The digital media industry in India and worldwide is well aware of the dynamicity of the digital platforms. Social media marketing agencies in India and the world can quite easily relate to the never ending wish to grab newer and better features that can facilitate in grabbing more and more traffic on the site. 

Almost all the top agencies know and agree to the fact that the best method to attract eyeballs is by providing user friendly content – that is easy to understand by the consumers and swiftly deliver the solution to the problem, the consumer is seeking. 

Following the path, the master platform Google has recently launched a content discovery platform under the name, Keen

Keen is well described as a machine learning application that works towards promoting only the relevant web pages to each consumer based on their interest graph. Keen is expected to rule the world of referral traffic in the near times, let’s understand how. 

So what is Keen?

Keen started and is curated as an experimental web as well as an Android Application that forms part of Google’s Area 120 projects. For all of you who are wondering what Area 120 is? It is described as a feature unit if small size wherein small teams gather together to work in a closely knitted setup, like that of a small startup, to conceive and give birth to some smart and innovative projects. If we are to believe an official post behind the conceptualization of this new feature, it started when a couple was sharing their life updates, about the activities they like and find important. While sharing and gathering links and resources that are related to their activities and goals, they realized the importance of a tool that can help them in shortlisting these ideas and also in discovering more of its kind. Thus, began the journey of Keen. 

To put in simple terms, Keen is a simpler and interesting method to save bookmarks or actionable links, making them more appealing and presentable. From the action hands of Google, Keen is loaded with AI prowess and expert interface algorithms, making it seamless and presentable. 

What is Keen as a user experience? 

Keen, in many ways, is a groundbreaking innovation for the creative slots. Instead of providing a mere checklist containing likes and dislikes, based on user preference, Keen provides a wider array of space to store your ideas, inspiration, likes, and dislikes.  

To start with creating personalized boards on the app, the inspiration is searched using keywords or a term, instead of tagging haphazard things. Every Keen is adorned with an Explore, Saved, and Search tab along with other control tabs. The users are given the freedom to add further searches, hashtags, and users to their tab. For instance, if a user likes a certain artist, he/she can populate his/her board with its content. Google’s Keen will work to enhance the quality and content of the said collection more and more by adding helpful suggestions and ideas. This app also allows its users to follow the collections added by others, thereby creating a possibility of forming like communities in otherwise niche interest areas. 

Today, Keen has just started off its journey as a small project within a maestro company but moving ahead in the direction of the personalization web experience for the better. Every brand and especially tech agencies have long realized that the essence of increased engagement, conversions, traffic, and consumer retention, lies in the root of content that interests the consumer as well as solves their service in question. Keen, smartly, helps in achieving it all.

In spite of the fact that Keen today is a little task inside a major organization, it speaks to another progression toward the continued personalization of the web. Tech organizations, since a long time ago, understood that interfacing clients with a greater amount of the content that intrigues them, expand their commitment, engagement, session length, conversion, and their positive sentiment for the service in question.

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