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8 Reasons Why Your Business Should Invest In SEO!

Monday, June 14th, 2021

Today due to coronavirus all the interactions are virtual and contactless owing to which there is a greater need to operate digitally with mechanized tools, backed by the intellectual team and SEO experts. 

Today traffic on the website is too much, and there are so many competitors waiting to suck all the traffic to their business and website. At such a crucial time, one will waste all the traffic at a time when it can never be pulled back. We need to have experts who know the techniques and strategies to make our business flourish.

Any successful marketing needs a strategy, for its success. SEO which means Search Engine Optimisation, for a common man might be meaningless but for a business owner, it is the strategy to success. This kind of strategy helps in improving rankings in search engines and has of great impact on the company’s reputation.

To understand the advantages one has to understand the process of SEO

This is a team of experts who try to understand the factors that will increase the rating online. The focus on pages which are frequently viewed by users, and target them in their next campaign. There are audits in which they discuss crucial filtering keywords or user behavior patterns and try to provide a solution. SEO is not a one-time service it is continuous monitoring of the daily movement of traffic amongst users, these experts will keep a close watch understand what users are favoring. There is a lengthy process involved in the success of business stories.

Glancing the advantages of investing in SEO:

Quality traffic:

The best part of SEO is, it grows business strategies, which attract their customers. This kind of marketing is better than the other selling options where the consumer gets tired of receiving calls from the sales. Here consumers get mesmerized by the product. Traditional methods are sometimes irritable like calls, random messages, etc. the Best SEO Agency in India can make a huge difference in collecting all the users under one platform, to showcase your business.

 Free ads in SEO:

The Google algorithm decides the ranking for the query. In other words, whatever is attractive on the website, it retains its forever. No matter how long it has been anything worthy will last. Always work requires research no matter if you do it yourself or you give it to the Best SEO company in India. There is an initial investment but later on, it will get a free charge.

SEO is better than PPC:

People usually believe in the Google algorithm, but users are smarter than them and prefer to go to a website which is suggested by SEO. It is observed that many people go for SEO suggestions.

PR is backed by SEO:

When you use both in combination they can give tremendous results. The SEO experts find links from popular websites which means it involves people talking about your brand.

Ahead of competition:

Some brands are already popular, by investing in the Best SEO agency in India, one can be prominent among the top few.

What it takes to become the Top SEO Agency in Delhi NCR

Delhi has a population of 16.8 million which ranks higher than Mumbai including the national capital territory, whereas the national capital region NCR Nike Gurgaon Faridabad Ghaziabad Noida this makes it one of the largest commercial center in northern India.

Brand Visage reputed and best SEO Company in Delhi NCR, which can make a big difference to your business. It has a strategic approach, to find a way to your business success. 

Your presence in the Digital world can be increased by different tools they opt for, by social media marketing, Public Relations Marketing, Search Engine Optimisation, influencer marketing, web and app development, digital media buying, online reputation management, and many more

They guarantee to be the top SEO Company in Delhi NCR, as these companies have come a long way. Client satisfaction is of the utmost importance and there are other core objectives, by creating an online platform through which companies can make huge profits, by SEO optimization.


Why choose us as the best SEO company in Delhi NCR? Does it help your business to grow?

If you have to grow your business, then one has to show the product to the customer which means, the customer should know or have knowledge about your business. There may millions of businesses functioning on websites of which only a few are known to the users. Choose an SEO company to handle your business, it works on strategy with goals and deadlines. 

As the best SEO company in Delhi NCR will try to improve the website’s visibility through which your business gets more visitors. This means that the SEO is getting more leads on every click, it does not allow even one click to get waste. Every user that visits the website gets to see the face of your business and thereby has the knowledge and is an immediate lead.

Every user is thoroughly scrutinized by these managers and monitored regularly to find the favorite pages frequently visited. We use powerful tools for generating leads and push them towards sales. Without anyone handling your website and business, it cannot catch a pace with the highly competitive market. A user that is not attended, may be too difficult to find again.

Maximize profits with help from the Best SEO Company in Delhi NCR

  • They give Full support to the customer
  • Provider monthly Action Plan
  • They create activities such as blogging, product videos, podcast, videography which sticks to the mind of the users.
  • Creates a link between the user and your business
  • Tries to harvest ideas to get the best output 

You can also do your research on the Top SEO company in Delhi NCR, do proper homework to find the right company that would fit your bill. It is essential to take reference and do your checklist.

Any business cannot get successful by some Fairy Tale magic, it needs to be supported by continuous relentless hard work through SEO Optimisation by these Unstoppable intellectual experts who have a mastery over their work and definitely will give mind-blowing results.

How can a SEO company help you lead the content industry?

Friday, May 28th, 2021

Leaving a mark in the content industry can be quite difficult for you and your company. One of the main reasons behind this can be excessive competition and the desire to always come out at the top. If you do not keep up well, you will simply get crushed. This has provided the impetus for many SEO companies to start and assist corporations like yours to storm the content creating space. They have a variety of tricks under their belt, which helps you better your content curation and expands your reach amongst the target audience. There are many ways an SEO company helps in the content industry and some of the most important ones are discussed as follows.

Increases organic traffic

The phenomenon of organic traffic is the source of most leads on a company’s website. In layman’s terms, organic traffic comprises all those searches people conduct, directing them to your site. This increases engagement and chances of acquiring new customers. SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) has to be done efficiently to maximise the traffic and attract potential customers. This is where your preferred SEO company steps in. it would be futile to hire the Best SEO company in India and later realise that they cannot carefully curate keywords or employ necessary techniques to improve traffic. Hence it is always advisable to scope your options and choose your partner wisely.

Fosters trust and credibility

Having an SEO firm by your side is all about creating trust, credibility, and accountability. Both the parties need to build a relationship on these factors as it will only affect the client’s growth. Once the company in question explains their needs and aspirations to the SEO, it is almost guaranteed that results will come as a contract is drawn up between them. This ensures accountability. On the flip side, the SEO firm will also require some amount of trust from your side so that they have the liberty to do what they know best. Say you are based in and around Delhi. So it would be prudent to opt for SEO services Delhi to enhance your brand and business.

Helps you focus on business

Being the CEO of your company calls for a lot of responsibilities. But it isn’t always necessary to take up the mantle of each and every aspect. For instance, SEO might be something completely alien to you yet vital for your business. You can go the extra mile and learn the job yourself, but the desired outcomes will probably not be satisfactory. This is why you should employ a Top SEO company in Delhi NCR if that’s where you are based. This choice will help you direct your expertise on to the business side of things, where you will be able to positively affect your company. 

Saves money on resources

SEO is something that will undoubtedly reap results but at a cost. That being said, there are various free tools and services that help you with the job, but they often have limitations or do not go further a point. If you are handling this part of the business yourself, then there is a high chance you will have to invest in some of the paid tools. To avoid this, what you can do is directly employ the services of an SEO firm, which will be equipped with all the necessary tools and software to boost your company. So go and seal the deal with the Best SEO Company In Delhi to save a big chunk of your budget.

Latest and updated practices

The only change that is constant in the SEO industry is the ever-changing algorithms of search engines like Google. Due to this, rigorous monitoring of all the latest trends and modifications is needed. It is impossible for you to keep tabs on this, along with the mountain of work looming over you. This is yet another reason to get assistance from the Best SEO Company in India to stay ahead of the game. Having a firm guiding you will be highly beneficial as they will do your job of keeping a check on the changes being implemented, and they will change their plan of action accordingly.

Helps in quantifying growth

We all know that numbers do not lie, so it is essential to look at the data regularly. After all, SEO is a number game and the Best SEO Company in India will help you get those digits right. Say a particular method of marketing is not working and that is getting reflected in the data. As a company, you will certainly want to change the scenario. Here, the SEO firm will try to turn the situation around to make sure those numbers turn green. Hence hiring a company will help you keep abreast of your business’ analytics in a much understandable manner.

While we talk about the ‘Best SEO Company in Delhi’, the name BrandVisage tends to be mentioned almost every time! It is one of the most well-known SEO firms that provide a wide gamut of services to all clients. They go by their tenet of adding more value to your company’s brand, and they certainly do that. Some of the services they provide include Social Media Marketing, Public Relations, Website Development, and Search Engine Optimisation. 

The topic at hand being SEO, BrandVisage has a number of tools to ensure that each client gets the best of their services to boost growth and traffic. Their tools are:-

  • Research– Before diving into anything, detailed research is very important. The experts at BrandVisage think along the same lines. In order to tailor the perfect SEO campaign for your brand, they conduct thorough research on your product, your goals, and the best ways to achieve them. 
  • Optimising User Experience– At the end of the day, a failed communication with your consumers is the last thing you want. So to avoid this BrandVisage, makes sure to tweak around your website to enhance the user experience. They make it more accessible and easy to operate. This makes the whole experience appealing to the end-users, increasing the chances of an engagement or even purchases.
  • Curating keywords- Keywords are an integral part of SEO and the experts here spend a great deal of time finding the best words that are accurate for a particular brand and incorporate them into the content in the most subtle way. In case you are searching for SEO services in Delhi, BrandVisage will be of great help.   
  • Links and Media Consultation– Adding backlinks and media connections to your content will help bear maximum fruit. This helps the brand establish newer connections in the industry and achieve a higher spot in the search results.

After seeing the wondrous work that the people at BrandVisage put in, we can deem it to be a Top SEO company in Delhi NCR region.

Therefore we see the importance of SEO and how it plays a pivotal role in shaping your company’s future. So if you do not want to be left out in this cut-throat industry, get in touch with BrandVisage immediately and plan out your SEO strategies accordingly. They will help you get a bite of the pie that is the content industry.

How SEO Company in Delhi help to Increase Organic Traffic?

Wednesday, April 14th, 2021

Delhi is a centre of modernisation and industrialisation in Northern India. It is a gateway to central India and a place where you can find all sorts of companies. With the rapid growth of different companies, the demand for digital marketing services is on the rise and so is the demand for SEO agencies in Delhi. No matter which sector a company belongs to, it surely needs SEO services to display its brand in the market and attract customers towards it.

For every entrepreneur and business, their online presence and visibility are one of the most important parts and the most crucial of their marketing. When a person searches on the internet about a product or service that you also produce, it is important for you that person sees your result first and not your competitor’s. Brand Visage is the Top SEO Company in Delhi NCR that understands your requirements clearly and works efficiently to organise your traffic and generate more revenue.

Here are different ways in which top SEO Companies can help you with their best SEO practices.

Find New Keywords

Keyword constitutes one of the most important parts of any SEO page. No matter how well you try, there are always some gaps that emerge in the content after some time. New keywords always come up with changing world scenarios and introductions of new technologies and products. Therefore, it is important to keep searching for new keywords and adding them to the content. This is also the best way to increase organic traffic from SEO.

There are many techniques that are used to search for new keywords. Some of these techniques are:

  • Using different tools to generate related keyword opportunities and sort out the effective ones.
  • Analysing the website’s past performance and selecting the keywords that lie in its competitive power.
  • Searching the new keywords and testing their performance to see what content will work for you.

Optimisation for Higher CTR

Getting a place on the first page of the search result is not enough. You have to ensure that people click on your link and therefore, consider more on choosing you rather than your competitor. To make that happen, the best SEO Company in India trusts the technique of click-through Rate (CTR). This technique has two benefits. First, it will entice people to click on your link instead of your competitor’s link. Second, it will send positive signals to Google, which sees that the site’s CTR rank them.

Here’s how a top SEO Company like Brand Visage improves a website’s CTR:

  • With the help of Google search consoles, it identifies the content which has low CTR. It makes it easy for them to optimise them better.
  • It tries to make the Meta Titles more SEO-friendly by using targeted keywords and by making it more engaging.
  • Like the Meta Titles, it also makes the Meta Description more SEO-friendly. For example, it chooses keywords like top SEO Company in Delhi NCR or best SEO Companies in Delhi NCR to provide specific and better search results.

Identify and Fix The Non-Performing Content

Along with the creation of new content, the best SEO Company in India also focuses on the performance of the old content. Often, the website’s content does not appear in the search results and needs some editing. This usually happens when the content becomes outdated, used keywords become unpopular, or people don’t think that they require that information anymore. It restricts the website to achieve the desired marketing objectives. This also enables the site to make conversions or win referrals from other websites.

Here is what SEO Companies do to fix the non-performing content:

  • Create a set of new keywords to be used in the old content that people use more often in their search.
  • Check the performance of the URL by analysing bounce rate, time on page, organic traffic, and click-through rate (CTR).

Increase Number of Keywords Using Blogs

One way to increase the number of keywords, especially the non-branded keywords, is by making different blogs and using the keywords there. With the help of blog posts, you can increase the number of keywords and use them according to your needs so that people see more than one result that contains your name in their search result.

Along with this benefit, blogging also helps in the market funnelling and making strategies for B2B marketing.

Here’s how blogs can help you:

  • Categorise your keywords on how you are going to use them. Put them into different categories by volume, pain point, and buyer persona and use them accordingly in the blog.
  • List the keywords into two sections: transactional and informational search intent.
  • This list will help you to organise your keywords and to decide which keywords you need to use to compete best with others in the market.

Get Sitelinks by Changing Site Architecture

How crawlers will access a site, how people will navigate and engage themselves over it depends on the site structure. If the structure is confusing, crawlers won’t know which page of the site is better and has relevant information. People will also find it difficult to find the information quickly and there are chances they might move to a different site. This will send a negative report of your site and its rank will fall in the SERPs.

Here’s how an SEO Company helps to enhance site structure and increase organic traffic from SEO:

  • It will categorise your site into different categories and subcategories. This will make the people find the information easily and quickly.
  • It will make the internal linking structure more meaningful so that people can jump from one page to another right away.
  • It will create a site map so that people can find the important web pages comfortably that will appear in site links.

There are multiple SEO Companies in Delhi offering premium services. Brand Visage lies ahead of all the SEO agencies in Delhi. Brand Visage understands your needs and works accordingly to apply the best SEO practices for your business. It helps you to place your keywords well, generate new and popular keywords, revive your non-performing content, and improve the internal structure, which collectively gives you long-term benefits. You can take care of SEO needs yourself, but for the best results, opt for a top SEO Company.


How to find the best SEO company for your business?

Wednesday, March 17th, 2021

Search Engine Optimization has been the talk of the town amongst businesses and entrepreneurs for some years now. SEO is a marketing tool to increase a company’s exposure. This is done in many ways, like using certain keywords or performing website audits. It helps the company’s content rank higher in online searches. A higher rank increases the chances of visits to the website. More the number of visits to the website, more chances of new customers and sales. 

Due to these benefits, companies always search for the best SEO company that will guide them to success. Various digital marketing agencies specialise in SEO-related activities. They help in expanding the brand identity, make your website more mobile-friendly and promote sales through inbound marketing. Nevertheless, a company should always compare the services offered by different SEO companies and choose the one that is best suited for them.

Things to keep in mind while choosing an SEO company

While employing SEO tactics in your content can be a hard and meticulous job, finding a suitable agency to do the work can save you from the hassle. It is important to remember certain key factors while looking for an SEO company that matches your needs.

Their services should match your needs

Before you select the perfect SEO company for your business, you should chalk out your corporation’s desired goals. Whether you are looking to use certain keywords prudently or trying to increase your ad revenue, being clear about why you need an SEO service is essential. Once you have your targets in place, hunting for an SEO company becomes easier. Sometimes, the SEO company may be quite abstract or vague in their commitments. Nobody would want a company that is not equipped to satisfy your needs and goals. Even the best SEO company in Delhi NCR region may not be enough for you and your company’s vision.

They must understands the value of content

It is a given fact that content is everything in the world of SEO. While looking for a suitable SEO company for your business, make sure they understand the importance of content. If they do not recognise the value or are in two-minds regarding it, then they are not the company for you. Sometimes even the best SEO company in India may get lost in the way. Therefore, it is important to choose the one with experienced writers and curators capable of increasing the value of the content they create. 

An experienced team is a must

The ideal SEO company should have a very capable and experienced team that knows what they are doing. This is important to meet the needs and demands of the clients. The team should be able to efficiently communicate their ideas to the client and have a reasonable explanation for the same. Moreover, the team should be adequate in size so that they can handle multiple clients at the same time.

Give importance to good referrals from past and current Clients

Word-of-mouth is very important. Before finalising the contract with your preferred SEO company, it is highly advisable to do a performance check. This can be done by communicating with the candidate’s past as well as current clients. They will be able to provide a first-hand account of the company’s work ethics and efficiency. If they laud the efforts and recommend you to hire the company, you can do so assuredly. If that is not the case, then it is best to look elsewhere. What you may think is the best SEO company based on a first impression, might not be so in the eyes of others.

Screen through the SEO techniques

Every SEO company has its own set of tools and techniques to help its clients. As a business, it is important to test the legitimacy of how your desired SEO company will function. Knowing every single trick in the market does not matter if you do not know the requirements. This question should be asked to these SEO companies before they are hired. How the company will perform audits, how they will ramp up keyword search, are just some information you should gather. The candidate should be able to explain their reason behind employing such techniques and how they would help expand your business. Even if you hire the best SEO company in Delhi, make sure they are well-informed of their tricks up their sleeves.

Do not stop at local SEO companies

It is best not to limit yourself while searching for an SEO company for your business. With the development of technology, the world has become a much smaller place. Even if your business is based in Delhi, you can easily hire an SEO company that is based in Delhi. Therefore it is advisable to widen your horizons and look for the most suitable SEO company, whether local or international.

Discuss costs and budget beforehand

It is very important to take into account your budget before you jump into the market for the best SEO company in India. It is always advisable to do your research well and compare the different packages offered by different companies. You should then see which company is offering the most prudent package that is catering to your goals and well within your budget.

Whenever we talk about the best SEO company in Delhi, Brand Visage is always mentioned in the conversation. To guide their clients to the pinnacle of success, they offer various digital marketing services. One of these is their premium Search Engine Optimization service. They believe SEO to be an inevitable part of a business’ journey of expansion. They perform both on-page and off-page SEO activities. Under these, some of the services offered by them are the following.

  • Research: Their SEO experts carry out thorough research to determine ways in which revenue and customers can be increased.
  • Optimising User Experience and Content: They make sure to improve user experience by changing the client’s website to make it more accessible and easy to navigate.
  • Keyword management: They make sure to chalk out a meticulous list of keywords as per the client’s content. This improves organic traffic and customers.

All these services and facilities certainly make Brand Visage the best Seo company in Delhi NCR region and one of the best around the country.

SEO helps your content to attract the audience and hold them. You must get your SEO right and for that you need the best SEO company. Carefully weigh all your options and select an SEO company accordingly.

SEO trends of 2020 that matter!

Friday, January 31st, 2020

The online marketing space has been dynamic from the very beginning, there have been many trends that have seen the light of day and then faded away. But if there is one constant in digital marketing that never seems to reseed, it has been the influence of ‘Search Engine Optimization’. 

With time, search engines have gotten a lot smarter, and in 2020 their ability to determine what a user wants is expected to take a big leap. 

It is fair to say that SEO professionals and content creators have their work cut out, and they have a lot to figure out. 

Here are some trends that will have an impact on SEO in 2020:

1. “Position 0”  

In 2020, “Position 0” is going to be a buzzword, which is a phrase commonly used for the top-most organic results of a search query. 

Very often the first position for a query is occupied by a featured snippet, which is a trusted way of maximizing clicks and increasing traffic on a website. This year, SEO professional along with content creators will be expected to produce content that is worthy of “Position 0” and has the technical & creative elements to get reflected as a featured snippet. 

2.Content quality 

If you read the commentary by some of the leading voices from Google or other eminent opinion leaders from the SEO world, you’ll realise that rewarding High-Quality content is a key intent behind search engine algorithms. 

Search engines have now evolved considerably and their ability to identify good content has improved dramatically. In the times to come, content that is structured, well-written, relevant and useful will become the backbone of SEO. 


Interpreting what a user wants and generating the most accurate results has always been the guiding principle behind search engines. 

And this year it is expected that a search engine’s (Google, Bing, DuckDuckGo etc ) ability to interpret User Intent will improve significantly. Enabled by AI, Machine learning and other technological advancements, search engines have improved their ability to contextualize what a piece of content is all about. And, it is expected, therefore, that high-quality content which also has a clarity of Intent will get ranked better. 


Backlinking has been a critical element in SEO for the longest time and its influence is still quite relevant. What matters, however, is the authenticity and quality of links that you integrate into your online assets; which is where Influencers come in! 

Influencers or experts from a particular field can be the source of authentic and high-quality backlinks that your website needs, and for that purpose, partnering with influencers can get mainstreamed in the near future. 

Also, a thumbs-up by a leading influence can help build the credibility of your brand. 

5.Voice search optimization 

The effects of Voice search in SEO are still in suspended animation, but 2020 is expected to be a year in which this changes. The ability of search engines to interpret voice searches is going to improve substantially and this may have profound and long-term effects on how search engines function.  

6.Mobile Optimization 

In the last point, we have discussed voice searches, and one reason why voice searches have become important is the increasing use of mobile devices. 

The device preference for using the internet seems to have turned head over heels. And soon enough we’ll see websites being made primarily for mobile devices which will then be optimized for tablets & desktops, etc. 

7.SEO for branding

Apart from performing well on a search engine, it is also important that the online assets of your brand/business are of the highest standards. If your search engine presence is well thought out and sanitised, it will help build credibility and trust for your brand and can also prove to be priceless for your ORM strategy.  

The SEO trends of 2020 only seem to suggest that search engines are becoming more human-centric. And keeping that in mind, the future of SEO seems to be driven by quality & utility of content.