Something with which the list of best SEO company will relate to is that SEO is never static, it is forever changing and dynamic owing to the changes made in Google algorithms from time to time. Google is known to make somewhere around 500 changes in its SEO algorithm in just a year. We all must be aware that a good and well-planned SEO can work wonders in positioning your content more often in search results and a lack of it can drag you backward in both growth and presence. 

Hence, it is quintessential to adapt to the ever-changing world of SEO and from time to time to experience the benefits of increased traffic, which leads to an increase in the number of conversions, improving lead generation, and therefore, increase sales. 

SEO ranking parameters have changed a lot in recent years and to become the best SEO company in India, one should sharpen their practices and follow these below-mentioned rules and tips to benefit their brands most efficiently. 

User experience is the focal point:

We all know the importance of end-users in the advertising & marketing world. Well, SEO is not left behind in this regard. With BERT introduced in the picture, it is of extreme importance to write content from the user’s point of view. Your content should be interactive for the end consumer and should aim to help him in solving his queries. You should work on reassessing the user access points and on building content that aligns with it. In other words, say if a user visits your site and immediately leaves it due to lack of answer or creativity, or any other reason, your site will start losing racking and as a result, Google will shift your site lower and lower. On the contrary, if a visitor spends an ample amount of time on your website, Google will keep your site on a higher rank. Thus, it all depends upon the user experience that your site is providing and the necessary steps that you are undertaking to improve it from time to time. 

Optimized and high-quality content:

Like everywhere else, content is the king responsible for the optimum performance of any SEO. To adjust to the newer world, one can only survive in the long run with effective, to the point and valuable content. Everything else will be diminished. Make sure you curate the most enticing topic and subtopic to start with, followed by easy to understand, relevant content. There are two ways to shoe and uplift your content to benefit your SEO strategy, and they are: 

1.Make your content longer with a lot of words, as longer content tends to outrank shorter content on the search engines, giving them a higher rank.

2.Use keywords that are strictly related to your post and brand and work around them, instead of using ad hoc lists of keywords and stuffing them in, forcefully. 

Time for some motion:

One of the biggest mistakes that people in the business are committing is ignoring the potential of a video in today’s scenario. Today when the world is ever fact pacing, the majority of the leaders in SEO are still stuck with the concept of quantity or quality, a reason for their downtrod. It’s even practical to assume that a visitor will be more interested in going through a minute video rather than engaging himself in a 100 words article. It is expected that by the end of the next year, online video will consume about 80% of the total space, engulfing about 80%+ traffic.

Focus on UX:

To focus on UX- User Experience is soon going to be a must parameter for industries and brands everywhere. From the first-ever interaction in the SERPs to the ultimate experience of the landing page, the consumer experience should be worked upon. Start working on the best possible methods to increase the experience of the users on your site by duly wondering about the value that you can add to their every visit. Site speed and page speed also stand as strong pillars of consideration when the topic is about increasing user experience. 

Backlinks are crucial:

Regardless of time and era, backlinks stand as an extremely crucial point for SEO success. No matter the industry, or size of the company, it is always important and advisable to create links for SEO success.they are in fact, the life of SEO success and puts ranking in perspective.

Mobile First-Indexing to be the key area of Focus:

With almost 98% of the users switching to mobile for viewing social media and websites, it is inevitable to consider the importance of mobile-first indexing. Google now considers the mobile view of your website as the primary version of your website. However, if you don’t have a mobile version, your desktop version will be taken into account as the primary version but it will drastically affect your rankings. Google also recommends the creators to use a fully responsive URL for the mobile version of their site to increase ranking. SEO at this point needs to divert their focus towards mobile search results to understand what they are up against and what all optimization can be expected to improve the results. 

Listen to the new trend that is Voice Search:

If you haven’t already started with optimizing your voice search in the SEO domain, you are surely lagging. With voice search technology improving at every sunset and becoming more and more accessible, the brands should get ready to become a part of this new SEO slate, as this pattern is here to grow and continue in the future. As voice Search is locally centered, it is extremely crucial for businesses that either locally operated or focus on a more geographic area for their expertise and product distribution. Today, almost 75% of the top search queries are the byproduct of voice searches and you surely can’t risk missing out on such a big number, can you?

Optimize your site at regular intervals:

Site optimization from time to time is one the most crucial steps in SEO and should be performed irrespective of any hurdle and devoid of any excuses. Make certain to keep your site free from any crawl issues. Size up your website performance, compress the size of your images, and avoid using too many redirect pages to avoid crawl issues and other significant issues that might tamper with the ranking of your website.  

Hints about structured Data:

The importance of good quality content is not alien to anyone in 2020. But, Google algorithms still don’t understand the context in full, hence the SEO experts are required to create hints for the search engine to translate searcher’s intent and better use to deliver results in your favor. This is known as structured data and if done right, it leads to data layering, which further increases the prospect of ranking success.

These tips and trends of this year and of coming times surely are a starting point to drive more traffic to your brand’s website thereby providing better and successful results. Once you are done with jotting down a new strategy, implementing all of the above tips, always start with measuring it with a guide to ensure ROI in these dynamic times. Lastly, while including these insights in your SEO practices does not call for much effort or finance, losing them will surely create a major backlog in your practice, leading your brand to lose a lot of traffic and potential customers. 


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