In this technologically advanced world, it becomes really important to be present on different social media platforms. As today’s generation has moved on to social media for searches and getting information.

According to research, more than 85% of the total population is on social media and most of the audience is already using social media for various purposes such as news research, product research that they used to do on search engines.

Social media has acquired as much an active audience as search engines. Many businesses and companies are already present on social media and it is recommended to create social media presence to acquire the audience. You can take help from the Top Social Media Company in India to get better results for your social media.

Why is it important to be present on Social media?

Ways to create Social media strategy

Keep your focus on the goal that you want to achieve. For example, if you want to spread awareness about your recent promotional campaign, then understand how it will help your company to grow and how much hype it can create among the audience for the promotional campaign.

  1. Engagement: Engagement plays a major in understanding how the content is performing and how much the audience is feeling related. Engagement tells the number of likes, shares, and comments.
  2. Reach: Reach is the most important metric for tracking the traffic and it majorly tells about the data-the number of people to which the content has reached.
  3. CTR (Click-through rate): CTR is the metric that is used to check the data about the audience that has clicked through the ads running on social media.
  4. Conversions: This metric explains the lead conversion rate.
  5. Sentiment: This metric explains the emotion or behavior of people through emoticons on social media.

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