your video over others. This can only happen when you tell them a bit more about your videos in the description box or can use certain other eyeball grabbing tactics. Mention the perks that the viewers will get from watching the video within the description box. Make use of thumbnail pictures to highlight important points covered in the video. You can also provide video transcription, from which the viewers can decide whether the video is worth their time or not by sifting through the particulars. 

Utilize the content for conversion

Once you have been successful in getting people to view your video, your next aim should be conversion. The best way to do this is by implementing a call to action strategy(CTA). Based on the objective of the video, you can ask the viewers in his message to take up necessary measures,  you can also embed the website link of your page at the bottom of the video or incorporate various social media buttons for sharing purposes. No matter what is your Youtube video marketing strategy, the audience should be able to connect with it and feel engaged. 

Choose the content that will interest your viewers

Research and find out what kind of videos are currently on-trend, you can come up with some quirky ideas that might get the viewers hooked on your video. These days Facebook video marketing strategies are all about testimonies, webinars, influencer videos, products and services reviews, company culture videos, product promotional videos and more. Choose any particular idea to use as a base of your content. 

Choose the right social media channels 

Of course, you are not going to be the first one to use online video marketing, your competitors are already on it. Hence, you need to find out what kind of content is being shared by your competitors. Come up with something unique from what your competitors are offering. Next, you need to find out which social media channels your potential viewers are using. It can be one or multiple. Streamline your video sharing activities as per the viewing rates on a particular platform. Moreover, timing plays an important part, make sure you are uploading the videos at times when the online activity levels of your viewers are at their peak.  


Create a video content calendar

Once you are out of sight you are out of mind. Don’t ever let that happen. Keep posting videos regularly. So that people remember your brand and know its value. No matter what, do not compromise on it. Plan a calendar, come up with fixed dates on which you want to launch your video, maybe once in a month or in a week, the choice is yours but make sure the video content marketing strategy is high in quality and in line with the audience’s tastes and preferences. 

Content distribution

Once your video content is ready and set to be launched you need to distribute it strategically. You can use email marketing to update your potential viewers about the video coming live.

Wrapping Up

Besides the above listed tips and tricks, there are multiple other hacks as well, which are effective for a killer video content marketing strategy. Make sure that the video is short and compact, use analytics to review the content within your video and express gratitude at the end of the video with a simple thank you. You can implement all of these effective strategies for your Youtube video marketing and witness the result yourself. 


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