Our habits tend to stay with us for almost a lifetime in the absence of no apparent coercion for 66 days. So, haven’t we already crossed the mark of 66 days, locked at home with our mobiles and laptop screen being our constant companion? In this regard, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that both during the course of this pandemic and afterward, there will be a steep rise in digital marketing as the consumers who might have been chary about buying a service or good online, or making online payments in any form in the previous days, are now stuck with just the option of e-commerce and which is coercing them to adapt to the new and advanced marketing prodigy – that is digital. This has majorly risen due to the ease that is provided by digital as opposed to the struggles of traditional marketing which facilitates nil social distancing, the supreme need of today’s hour. 

To believe the numbers, almost 95% of people, all around the globe are reluctant to visit public places of shopping and crowd which have led to increased consumption of online markets by more than 60%. 78% of the world population is using their social media platforms to engage socially with the world and interestingly they are more inclined towards brands showcasing information and communication based on Novel Coronavirus and society sensitive content, respectively. 

At the very girth of this transfer of interest from offline to digital is the presence of good content after thorough research that is being searched by the prospective audience at large and its optimization from time to time to maintain that only the best result is being delivered. The consumers today are spending a lot of time online, seeking information about the impact of Novel Coronavirus on businesses and industry around the world, evaluating their buying options for essential commodities, while at the same time juggling between entertainment contents online to mitigate boredom. The most important factor in all of these lies in SEARCH, which has become extremely crucial today. 

Best SEO company in India and worldwide have understood the importance of SEO in today’s world with regard to changed consumer behavior, is the need of the hour as it provides the suppliers at the other end of the scale about the real-time information. It would not be wrong to say that companies will be needing successful SEO to survive and grow during the times of this pandemic and even after this by protecting and pivoting the brand now and by repositioning them successfully afterward. 

Following are the reasons behind the increased demand for good SEO during these times: 

1. The impact of Novel Coronavirus on Search Traffic:

The usage of the Internet has skyrocketed in just a few months, breaking every record. This has surely led to an increase in searches, done all around the globe. At this point, the content of either your social media strategies or SEO poses a great deal of impact on the growth of the businesses. About 83% of total research is organic, leaving only 17% as paid. With Covid-19 in the picture, the companies are forced to either limit or cut back their paid search campaigns. While this could be a beneficial step for the companies today, they should keep in consideration the level of support that their paid search ads to their organic, before making any hasty decision.

2. SEO for the long-term traffic benefit:

The top SEO company in Delhi and worldwide, will agree to the fact that SEO is a reliable source of creating content and thereby equity, for a long period. The content that you create today, keeps on revolving the pages on the internet for years. Whatever the content that is created today for a brand or an industry, that is optimized considering the norms of today’s world and which is published in real-time, goes a long way to add the benefit to the company/ brand in the future. It can and should be optimized and updated from time to time to translate the growth and improved business goals, plans, and deliverables. Similarly, now is the golden time for the brands to evaluate their best performing content and use it to reflect in their SEO, after required optimization and update, based on current situations. 

3. Time to enhance User Experience:

SEO and its range of best practices in the process of optimization of the content and website for the new consumers, helps in improving the user experience. Once your website is easy to scroll, has proper tags and metatags, and involves optimized content that is useful for the target consumers, it will lure more and more traffic, leading to conversions. This is the time to act upon these updates if you haven’t already or have done it in the long past. You can start by adding relevant images, adding links, correcting content, etc. 

4. The benefits of SEO in conversion optimization:

Every brand conducting SEO, suffers from continuously curating meaningful and interesting content that can appeal to the target consumers. This content affects the buying behavior of a prospective consumer, luring him to complete the path of conversion. Today, when the media and digital platforms are working in extremes to satiate the hunger pangs of consumers in terms of media needs, good quality content is the biggest staple. While you might not be able to convert a majority of prospects into conversion during this time of the pandemic, you can churn out content and work on its optimization to build a strong relationship with the prospective consumers. A good relationship is the strongest pillar to attract sales, as it allows the consumers to pick your brand based on the trust that he has on you. The brands can use this to your advantage via good SEO techniques. 

5. SEO is important for overall marketing mix:

Brands today are investing a good deal in every channel of operation to generate high-end demands. When the prospective consumers are tapped they are also inspired to search about the brand and/or these products online, in terms of reviews available, ratings, etc. to create a channel synergy is an extremely delicate affair and it implies the importance of maintaining a working and good SEO strategy during these uncertain times of Novel Coronavirus. Search Engine Optimization is the core of digital marketing strategies which spreads across a plethora of channels, such as mobile platform, paid media, local, email, video, and other sales verticals along with Ecommerce. It has become of utmost importance that your content answers all the relevant queries and information that they are expecting to receive as and when they click on your brand’s ad or listing. 

SEO for the success post-pandemic situation: 

With uncertainty being the only certain captive of these times, Search Engine Optimization is the best lead forward to maintain and grow businesses during Covid-19. The search impact received from SEO helps in evolving the business and promoting its growth. Search Engine Optimization will help to provide the following: 

1. Protection: SEO will allow a brand to protect its relationships with its consumers, its online reputation, the equity of the brand, and the present as well future demand of the brand. 

2. SEO assists a brand in evolving the strategies, communication, and deliverables to prospective consumers. 

Thus, Search Engine Optimization is one of the most effective modes of relating to the needs of the consumers and responding to their requirements, both today and in the future. 


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