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Privacy Policy

Here at BrandVisage, we treat the privacy of our clients and users with the utmost importance. We have formulated our privacy policy in a way that paves a path for a memorable experience with us and quality services without compromising the privacy and safety of data. We work to make sure the data you provide stays between us and does not get compromised in any way.

Subscription to Newsletter

Right at the bottom of our homepage, you will come across a section named ‘Get in touch with us now.’ Here, you can provide us with the following information.

  • Your Name
  • Your Email
  • Your Phone Number

By filling this out, you will be provided with a subscription to the latest news and trends in the marketing world, which will be sent by our team on a periodic basis. We assure you that your information falls under our user data policy which maintains privacy and does not let the data fall into untrustworthy hands. We also have an option where anyone can send us a message along with the information. We hope to connect with each and every one of you, which will help us understand your suggestions or grievances and make our bond a little bit tighter.

Collection of Personal Data

While a client is sealing a deal with us and finalising the contract details, we ask them for some basic information about them and their business. Some of the information usually asked is:

  • Name
  • Email Address
  • Primary and Secondary Contact Information
  • Business Name/Website Link
  • Company’s Address
  • Physical or Virtual Locations

Be rest assured that these sensitive pieces of data remain safe with us. We take adequate measures to make sure that the personal data of each client is not shared with another party, unless specifically permitted by the said client.

Data security

We do not shy away from reiterating how important the security of our client’s data is to us. We undertake the necessary steps to maintain confidentiality and the integrity of the data. Our data security policy focuses on collecting only those data which we require to provide you with the best of our services. Additional information which is not needed is promptly removed from our system. This seamless system ensures the data we collect from our clients are kept safely and away from third parties.

Data control

Before we process any of the personal data, the client will have the right to exercise the following controls:

  • Right of Access – The client can ask for a copy of the information we asked of them.
  • Right of Rectification – The client has the right to correct any mistakes or inaccurate data that has been collected on our part.
  • Right to Remove – The client can ask us to remove any data that we possess and it will be done so promptly.
  • Right of Migration – The client can formally ask us to transfer the data we hold to another institution.

While our policy grants these aforementioned right to all the clients, it also draws the line for some information, such as:

  • Information about other people or clients
  • Information shared in confidence
  • Other types of information may be exempted under data protection laws

3rd Party Access

BrandVisage is partnered up with Google, which acts as a third-party in many cases. Although we use certain tools provided by Google for better efficiency, we always take consent from the client in question. If permitted, only then do we share the data with these third-parties. To get a better idea about these parties, you can review the tools used and how they might use your information before granting consent to us for the same. This helps in maintaining a certain sense of transparency between the clients and us. 

Policy changes

If our privacy policy undergoes any changes, either due to business-related reasons or due to a change in legislation, all our clients and users will be notified of the same. These changes will also be updated via our newsletter, as long as you are subscribed to it.