The social media realm is growing fast in the field of marketing. From being a source of connection between users to becoming a powerful marketing tool for business houses, social media has taken a giant leap in the last decade. The best thing about social media marketing is that it gives you the power to engage with all your customers anyday, anytime & anywhere. In literal terms, Social Media Marketing (SMM) is the use of several social media platforms to sell goods and services. 

Delhi is a hub for pretty much everything in India. It is a great place to find new opportunities, to build a career or a business. Being the capital of India, Delhi provides a lot of advantages to its people. Very few people know that the marketing industry of Delhi has seen rapid growth in the 21st-century. Delhi houses the headquarters of many prominent marketing and ad agencies of India.Moreover with all the media houses being in India, it becomes all the more important for marketing houses to stay closer to the city. Delhi has a huge scope for social media agencies. It seems like ‘Delhites’ are taking their social media presence very seriously as there is a huge demand for marketing services in Delhi. Delhi-based startups have made it their agenda to find the best social media agency in Delhi. 

The influence of social media is very high amongst the crowd in Delhi. About 74% of ‘Delhites’ refer to social media before making a purchase. As a business house, you need to make a great impact on social media platforms in order to persuade this public and bring them closer to your brand. 

Why Do You Need To Hire A Social Media Agency? 

The concept of social media is free. These platforms do not cost you anything for making a profile and surfing online. But this concept holds true only when you use social media for recreational purposes. For business purposes, it requires you to make an invest in it. Moreover, as your social media presence matters a lot, it becomes pertinent for you to invest your time, money & efforts on social media in a concentrated way to maximise the possibility of better outcomes.

Many brands do not outsource the social media marketing part. But they surely have to shed some money for running ads and for checking insights. We have listed a few reasons why you should hire a social media marketing agency for your venture:

Harness Their Experience

In the initial stages of using social media for your business, it may be easy to create your own Twitter and Facebook accounts and email your friends and contacts. This, however, won’t offer you a significant return on investment.

Although getting started is definitely a good thing, but having a social media marketing company by your side can help you find answers about the different networks and how to manage them more efficiently using some readily available tools. After all, a social media marketing company has great experience online marketing plans & strategies needed to double your ROI.

Planning & Strategizing Your Social Media

Having the experience of working with different businesses and knowing what works and what doesn’t, a social media agency can help a business grow with ease. Social media agencies can make adjustments based on research and analysis, ensuring your social media investment is reaping maximum rewards.

You need to have an action plan ready to lure those potential customers and get that targeted audience. Below are the various action plans to help you up your social media game:

* Planning a strategic campaign

* Maintaining the aesthetics of your social media profiles

* Devising well-integrated social media marketing campaigns

* Leveraging on social media ad

* Taking advantage of digital videos 

* Vox Pop Videos

* Generating leads for social media campaigns

* Creating a full-proof Twitter trending campaign

Save Your Time

When you have a definite plan, a good social media strategy & result-oriented marketing tactics, you are always in for great results as a brand.

A social media agency is a potent option if you don’t want to spend your time learning new social media tools and then putting in the sweat equity.

As a business owner or employee, you may not be a social expert but you definitely have the responsibility to make your business more social to see some real growth. This is where social media agencies come into play.

Sync With The Trends, Tools & Tricks

It is already difficult keeping up with all the new social media sites. There are various tools available for managing each account, some better than others. These tools can often perplex anyone. To keep up with the social media game, you need your business to be in sync with all the contemporary trends. Your business profile needs to have the proper tools to do so. A social media agency will equip your profile with all the tools and tricks and will help you compete in the race for engaging topical content. Nowadays, every other brand is looking for a window to go viral. A social media agency knows how to strategise the viral content better.

It is great that we have established all the reasons to hire an agency! Now let’s begin with the budget. The factor that will finalise your opinion about getting on board a social media agency.

The Cost Of Hiring A Social Media Agency In Delhi?

Outsourcing social media marketing services can cost you quite some money. But if you want to go big, it is best to have some share of your money saved for this as well. Your budget will determine your needs. Social media marketing can cost you anywhere from Rs. 10,000 to Rs. 40,000 a month. It depends on what plan you choose. Different agencies have different plans for you. According to your needs, you need to select the optimum plan and get started with the process. However, it is best to contact agencies in your area to know their packages.

If you are based out in Delhi or are simply looking for a good agency, we recommend you to check out Brand Visage Communications whose primary aim is to engage customers with your brand using the best social media strategies. It has a team of innovative and creative minds who are highly qualified in their jobs. The team focuses on helping you achieve your business goals while enhancing your brand’s visibility in the online space. As a social media agency, it understands the importance of social platforms and the audience that surrounds them resulting in the creation of unique content, targeted for each brand, and to get the desired results. Brand Visage Communications is the best social media agency in Delhi NCR that will adhere to all your needs and will fit your budget. It has worked for brands like Aaj Tak, HCL, food panda, India Today, and many others. Here’s a sneak peek into how Brand Visage Communications functions:

* Strategises your brand and curates the perfect campaign. Besides that, it will also think of an execution method to make your life easier.

* It will create a social media calendar and publish the planned content on time.

* Brand Visage believes in attracting good engagement rates to your brand.

* It will analyze your insights and record your performance to help you visualize the next move.

* It focuses on building and advertising your brand’s worth.

Eager enough to get in touch with Brand Visage Communications? You can simply browse their website and contact them through the available details. They are available via call, email, WhatsApp, etc. You can even check out their social media pages.