Pay Per Click, or as is popular in the digital media industry in India, PPC has always been pivotal for marketers everywhere and this will be groundbreaking in this year as well. Technology will be the driving force for the crucial PPC trends this year and all the seo agencies in Delhi and worldwide will have to adapt to these trends in order to use it as an advantage for their innovative growth. In today’s world of cut throat competition, it is imperative for the marketers to gain maximum in a little peck of budget. However, with such a dynamic world of PPC, it is quite difficult to eye the budget on the important ones. Below we have included trends of 2020 in the world of PPC, to help the marketers and brands in achieving desired growth: 

1. Automation of PPC: One of the most powerful methods to improve the ratings of a campaign has emerged in the form of PPC automation. The masters in Search Engines, Google, have been known to invest a big amount of resources in plumping out their best in class automation options. In order to make maximum of the said PPC automation. It is essential for the marketers to make the algorithms of the search engine, work for their benefit and help the machines with their understanding. A very important pillar for successful automation is setting up of an effective and proper track conversion along with an exceptionally good ad copy. It is always advisable to drive a maximum of work in the direction of the machine in order to save yourself from excessive expenditure of time and money.  

2. Advancement of Smart Bidding: Smart bidding is a progressive bidding system that is automatically functioned to provide control learning. It makes use of machine learning to optimize the rate of conversions and their proper values in auction. Some of instances of this pillar are, Target Cost Per Acquisition (CPA), Enhanced Cost Per Click (CPC), and Target Return on Advertising Spend (ROAS). With our advent into the new era of 2020, smart bidding is going to emerge as a more powerful tool. The strategies that are making use of smart  bidding will also position themselves as more prevalent. With manual bidding taking the back seat and system bidding occupying the driver’s seat, the marketers will now have more time on their hands to invest in strategy formation and analytics.  

3. Socializing – The master plan: Many reports and datas have appropriately mentioned that more than half the population of the world is engaged on social media platforms. This engagement has increased by a whole new speed due to the onset of pandemic. People today are investing the majority of their time on social platforms such as, Instagram, Whatsapp, Facebook, LinkedIn, Youtube, Pinterest, and Snapchat. If you believe the charts, most of these people are youngsters. This clearly states that it will be essential for the PPC marketers to focus their planning and time on curating engaging ads to circulate on these social media platforms. The marketers are advised to print bills on this multi platform engagement opportunity. Facebook and Google are undoubtedly the pioneers of this format of trend, but these newbies too contain a lot of promising success and efficiency in brand conversion. 

4. Targeting of the audience: Every marketer operating in the dynamic world of digital media is well aware of the importance of target audience and the amount of research that goes into defining the set of target audience. Google Ads, took this issue and in its recent deliverable, Google Ads have made provisions to its users wherein they will now be able to add target audience in their ads. This will help the marketers in narrowing down their focus to the target audience. This upgraded characteristics of Google Ads allow the marketers to limit their budget and its usage in the most productive way. This feature also permits the marketers to exclude the group of people who the brand feels does not gel with the communication and target of the brand. Apart from this, the new upgrade of Google Ads also allows the users to layer up audiences against each other, this specifies that a brand can make use of demographic targeting along with keyword targeting together like a shell, to curate significantly relevant sets of ads. 

5. Rise of Bumper Ads: As stated earlier, there is a significant increase in the number of people using the internet, i.e, social media. But, another fact under light is that out of these groups of people, most of them are prominent online via their mobile phones, hence it is extremely important for the brands to curate video content that works most smoothly on mobile devices. If the datas are tgo be believed, video marketing and ads are already predominating the market and those who are still away from this trend are struggling hard to meet the engagement and traffic for their brands. Video ads are a popular source this year, not only because they are aesthetically more pleasing and interesting but also because they function at a comparatively lower cost. With the advent of video ads, Youtube now offers a platform wherein brands can curate a short ad video of 90 seconds or less for delivering information to the targeted consumers in a more productive way. Youtube, and other such video centric platforms are a great mode of hosting search campaigns for gaining maximum reach in no extra budget. 

6. Visual searching is the new normal: Voice search has already seen an upsurge, appealing both to the new advertisers as well as audience. But, the latest trend that is soaring high is f visual searching. Visual search on an algorithm wherein an individual will be able to search for his said search query with the help of picture, unlike usage of texts. For instance, if a person takes a picture of the glasses that he/she likes, then Google will produce search results of places from where you can buy it. In today’s fast pacing world, immediate response is the need of the hour and visual search is the answer for it, delivering required results more promptly than typing search. The year 2020 is expected to flow in more advancements in this particular field of search. 

7. Remarketing: Remarketing has been a trend since time immemorial in the digital media world and it will continue to be so, this year as well. However, this year remarketing will be extremely personalized and will be customized as per different set of target consumers. Like we know, the main purpose of remarketing is to keep the brand active in the minds of the consumers, and this is needed most during this time of pandemic, hence marketers will have to be on their best game to make full use of this trend, for their benefit. 

It has always been said and experienced that the world of digital marketing is an all-time evolving world with new trends and practices, flowing in from time to time. In order to survive in this ever changing world, the brands and marketers will have to sharpen their adaptation game which will help them to withstand and succeed at every turn.

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