What is SEM?

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is a way of using different strategies that is paid to increase traffic and visibility of a website. Earlier, Search Engine Marketing was associated with search engine optimization and paid optimization to increase reach.

But these days, Search Engine Marketing is related to the use of paid strategies to get a better reach among the audience. Search Engine Marketing is basically done to do marketing of a brand to better more visibility to the website.

Understanding it with an example, Whenever an ad is seen on the search engine result page, it is a part of Search Engine Marketing where companies run ads that appears at the top or bottom on the result page. To get a larger reach, the companies try to include keywords that have low competition so that they can rank on the search engine result pages.

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There are many benefits that you can get after Search Engine Marketing such as:

This is not regarded as SEM when PPC methods are utilized on channels other than search. PPC can be utilized on sites that enable digital adverts, such as Promoted Tweets or Facebook Ads, for reference. PPC also includes Google display advertisements, in which businesses are charged whenever a user clicks on a website’s banner ad. 

SEM Platforms

Search Engine Marketing platform is also a platform that are search engines where a company can run paid ads that will be shown when a user will do any search activity. Among various SEM Platforms, Google and Bing are the most famous SEM Platforms.

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Why SEM is important?

As discussed above, SEM helps in attaining greater visibility and traffic to the websites, and with the use of various strategies, it can help the website to rank on Search engines such as Google and Bing that will create brand awareness. Apart from all these, there are other benefits of SEM such as:

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