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PPC Marketing

PPC or as we popularly call it, Pay Per Click marketing is a pillar of digital marketing, wherein the advertiser addresses a cost each time his advertisements are tapped on social platforms. There are two different ways of purchasing visits to your site, expanding website traffic - by naturally following clients and tapping them, and by purchasing clients' footfall on the site through PPC marketing. One of the most notable configurations of PPC is search engine advertising. This functions as, whenever a prospective consumer looks for a catchphrase relating to the deliverables of your business on search engines, your promotion will be up for a show. This happens on the grounds that you, i.e, a promoter offers for advertisement arrangement in the sponsored links of a search engine, each time a keyword search is finished by anybody.

Our exhaustive PPC advertising campaign consists of several steps, each one equally crucial for the success of the campaign. We start the process with thorough research on the required set of keywords and obtaining the right set from them. Next, we organize these selected keywords into campaigns and ad groups to yield profitable results, lastly, we set up PPC landing pages in order to optimize the conversions so received. We always invest a good deal of attention in curating relevant and optimally targeted PPC campaigns so that our partner brands can avail of a discount on the fee charged by search engines. With our PPC specialists, we work to create perfect PPC campaigns, which helps to lessen the charges by the search engines leading to higher profit rates to the brands.

Our PPC marketing services follow the following principles for benefitting our partner brands:

Effective usage of Google Ads:

The most famous advertising system of PPC is Google Ads, previously popularized as Google AdWords.This basic yet excessively viable foundation of Ad permits organizations all around the world to make advertisements that turn themselves up on search engines given by Google and other Google properties. With so many brands struggling to improve their ranking on search engines, we make sure to use only the best, most effective tool with the help of our experts so that our partner brands can rank higher as well as connect with the potential user at the most effective cost.

A lot of factors go into the calculation of driving out a successful PPC campaign with our efficient paid search marketing we focus extensively on the following:

  • Enlisting relevant keywords: It is of utmost importance to craft suitable lists of important keywords and proper ad text.
  • Enhancing the quality of the landing page: We work to create a landing page that has relevant content in a convincing tone, a clear call to action line, and customized explicit search queries that help in the optimization.
  • Improved quality: Google takes into consideration the quality of the landing page, keywords selection, and the PPC campaign. We make landing pages that are scored high by Google in order for them to receive more clicks at a lower cost.
  • Unparalleled Creativity: We understand the importance of a good creative with an alluring copy, which goes a long way in yielding positive results, and therefore we curate only quality creative and content for our PPC marketing campaigns.

Keyword research for PPC Campaign:

If you are one of those people with an opinion that one-time keyword research is sufficient to create adequate traffic on your website, then you are highly mistaken. Being one of the top PPC management agencies, we understand and believe that although it is highly time-consuming and lethargic to research quality keywords, it is highly vital for the success of a PPC campaign. Every PPC campaign, curated by us, is knitted around keywords therefore, we continuously engage in the dreary task of finding and refining new keywords for each campaign. Our successful list of result-oriented keywords follow the below-mentioned path:

  • Relevance to the business: No one is interested and enthusiastic to pay for the traffic on the website, which is of no importance to their business. We rectify this issue by discovering and targeting only those keywords that are exclusively targeted in the direction of the offerings of the said business. This results in an effective cost per click regime, increasing profits.
  • Generating an exhaustive list of keywords: While engaging in rigorous keyword research, we make sure to add the long-tail keywords, along with the most eminent and popular ones. Although the long-tail keywords are less specific to a business model, they certainly add up to the maximum of the search-driven traffic.
  • Dynamic: We understand that the digital world is full of dynamicity, and therefore we indulge in regular control and expansion of the campaign with the help of an increased list of keywords at regular intervals.

Once we successfully create a campaign, our next aim is to manage it from time to time to enhance its effectiveness. We work towards regularly analyzing the performance of our campaign at regular junctions and adopt all necessary steps to mitigate deviations from the planned results if any.