2020 was one hell of a ride! It commenced on a good note but was soon blown away by the pandemic. Nevertheless, 2021 is just around the corner, and there is immense hope for all the sectors to hit the resume button. 

Many have lost their jobs in 2020. In a situation like this, with a start-up, you can build something of your own and may even end up providing jobs to others. Since you are stuck at home most of the time, going virtual is the best approach towards start-ups, and what can be better than developing apps. With the ever-increasing number of mobile users, this can be a great headstart for your business. You can also take help from an android app development company to come up with some cutting edge technology apps. 

20 Innovative App Ideas for Start-Ups to Launch in 2021

If you are out there to make a mark in 2021, then start by developing mobile apps for consumers. Here we have a list of the top 20 innovative app ideas for your start-up that are unique and can set you apart. 

Event managing app 

The pandemic has entirely disrupted the event sector. However, they have got their game strong by planning events virtually. You can develop an app with the help of a mobile app development company that can help such sectors to handle seminars, weddings, conferences, etc. seamlessly. 

App for holding online classes

Although the pandemic has given rise to a plethora of applications for virtual classes, there is no specific app that will bring students together. That is exactly what you need to develop for the current times. Designing an app with a virtual reality function can give your app an edge in this matter. This app should let students study and interact with each other virtually. You can even create synergy by combining augmented reality with virtual reality that will give them a feeling of the real world within the virtual world itself. For this, you can either learn web application development or take help from any professional. 

An app for booking restaurants virtually 

You can come up with an app that will not only help people in booking a table but will also help them booking the right kind of table. This can be done by designing an app that can graphically represent the tables of the restaurants. A trusted android app development company can help you in this matter. 

A plant check-up app 

This can be a great idea for your start-up. Such an app will let people take pictures of their plants, and the app algorithms can evaluate the status of the plant. It can inform them what fertilizers it needs or whether it is infested by pests. You can also design a feature that will allow people to call an arborist who can do a thorough check-up of their plants. 

A health care service app 

With the ongoing pandemic, a remote health care app can be one of the most amazing web app ideas that you can have. You can partner with any health care firm and turn this idea into a reality. Your app can have features such as calling a doctor at home in an emergency and video consultation. You can also incorporate AI and predictive Analytics function in your app that can help doctors treat and identify diseases and help people diagnose their problems on time. 

An application for digitized bills

People usually have the proclivity to throw away or misplace their bills. Thus you can come up with an app that can digitized bills. You can incorporate AI and scanners in this app to will scan the bills and segregate them into essential, household, and travel categories. 

An app to help with the phone addiction

You can come up with an app that will automatically shut the mobile phone after it has been used for a certain amount of time. Besides this zen mode feature, you can also incorporate a notification feature to alert users of their daily limit.

An app to find parking space

You can develop an app that can help people find a parking space nearest to them in times of need. It should provide live data about available parking spaces in a locality with the help of GPS and CCTVs.

An app to find out local paid work listings

You can develop an app that will help people find out work in their area. You can create two different interfaces, one for those who are looking for jobs and another for those who want to post a job. 

An app that will help in planning travels

You can come up with an app that can help find good vacation places based on their budget and tastes and preferences. It can also help them book their tickets and plan their budget, and help them connect with the local people of that place. 

A book recommendation app 

A book recommendation app can help readers select the right book for themselves. It can also inform them about upcoming books and the ones that are on sale. 

An app that will inform people about nearby deals

You can develop an app that will be able to show people deals that are presently running in their nearby markets and shops. This can push them to open the app regularly and give them deals without doing much research. 

An app to design a room using augmented reality

Collaborate with an experienced mobile app development company to create an app that can help people picture a room virtually with fresh decorations with the help of augmented reality. 

A toy exchanging app 

Develop an app that can help children exchange their toys with others. You can help build a community where people exchange and sell toys. 

An app for purchasing and selling products on social network

With the help of a good web application development company, you can design an app that can help people sell and buy products on social media. Sellers can advertise their products, and whoever wants can buy from them by directly contacting them. 

An app for exploring profiles

This kind of app can help people examine the facial features of others. These apps are usually based on AI and can fetch other information like name, birthday, age, social media accounts, and other details using the internet. 

An app for barter or exchange

This kind of app can help people exchange their products with others at the right value. The app should be able to detect the estimated value of the products and provide information on barter deals. 

An on-road car repair app 

This kind of app can help people find out about nearby mechanics in case of a sudden car break down. It should provide details about the mechanics in the surrounding area along with the amount that he will charge. 

A personal wellbeing app 

This kind of apps can motivate people to meditate and help them find peace. It can look after the app users’ emotional wellbeing. You can also input features of setting up goals for improvement and send them quotes to keep them inspired. 

An app that aids in shopping

Lastly, you can develop an app that can assist people in shopping virtually. You can incorporate virtual assistants from different brands that can show them the products, alert them about new products, and send products to their homes when needed.

Wrapping up 

The pandemic was such an abrupt situation that has compromised the lifestyle of many. People are facing issues that they never came across before. As a creative entrepreneur, you need to find out these gaps and come up with app-centric solutions for people that will fill in these gaps. 

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