PappaRoti Café

Brand: PAPPAROTICAFÉ (How PappaRoti Café successfully launched with great reach of 2 million!)



PappaRoti Café is a Malaysian Bun & Coffee chain that has already captivated the audience in 18 countries with more than 410 cafes. These ones of a kind freshly baked buns are accompanied best with coffee which is something very new to the Indian coffee culture. The taste gets enhanced with the amazing variety of toppings on the bun available in café.


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The objective of campaign was to promote the name of brand with 360 degree digital marketing solutions. Starting with, showing the existence of brand name in social media by creating accounts on popular handles like Facebook, Twitter &Instagram. It was further taken with a plan where people between 18-40 years old were set as the targeted audience, content for social media was made which included the hashtags created for campaign like #bunderfulthursdays, #SundayBunday and #PappaRotiInCyberHub.
Apart from social media the idea was also to promote brand name through bloggers and online portals here our idea was to share ‘PappaRotiCafé coming to North India with new age bun and coffee culture’.


The campaign was divided into three phases Pre Launch, Launch Week and Post Launch.
In Pre-Launch Phase we started with spreading news through social media account of PappaRotiby posting ‘Coming Soon’ in multiple creative posts. With this there was also a need of people to get engaged to the brand through posts so the brand name retains in mind.

Posts On Social Media:

PappaRoti Café opening news was shared also shared with some known online portals and bloggers like We Are Gurgaon, LBB Delhi, So Delhi, D for Delhi, Eat Treat, MrSocial Keeda, Bit me and others. With this activity, the brand got good reach as people started enquiring about the opening date of café. As per the social media follower base of D for Delhi, We are Gurgaon, So Delhi and others the brand name was reached to 30K people on an average just from the blogs. Further, bloggers and portals also shared PappaRoti on their social media handle through posts and stories, where we got a great reach of nearly 60-70 K before the opening.

News Shared on Online Portals:

ShoutOuts by Bloggers on their social media

During the Launch week, social media of PappaRoti Café was more active. More frequent posts were shared to spread the brand name with some exclusive offers like ‘First 100 customers will get 50% off for 1 year’. This idea was generated to get more footfalls in café after the café opening.

Later, invites were shared with food bloggers and food reviewers to visit the café. Famous food bloggers like The Snazzy Rover, The Talk Studio, Salt and Sandals, Chic Life Byte, Taste a Bit, Urban Utopia, and others visited Café shared PappaRoti through blogs, through their social media pages and shared their reviews on Zomato.

This activity has created a huge hype about PappaRoti Café opening in Cyber Hub as bloggers and reviewers who shared the brand name had follower base from minimum 20K to maximum 250 K.
Press Release was also sent to media on the day of café opening that ‘The bun and coffee culture is now in India with PappaRoti Café at Cyber Hub’. The big names of the industry like Business Standard, India Today, Outlook, New Indian Express, and Asian Age covered the news.

In Post Launch Phase, social media was again active with sharing the photos of café and reposting the bloggers’ post about PappaRoti café which doubled the reach of that same post. With that the bloggers and online portals who shared the PappaRoti arriving news before Café Opening like LBB, So Delhi, We Are Gurgaon reviewed the café and shared it again through the blog and social media posts. Nearly 25 different websites and bloggers covered PappaRoti in their reviews.


The total reach of campaign was calculated nearly 2 million reach with all the blogs reach, posts on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram with frequent Instagram stories on PappaRoti account as well as posts by bloggers.