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PPC Trends to watch out for!

Friday, May 17th, 2019

PPC Trends to watch out for!

1.  Automation

When it comes to PPC marketing, automation has become a crucial feature to factor in since Google itself is displaying ads for the targeted audience due to automation.

As this trend is picking up, Agencies have adopted automated bidding strategies instead of third-party tools and believes that the manual tracking techniques will soon be a thing of the past and PPC marketers will have to up their game in an effort align creativity with their skills.

2. Running E-commerce Ads

E-commerce platforms, without a doubt, are medium to reckon with when it comes to PPC marketing. We have observed that the biggest players in the market like Facebook and Google are looking to pick up this trend with keen interest.

3. Audience over keywords

Right keyword placement has been the mainstay of PPC marketing for decades. Digital Marketers in Delhi have used the best strategies to their knowledge and capitalized on this parameter effectively, but is all that going to change? We certainly feel so! Keyword targeting is gradually being replaced by Audience targeting strategies for the ads, which means audience grouping and behavior will highly influence the nature of campaigning. Though this transition sounds easier than done. Marketers will have to make sure that their messaging and copy is as relevant and personalized as possible!

4. Diversification of Channels

With the ever-growing marketing channels and mediums, brands need to diversify their strategies and make the best of the lucrative market, and with time, we feel, digital marketing agencies will have to keep a check on the multi-channel campaign strategy. It will be crucial to keep the users engrossed because the results are not always consistent.

5. Ads Quality

Most brands look to maximize profits via clicks and hence, the creativity, formatting and the nature of the ads placed need to meet the set expectations. What’s interesting to see is what strategy the digital agencies and marketers will adopt for the headlines.

6. Branding

Brands need to stay as much relevant as they need to generate ROI. This propels the brands to further their loyalty among users and requires them to push for ads on video streaming platforms.

7. Remarketing

The phenomenon of remarketing is not alien to digital agencies and marketers in Delhi. We feel that this act of reintroducing will be pushed further to maximize profits on products and services.

8. Video Marketing

Digital agencies cannot ignore the importance of video marketing and will have to spend on posting video ads, and banner ads on Youtube and other video streaming platforms.

Going by these trends, it is safe to say that we are keenly planning on effective implementation and patiently awaiting the launch techniques up our sleeves.

3 tips to improve your online content strategy

Thursday, September 6th, 2018

The online content strategy is an integral part of a content marketing agency in Delhi. Without the content to promote, you have nothing to work with. As stated by, as stated by Jay Baer- “Content is fire. Social media is gasoline.” Because of the plethora of adversely affecting digital content marketing agency posts, you must have a strong content strategy; otherwise, your posts are as non-existent as dinosaurs.

Tip 1: Focus on your audience

The key is to stick to one niche. Track your work and aggregate the resources to specify what your audience wants and you won’t lose the interest of your readers.

Tip 2: Diversify Mediums

Blogs and social media posts are some of the most reliable mediums to form a complete content strategy, but they aren’t all that we need and digital means MORE.

For example, Infographics or Video Content can have the greatest effects on your viral campaigns; they can be the greatest way to describe your content through different social media platforms. As soon as it happens, a new technology blooms.  So instead of staying rigid, start expanding your horizons.

Tip 3: Learn to use your data wisely

I cannot stress enough on the fact that a well laid out website and social platforms generate enough data to feed your need for a long time. It happens often that digital agency losses track of it and considers it unimportant.

Avoid this and you will have enough data (obviously you have to be patient for it to happen) to feed the need of your content strategy in order to fuel it and improve the ability and increase its reach. Brand visage communications is one such content marketing company/Agency in Delhi with a broader perspective to not just put your brand into the marketing race, but also lead you at every battlefront and provide the best amount of rewards and results for the same.