Campaigns Overview

Discover how our branding expertise played a pivotal role in assisting Vega in attaining their marketing triumph.


  • Strategy

    Launch the campaign #BeVega on Digital launching Sonam Kapoor as the new Brand Ambassador

  • Tactics

    Communicate the new face and be truly straight forward

  • Execution

    Ideated 360 digital marketing campaigns from digital film push, media and social media campaign extensions

Vega Social media Artworks

Each piece carefully crafted to resonate with audiences and deliver the brand message in a captivating way

Campaigns Insight

Brand achieved 2.2M reach in 13 days along with an engagement rate where the audience is taggine their friends, commenting & sharing the film on their timeline.

Campaigns Insight

Massive increase in brand engagement and queries about hair products which in turn led to business awareness, recall and sales (offline and online)

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