Top Tips You Should Follow For Reaching Your Target Audience With Social Media Marketing

Top Tips You Should Follow For Reaching Your Target Audience With Social Media Marketing

There has been a radical shift in the marketing arena with brands looking to explore the digital platforms for reaching their targeted customers.

The digital platforms are new places of exploration when it comes to locating targeted audiences for the simple reason that on average people spend over 50 % of their time on mobile screens and an average of 3 hours a day on social media networking.

Over 79% of people rely on product reviews for purchases too. While this may make online marketing a steal deal, you need to carefully understand your customers before you start getting the actual benefit of it.

It is advisable to take expert consultation before spending a fortune on it. Brand Visage Communications is a Top Social Media Marketing Company in Delhi that can provide you perfect strategies to move ahead with this.

In order to effectively reach your target audience, there are a few tips that might help you.

Adopt the STP strategy

Segmentation is the part where we categorize the targeted audience according to their behaviors and psychological needs and they are more likely to come to the purchase point when exposed to content.

It comprises criteria like age, gender, geographic location, income, occupation, socio-economic status, education qualification, relationship status, interests which shapes the needs of an individual.

In order to successfully run a social media campaign puts extra stress on the ‘segmentation’ part as people who are more likely to buy a product can be easily influenced than others who aren’t aligned at all.

Once you locate your customers based on the demographic segmentation then you can easily target them. Today a myriad of people are gathering on Social Media platforms and targeting them accordingly is important. 

Positioning means forming a specific message in the form of visual, literary, or audio-visual content for the target audience to place your brand.

Through this content, a specific message will hit your target audience and it will generate a need in them to purchase the product or it will trigger a certain hidden desire in them which again will lead them to a purchase point. 

For successfully utilizing social media marketing for your business, focus on these basic steps. If you are unsure of anything, Brand Visage, the Best Social Media Marketing Company in India can help you. 

Target your audience with Social Media metrics 

Social media platforms like Google and Facebook are using specific algorithms and are heavily leaning upon paid advertising.

In order to make your posts target-specific, you need to understand the metrics thoroughly. Google and Facebook believe in highly specific target audiences. 


Google has a specific section dedicated to the demographics and segmentation of the audience and it also shows who are excluded from the list.

It includes new audience reporting and how to understand them. Instead of the normal demographics, they have super narrowed specifications like audience interest, audience habit, their current searches and researches, and interactions with businesses.

It gives you a whole glimpse into the mind of the audience. They have a complete list of details in broad categories like “Display”, “Search”, “Video” and “Hotel” for example which gives you details about the passions and inclinations of an audience and most importantly what are they currently looking for. If an audience is already looking for a product or service, influencing them becomes the easiest. 


In the case of Facebook, the specific demographics are absolute. Facebook largely focuses on the location, income, relationship status, and interest and you get to customize your ads or any other paid promotions based on that. 

This is a new step because previously organic reach was all you had. If you created a page you had followers who would reach you through organic searches and depending on your content they might get converted into a customer.

However, the paid promotions based on user demographics are a game-changer.

They have presently partnered with database companies like Acxiom that give excellent insight into a user. Facebook offers “Detailed Targeting” which also includes “behaviors” of the users.

This is important because as a content creator you are not randomly showcasing your posts to an audience that has no interest in your product whatsoever. 

Other platforms  

Platforms like Instagram, Linked In, Pinterest, and other platforms have certain metrics too and paid promotions work fine, however, they are yet to get the specifications of Google and Facebook. Therefore, choose your platform prudently & wisely.

Options like influencer marketing can bring up to 11 percent ROI, if you want to explore that expert assistance from Brand Visage, the Best Social Media Agency in Gurgaon can help you with groundbreaking plans. 

Identify keywords for better reach

Keywords hold the key to your audience’s heart. In order to make your content search engine optimized and to ensure that your content is trending and relevant for a better reach try focusing on keywords. Google AdWords is the best platform for making up to the top. 

Maintain an excellent balance between Branding, creativity, posting, generating engagement 

Social media platforms may not directly reflect upon your sales figure. It might have long-term consequences for instance like retaining customers through a great user experience.

Make sure your contents strike a balance while branding and promoting. Your posts should aim at creating an elevated brand perception, and simultaneously generate posts that trigger purchase motives, and content that fills the audience with awe and makes them comment and engage. This ensures you retain your customers as well.

Unlike traditional marketing, digital marketing has the opportunity to get inside the mind of a consumer.

While the demographics for locating a target customer are simple in traditional marketing, digital platforms need more research on the behavior and search patterns of the individuals.

This is more specific and effective as compared to traditional marketing. For understanding your consumer and driving them to the purchase point, Brand Visage, the Top Social Media Agency in Delhi can help you achieve your dream goals.