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Why is PR important and why companies are looking for PR Agencies

Saturday, October 2nd, 2021

Unlike advertising agencies, public relations firms work with news outlets to promote companies and individuals alike. 

Earned media is generally considered free versus paid media, such as articles in newspapers, magazines, and television programs. 

The paths to creating awareness, however, are vastly different. Personal and business reputations can be protected, enhanced, or built by hiring a public relations agency.  

In addition to analyzing the organization, a good PR agency can locate positive messages that can be turned into media stories according to the Best PR Agency in Delhi NCR.

Because they are not employees of the organization they work for, they can provide a unique outside perspective on the organization and what sort of story ideas might work.

What are the reasons companies hire PR firms?

A solid online reputation can be built by using public relations strategies. Businesses that are taking charge of their PR efforts are seeing bigger & greater ROI and larger returns with better & enhanced and improved PR strategies.

Creating a stronger brand reputation requires sending the right message to the right place and the right people.

A PR agency works alongside its clients to help them achieve this goal and promote their company within the sectors they serve.

Public relations can help a business transform its profitability and future. So hurry up and call the Best PR Agency in Gurgaon.

An organization that uses PR effectively can make it possible to overcome nearly any obstacle. PR is essential for some of these reasons.

1. Enhance the credibility of the brand

The ability to establish trust is one of the most critical factors for a business’s success, no matter what the industry.

A business that lacks trust & reliability loses out on potential sales. It may be necessary for a business to hire a public relations professional to bridge the trust gap between it and potential clients or customers. 

Experts work to boost their credibility in a given field and increase their reputation in general.

By using thought leadership content, influencer connections, and networking strategies, you’ll achieve this.

2. Profit, sales, and leads can be increased with PR

Public relations is incomplete without marketing.  An organization utilizing unique PR practices will increase its chances of attracting new customers. 

3. Bring about a change in business

Businesses have very little control over what people say about them online.

They can say whatever they like about them, true or not. Many businesses get bad reputations for no reason at all, while other businesses are difficult to reach online. 

Both situations are less than ideal. PR campaigns could be the best solution to correct them.

A successful PR campaign and a positive image of a brand will increase awareness for it, and a message from an objective source will be more likely to reach consumers than paid advertising.

For PR agencies to gain trust for companies, they leverage their connections with influencers.

4.  Assist in improving online presence

PR helps businesses build strong online presences that will be highly visible to their targeted audiences.

In today’s world, everyone is digitally connected. Business public relations agencies provide support and guidance to businesses while being constantly ready to provide guidance when disasters happen. 

PR agencies can identify which creative channels and influencers are best suited to spreading a company’s message, and they can channel their experience, expertise and industry contacts to reduce marketing costs.

Public relations companies use tools such as press releases, social media, and influencer connections for promoting content and enhancing their client’s brand image to increase their profitability. 

With Top PR Agency in Noida by their sides, today’s brands simply have a better chance of reaching the right audience with greater reliability.

With the help of a good PR agency, they will have a better chance of overcoming challenges that may threaten their success.

5. Lead generation

Public relations can generate new business leads and improve business outcomes. 

The more media coverage your company receives, the more visible it becomes to potential clients & customers. 

In addition to our unique integration of PR and digital marketing, we have also been able to leverage assets (such as data studies, white papers, etc.) into lead-generating machines.

6. Bring in investors

Venture Capitalists and other investors can be attracted to your company using the right media placement at the right time. 

Your credibility as an investment target increases if PR is done correctly and with the right message. 

What are the benefits of PR? 

The next round of funding you get may depend on this if you are an early or mid-stage company.

7. Talent recruitment

Public relations campaigns often attract not only new clients but prospective employees as well.

Establishing your business as a thought leader will undoubtedly increase your profile among the field’s most talented professionals. 

Your newfound access to talent can help you accelerate your growth curve as well as establish your company as one of your industry’s most desirable employers – with effective PR.

8. Maintain existing staff

Most technology firms experience high employee turnover. Public relations can boost employee morale and improve retention for companies that struggle with the “why do PR” question. 

Opportunities for thought leadership, social media campaigns, and other tactics reinforce employee loyalty.

9. Cost-cutting

In a digital ecosystem, PR can be integrated with other tactics to save money. 

Utilizing paid, owned, and earned media together can deliver greater impact at a lower cost than strategies built around social media avenues. 

10. Ensure that messages are communicated

Clear communication about your company’s key messages and identity is the reward of a well-constructed public relations strategy. 

The best PR agencies can help you develop a cohesive message that carries through all of your PR and digital marketing efforts despite the wide range of vehicles available.

11. Organize staff hours

Companies like Walker Sands, which specializes in B2B technology PR, outsource their public relations to grow their businesses.

Public relations firms that specialize in B2B have the expertise and industry contacts to deliver the best & optimum results. 

Is there another reason to address the “why do PR” question? 

As a result of outsourcing PR, your marketing staff can focus on more important tasks.


Integrating PR and digital marketing is a smart strategy at the end of the day for many reasons according to the Best PR Agency in India.

At Brand Visage, we offer early and mid-stage companies a wide range of services to help them grow. Let’s begin. Reach out to Brand Visage to learn how we can help develop integrated PR strategies that drive measurable improvements in your business.

Why you should be making a PR Strategy for your Brand?

Tuesday, November 10th, 2020

The word PR or public relations is quite a known term but deeply understood by few. Although there are enterprises that realize the effectiveness of PR as an essential marketing strategy, boosting up digital reputations. Only a handful possess sound knowledge about the functioning mechanism of the particular, and why companies go on investing their time and budget for an effective PR strategy. 

Public Relations is two-way communication between the business and its audience to create brand awareness. It is all about disseminating the right kind of information, at the right time and place, to the right kind of audience. A PR agency works closely with the enterprise to assist them in creating their brand image as per the current business trends. It helps in promoting the agenda of its client by devising a powerful plan of action. A well-planned PR strategy can completely transform the future of your brand. Thus enabling the company to vanquish all its impediments smoothly.       

Reasons to have an effective PR strategy in place

PR strategies when used in the right way can help your business flourish. Thus, PR is essential for brands and there are numerous reasons which answer the ‘why’ part. 

Public Relations comes free

Unlike paid advertising, PR is free. When you get your firm’s story published in the newspaper or magazine they will not ask for any money. Moreover, a detailed story can provide more relevant insights about your brand than paid advertising. This will also help you generate effective leads. Moreover, PR has been found to be more powerful than advertising by 90%, in impacting audiences. Thus user testimonials, media connections and word of mouth can influence your audience better than an ad. 

Lures investors

PR is an effective marketing approach that can bring in new investors for your company. Implementing PR strategies can entice new investors, which can turn out to be extremely profitable when you have just started a new business. A well-tailored PR plan with assertive media coverages can help you negotiate better with prospective investors. PR can give your brand’s credibility a boost, make it look bigger and better established. That can be a headstart for lucrative fundings and partnerships.

Attracts new customers

Using good PR practices can help you gain new customers for your brand. When a positive story about your brand gets covered by the media it will enhance the credibility of your firm. It will influence potential customers to choose your company’s services and products over your competitors. 

Assists in reputation management

PR can effectively help with reputation management. Every PR agency has solid connections with the most important media channels, which is the basic requirement to help manage your brand’s reputation. Every brand has its phase of ups and downs. There can arise challenging situations, where your brand may face a severe crisis. Disappointed clients might go about calling out names on social media, tarnishing the image of your brand. In similar situations, the PR agency will use their media connections to monitor the matter in a tactful manner, by publishing a simple press release or by organizing a press conference. 

Advocates brand value

Trust is an important factor in any kind of business. It tells people whether the business will thrive or strive. Moreover, too much skepticism towards the brand can also result in reduced sales. But hiring a good PR management firm can assist in increasing the reliability of your enterprise by making effective use of networking, influencer liaison and thought leadership. By implementing robust PR campaigns, a brand can communicate powerful messages to the public who resonate with your brand by making use of the ideas with, which the potential audience connects the most. You can definitely opt for Brand Visage to enhance the trust levels between your business and valuable clients. 

Bolsters community relations

PR management can help bolster community relations. When you have formed new connections it automatically leads to a stronger bond with the local market, usually by investing your effort and time in a local charity, or by associating with new groups or any other cause relevant to your business. An effective PR strategy is all about maintaining existing relationships with powerful influencers and understanding ways in which your firm can be an outstanding source of data for them. 

PR creates opportunities

PR is not always about using your connections with influencers for business. At times PR can be used to monitor and analyze customer support mechanisms as well. Although the influencer knows that you will never give him access to a disappointed customer, yet he understands that he cannot go ahead without your help. He will have the opportunity to communicate with your client and discuss the competitors and find out how are they functioning, instead of solely focusing on your brand.


Entices new employees 

A good PR strategy can bring in potential employees for your company. When you market your company as a leading firm in the industry, potential employees would want to work for a successful company like yours. Thus a good PR plan will not only assist in external growth but in internal growth as well. 

PR fosters the digital presence of your brand

In the contemporary digital world that we live in, every individual is connected through screens. Thus PR campaigns can create a powerful digital presence by making use of the internet to increase the overall visibility levels of an individual brand. You can get every bit of assistance and support from a PR firm to market your business on the internet. Moreover, their constant supervision helps to monitor any kind of crisis and they are always on their toes to protect the image of the company. 

Wrapping Up

Hiring a good PR management firm can help you determine the useful influencers and effective channels. Thus propagating the company’s goals and visions to the right kind of people. Moreover, PR agencies will make use of their networking and experience to optimize the reach of your brand. Influencer connection, press releases and social media channels are some of the important tools used by PR firms to upgrade the image of your brand and boost the company’s profits as well. 


10 Pro PR tips for brands in 2019-20

Tuesday, October 15th, 2019

PR has always played a major role in the larger publicity strategy of a brand, and with time its role has become even more critical. PR is frequently used for developing brand awareness and gathering attention of the media, but with a comprehensive PR strategy, a lot more can be done. 

Over the long term, positive media coverage can not only improve the image of a brand but make it more trustworthy in the eyes of the consumer. For doing that, however, PR professionals need to be at the top of their game and keep up with the dynamic world of PR.

In the past few years PR has changed quite dramatically, and to help PR professionals keep up with these changes we have come up with a list of PR tips that are relevant in 2019 – 20:

Develop an effective Brand Story

A brand is not just a product or a service which has a name & identity; it is a narrative (or story) of how a brand adds value to the lives of its customers. If you have a brand story, for example, how your brand helped a customer or How the brand came into existence, you can use many traditional & contemporary PR techniques to share such stories with your audience and connect with them in a more intimate manner. 

Write industry related content 

Write content that is related to your respective industry and make sure that it is informative and educational. Every now & then you can publish content that is related to your brand, but most of the content that you publish must enlighten or educate the reader in some way. 

Write an effective Press release

If you want your press release to be picked up by a journalist, make sure that the writing is perfect. 

While writing a press release for your brand you need to make sure that it does not come out looking like an advertisement. Rather, it needs to look like a piece of news that the audience ought to know. 

If you write a press release that is unique, easy to read & has an awesome headline, there is a good chance of it being published. 

Build a relationship with journalists 

Journalists are often thought leaders and opinion-makers of whichever field they write about. If you are able to develop a relationship with an eminent journalist who is related to your industry, it could prove to be very valuable in the long term. 

If such eminent journalists choose to write about your brand or mention it in one of his/her articles, it could enhance the goodwill of your brand.  

Ride the trends

A new and effective way of carrying out a successful PR campaign is to leverage online trends. If there is a trending topic on the internet or social media that is related to your industry, you can quickly publish a news item or an article to engage your audience. 

Twitter is arguably the best platform for leveraging online trends, and if your news item/ article is relevant there’s a chance that it might even go viral. 

Get handy with Social Media PR

Apart from catching trends on twitter, there are other ways of doing PR through social media channels. One way is to reach out to journalists on social media platforms like twitter, facebook & Linkedin and engaging with them to share your content through their social media handles. 

Helpful in observing social media tends and dealing with negative publicity, Social listening is also increasingly becoming a norm in PR

Hold Events

Another great way to engage your audience through PR is to hold events or participate in them as a sponsor. Large scale events generally get a lot of media attention and if your brand is making its presence felt in such events, it stands to gain quite a bit. 

Prepare for PR challenges

The internet is a very unpredictable place, and there could be times when there is negative publicity related to your brand. PR plays a huge role in dealing with untoward situations on the internet, and over the long term, it can also be used for online reputation management (ORM). 

Leverage SEO

A lot of content that is published online invariably ends up on the search engines also. SEO can be used to optimize content pieces like news, blogs, articles, stories, etc and made available to your target audience on the search engine. 

Become a thought leader

By becoming a thought/opinion leader in your industry, you can pretty much become a PR channel yourself. But for becoming a thought leader you need to publish high- quality content on a regular basis that your audience finds relevant and valuable. 

The way PR is done today may be very different from the way it was done traditionally, but its relevance has not diminished in any way. In-fact with the help of social media and digitization, the influence of PR has only increased.

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