One of the most static truths about any kind of marketing and advertising lies in the tone and quality of content that is being used for the communication, in any manner. The digital media industry in India, and worldwide is well aware of the fact that content marketing is the backbone of the digital world and hence should be given its due attention and time for its betterment. People often connect content marketing with just the blogs, infographics, and releases, but that’s not true. All of these, although, are extremely important pillars of content marketing, these are not that’s all in it. 

Below we have mentioned a few extremely important points that all the content writers and the digital agencies should keep in mind and follow, to curate the content that are in consistency with the goal of the business. 

1. Spin a story: We all are well aware of the love for stories. Since ages, stories have been a way to share life experiences, important information, and life lessons to masses all around the globe. This precious pin from the past should always be remembered while writing content to appeal to the readers/ users. While writing a piece of anything, insert a relevant anecdote at the right place to save the writing from boredom and technical, stale content. The writers should always strive to curate a content that is a proper amalgamation of entertainment and messaging of the brand so as to make it interesting enough for the prospective consumers, making them stay on the said content for a little longer than usual. 

2.Content is another name for data: A content writing technique isn’t about the quantity of sites composed every month, or the number of hours spent on decoding the facebook live sessions. It totally is about quality, yet these things are not actually what procedure is about – they are parts, however they aren’t generally what will control your key methodology. An incredible content advertising system should be such that connect with crowds at every step of the way, and so as to do this, a decent planner has to realize how their content is functioning. At the point when you know precisely how to turn your content so it’s viable at one stage, then you can utilize that data as you move into the following stage in the channel. Your methodology will be guided by investigation. The activity of the specialist is to carefully screen, track, watch and report on the numbers so as to ceaselessly refine and modify towards better changes. You should follow where your clients are “originating from,” and where they are “going.” as it were, you should be persistently evaluating traffic designs. Consistently testing what you’re doing is the manner by which you’ll get a strong hold of your crowd’s inclinations, interests, and buying conduct. You have to realize how well material is acting so as to make it to the following stage of the procedure. Essential inquiries you’ll need to present ceaselessly include: 

# What can be refined and improved? 

# What instruments, applications, and stages are playing out the best and least well? 

# What is the best utilization of time and assets corresponding to change? 

# How are the pieces mixing together

3. Rhetorical questions are the key: Rhetorical questions like, “Are you looking to succeed”, “Do you wish to be the best”, and more are a great way to not only entice the users but also to make them think for themselves that they do need the product or service being advertised. Rhetorical questions are often the starters that keep the interest of the users going. However, having said this, the creators should not get wild with rhetoric questions in their piece of writing to a point that makes the readers frustrated and irritated. A proper ratio should be maintained with the length of the article and the amount of rhetorical questions that can be used. For instance, in a piece of article having 1000 words, the number of rhetorical questions should not exceed 4. 

5. Content and brand should be in harmony: While it is true that a content should not sound like a puppet, blindly muttering the brand, but it is also equally true that content should resonate with the style and deliverables of the brand. The content should be the alleged voice of the brand. This is particularly a difficult task to do, as it takes a lot of time and effort to set the voice of the brand that is in consistency with the vision, mision, and targeted consumer set of the brand. Every blog, release, article, and even regular content on various social sites should be reviewed on a daily basis to maintain and control the tonality as well as the voice of the brand for better. One of the simplest ways of doing so is, before writing any content, always ask yourself if the writing is strong and relevant enough to extend to the values of the brand? What is the innate nature of your content, i.e, is it artificial, redundant, or sincere? Is your target consumer well versed with this tonality? Answering these simple questions before writing any piece of content can help the creators in translating the voice of the brand most accurately in every communication. 

6. Content remarketing: If you ask a content writer about an average time of creating a meaningful and interesting content, he/ she probably won’t be able to answer your question for good. This is because a lot of time and effort goes into creating a relevant and interesting content, be it for a blog, an article, a release, a website content, or any other piece of information. Apart from time and effort, content creation also calls for high expenditures, majorly due to inadequate returns on the writing. This is the reason why many businesses, both big and small, are often stuck into the vicious hole where the content fails to add much value to the business and thereby is rejected. There is a way out from this hole, and that is content remarketing. We all are well aware of the remarketing wing of PPC campaigns that work to maximise the effect of PPC for generating better results. The same is required for content, wherein a content is remarketed for good, so as to capture more set of eyes and to fulfill its life. Like in PPc remarketing, here also, the first step is to define the right set of audience to whom you wish to show your content. Then, the visitors spending their time on the site are next tapped and shortlisted, so as to use them for remarketing agendas via banner ads. This remarketing leads to create a more impactful brand awareness and thus greater level of engagement to fulfill the purpose of the content that is so meticulously created. 

The importance of content marketing is something that no one can avoid and thus it is being both valued and used by top social media marketing company in Delhi and the world all around the globe. The key to successful content marketing is by curating relevant pieces of information that resonate well with the brand and are in consistency with the ever dynamic trends to leverage maximum results.

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