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What’s the Importance of Social Media in PR?

Friday, December 24th, 2021

In recent times, the use and influence of social media marketing have skyrocketed. With everyone from baby boomers to millennials using at least one social media platform, it’s safe to assume that social media marketing is made-up word marketing.

But why do businesses use social media to sell themselves? Most would answer it’s to maintain a relationship with their customers in order to retain their products and brand front of sight and perceived in the best possible light. But wait, isn’t that what public relations is for?

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In many ways, the impact of social media on public relations is evident. The following are some of the most important points:

  • Both PR and social media are built on communication, but social media enhances your brand with real-time information, enabling PR to be more powerful and impactful. With the help of social media, content issued via news releases, emails, and other PR-related tools can live longer, circulate faster, and attract more people.
  • PR may now reach a far broader audience thanks to social media. Previously, PR was focused on certain people such as investors and corporate partners, but with the advent of social media, this target audience has grown to encompass all stakeholders in a company’s success. We being the reputed pr agency in Delhi can help you in achieving better results.
  • Because of social media, public relations has become more “friendly” to all stakeholders in a firm, spawning a new marketing discipline known as “relationship marketing.” This enables businesses, regardless of their size or seriousness, to be more welcoming, inviting, and approachable.

The Use of Social Media by Public Relations Professionals

Influencer Marketing

 Influencers provide businesses a voice they wouldn’t be able to have otherwise. Influencers on social media have large digital following aspects that brands may use to sell products and defend their reputations. When public relations experts build consumer-brand relationships and personalities, they’re effectively creating a second line of promotion and defense for the company.

For tracking Competitive branding

Professionals can use social listening to learn about a public opinion before it becomes a popular subject. They can detect and respond to internet dangers in advance, perhaps averting a significant brand reputation catastrophe. Consider using one of the dozens of social listening tools available to uncover what social media users truly think to operate like a public relations professional.

To attract Journalist for coverage

To sway journalistic coverage – While the public can see PR professionals on social media when they respond to a crisis, many more labor behind the scenes to build a company’s image. Journalists frequently listen to what people are saying on social media when a popular issue occurs.

Public relations specialists frequently participate in online discussions to try to persuade journalists to take a particular stance. Although PR professionals may not always see the stories they want to be published, they could still use social media to keep their point of view in the public spotlight.

To React to the responses

One of the first areas that people seek for a brand’s response to a negative statement is on social media. A corporate account can be used by public relations specialists to develop and publish an instant reaction, as well as to guide the audience to another platform for more information. Public relations experts may reach a large, engaged audience quickly with social media.

To make announcement or Promotion of a new activity

Because Twitter spreads information quickly, public relations professionals frequently utilize the network to publicize awards, product releases, and corporate updates. Professionals can reach a far larger audience via social media than classic forums by using appealing short snippets and links.

Social media is a perfect fit for public relations, and it’s just one of many tools companies can employ to defend and promote their brands. Brands frequently see instant positive outcomes whenever their public relations and marketing teams work together on social media. If you are looking for professional help, then we can assist you as we are among the top Pr Agency In Delhi.

How can you include Social media for Public Relations activities?

Social media acts as a powerful weapon to acquire the result in effective ways. You just need to work in the correct way and should understand the requirements. There are so many social media platforms where you can start your promotional and PR activities such as:

Facebook – This is the place to go if your company or brand is really conversational. To aid in PR initiatives, use Facebook features like as groups, comments, call to action buttons for contributions and pledging, and other Facebook Professional Applications and services.

Twitter is the greatest option to convey a rapid message about a new campaign, product, activity, or promotion, or to provide any kind of update, thanks to its 140-character limit.

Using hashtags is a terrific method to connect with people while also keeping track of what your audience and others are saying about your business or brand. Twitter offers a number of options for conducting research about your organisation, brand, competitors, and other topics. Periscope, the company’s app, is also a terrific method to live stream and interact with viewers.

LinkedIn – Another wonderful approach to connect with people, particularly influencers, gather industry insight, and disseminate useful information is through LinkedIn. It’s also an excellent tool for blogging.

Instagram – Using this medium to interact with your audience is a terrific idea. Visuals are great for highlighting important causes and raising awareness about critical concerns. Furthermore, Instagram is ideal for marketing events (before, during, and after) in order to keep the audience involved and make them feel because they’re a part of the celebration, even though they’re not.

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What Is SEM? A Guide to Paid Search Engine Marketing

Wednesday, December 8th, 2021

What is SEM?

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is a way of using different strategies that is paid to increase traffic and visibility of a website. Earlier, Search Engine Marketing was associated with search engine optimization and paid optimization to increase reach.

But these days, Search Engine Marketing is related to the use of paid strategies to get a better reach among the audience. Search Engine Marketing is basically done to do marketing of a brand to better more visibility to the website.

Understanding it with an example, Whenever an ad is seen on the search engine result page, it is a part of Search Engine Marketing where companies run ads that appears at the top or bottom on the result page. To get a larger reach, the companies try to include keywords that have low competition so that they can rank on the search engine result pages.

Most of the companies prefer SEM agencies to get things done, you can also look out for Best SEM Agency India so that you can get things done with professional help.

There are many benefits that you can get after Search Engine Marketing such as:

  • Paid strategies give a better chance to gain traffic to the website and to increase the visibility among the audience. 
  • Most of the search marketing is done with the help of running paid ads and it helps to generate revenue also through PPC (Pay Per Click). Pay Per Click is a type of paid advertising in which a company generates a digital ad and is compensated each time someone clicks on it. SEM is what happens when PPC ads appear in search results. However, PPC isn’t necessarily linked to SEM.

This is not regarded as SEM when PPC methods are utilized on channels other than search. PPC can be utilized on sites that enable digital adverts, such as Promoted Tweets or Facebook Ads, for reference. PPC also includes Google display advertisements, in which businesses are charged whenever a user clicks on a website’s banner ad. 

SEM Platforms

Search Engine Marketing platform is also a platform that are search engines where a company can run paid ads that will be shown when a user will do any search activity. Among various SEM Platforms, Google and Bing are the most famous SEM Platforms.

  • Google Ads is the most popularly used platform for Search Engine Marketing. More than billions of people across the world perform daily searches on Google and using Google Ads will help you to get a larger range of audience.
  • Bing Ads is another SEM platform that claims to get 3 million more searches than Google. Bing plays ads on partner sites such as Yahoo and MSN, which is helpful in getting more amount of audience apart from fetching audience from Google. People who do not use Google or use both platforms can be acquired using this paid strategy.

If you think, this is out of the box for you, then you can take help from Professionals. There is a list of the Best SEM company in India that can help you in Search Engine Marketing.

Why SEM is important?

As discussed above, SEM helps in attaining greater visibility and traffic to the websites, and with the use of various strategies, it can help the website to rank on Search engines such as Google and Bing that will create brand awareness. Apart from all these, there are other benefits of SEM such as:

  • Earning: When paid advertising is done on search engines, it helps in increasing the chances of clicking on ads, and generally while doing paid advertising, whenever someone clicks on ads, the ads platforms pay as pay per click. SEM is a marketing strategy and it will help in creating brand value that will lead to leads to customers acquisition.
  • Quick leads: SEM is paid advertising way and it gives better chances to rank on the search engine as paid ads are more preferable. With the use of high-quality keywords, the chance of ranking on top is enhanced.
  • Flexibility: SEM is a great way to customize things according to the requirement of the company or campaign. You can customize the location, the number of audiences that you want your ads should be shown. You can even customize the type of campaign that you want to run and the amount of budget that you want to spend. SEM allows publishing ads in a customized format for better marketing and achieving a greater audience. This is the best way of advertising for the businesses with different requirements.
  • Faster Results: Generally other ways of driving traffic to the website and increasing reach among audience take comparatively more time but with SEM, the things are done faster as the rate of publishing ads on Google and Bing is faster and the number of users doing searches on search engine platform is also high that gives faster results.
  • More Customer Acquisition: As more people are visiting the website and audience is getting aware of the brand. It increases the chances that the audience who are visiting the site can be acquired as a part of the lead-to-customer acquisition strategy.
  • Brand Awareness: When SEM is done on different search engines and various campaigns and ads run on different platforms, it not increases visibility among the audience but also builds trust among the people about the authenticity of the brand. SEM is the faster process so it creates brand awareness at a faster rate.

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Lead Generation Tips by Best SEO Agency in India

Thursday, December 16th, 2021

What is SEO?

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is a technique that is used to enhance visibility and bring traffic to the website and increase their chances of being ranked on the search engine result page. To increase ranking on Search Engine results, various search engine optimization tactics are being used. There are many benefits associated with search engine optimization such as

  • It helps in bringing organic reach to the website.
  • It makes the website look more authoritative to the users who will search for the website
  • It increases the website’s reach among users by enhancing visibility.
  • It will help businesses and companies to acquire sales through SEO marketing techniques

Search Engine Optimization requires technical understanding and for that, you can take help from some Best SEO Company in India as they will help in professionally handling your website.

What is Lead Generation?

Lead generation is a way of converting the organic traffic coming to the website for visits into leads for sales generation. Lead generation is a practice that is mostly required in companies who are involved in B2B (Business to Business) or B2C (Business to Customers) related work or basically are E-commerce websites who want to acquire customers through their website. They aim at increasing sales of their products through SEO. Many reputed companies hire SEO agencies for lead generation purposes. 

  • Lead generation helps in improving the sales performance of a company
  • It helps in creating brand value by increasing reach
  • It helps to convert visibility rate to customer acquisition rate.

If you are someone who is looking for lead generation through SEO, then there are many ways in which you can convert your visitors into leads for sales. You need to follow some tips to get more audience to your site.

Tips to acquire leads with the help of Search Engine Optimization

Social Media Presence

These days social media is a great tool to enhance the reach of any company or an individual. It is a part of SEO tactics in Off-page Seo to promote the company among a large user base. There are so many social media platforms available in the market and each platform serves a different purpose and target different demographics such as Instagram is more popular in the young generation and Linkedin is more of a professional platform while Twitter is serving as a tool to express views and for news, Quora is a platform that helps in solving queries of the audience. Facebook is one of the oldest platforms yet so efficient to acquire the business. 

You can try to create accounts on different social media platforms and start creating brand awareness content and content that explains product services. 

Take professional help

According to research, many companies who take professional help are much fast in attaining the required targets. There is so many Best SEO agency in India that can help you in lead generation through SEO. One of the best SEO agencies in Delhi NCR is Brandvisage. They are among the Top SEO Agency in Delhi NCR. Taking the help of an agency makes things easier as they have a better understanding of handling the SEO.

Mobile Optimization

These days most of the users are more diverged towards using mobile phones for sales and purchase online. But if your website is not mobile-friendly, it ascends the chances that the user might not stay longer to your website and this creates a negative impact. Make sure that your site is mobile-friendly and runs efficiently on mobile and desktop as well to give a better user experience. Try to optimize all the features required in a mobile-friendly website to acquire more visitors.

Link building

Link building is an important aspect from an SEO point of view as it plays an important role to bring more visitors to the site which will further help in lead generation.

It is a way to enhance the presence of the website on other sites through the link-building process. In this, generally, the Backlinks are created on do-follow sites which helps in increasing SEO ranking on search engines results. Link building is not an easy process because not all links give the same level of value. Try to get Backlinks from websites that are high authoritative websites so that they can create a trustworthy impact and it will help search engines to understand the same.


Keywords are the most important factor that needs to be included in the website. It plays a major role to acquire the potential audience utilizing SEO perspective. To rank on the Search Engine result page(SERP), it is necessary to use keywords that are relevant to the content displayed on the page and take into consideration to use of keywords that can provide you the maximum traffic to the website with a low competition rate. There are many keyword research tools available in the markets which will help you in further assistance.

On-Page Optimization

Seo is of two types On-page and Off-page. On-Page means the technique used on the site to enhance reach and Off-page Seo means to use various tactics outside the website to create traffic to the website such as social media marketing.

On-Page SEO involves using keywords in content, optimization of image tags, anchor tags, heading tags, and meta description. Increasing your site speed for better user experience and optimization. For any website to get lead generation, the website must be optimized properly. Make sure that your website should give external links to your Social media to get better performance in both On-page and Off-page SEO.

If you are looking to include all these activities to enhance your Search Engine Ranking, then you can get in touch with us.

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How to Grow your Small Business with Digital Media Agency

Thursday, December 2nd, 2021

In this technologically advanced world, it becomes really important for small businesses to create brand awareness and online presence to increase their audience. There are many ways to increase reach among the audience. One of the ways to increase reach among the audience is to take professional help such as Digital Media Agency. There is a proficient and best digital marketing agency in India that will help you grow your small business. 

Why is digital presence important for small businesses?

In this technologically advanced world where everything is done with the help of digital gadgets, it is really important to be present on digital platforms. Being present on digital media platforms, it gives a better chance to improve the performance of the business. 

  • Digital media helps in acquiring a larger base of the audience as there are many platforms that contain a mixed user base and it improves the chances of getting an audience based on various demographics.
  • It will help small businesses to build awareness among the audience. The more people will know about the Business, the more the people will come to business for communication.
  • It will help to convert the visitors to lead which will help the businesses to grow financially.

What are the benefits of a Digital Media Agency?

Digital media agencies are a team of professionals who are specialized in increasing reach among the audience and bringing organic traffic to the website and improving website performance by using different Search Engine Optimization techniques such as On-page and Off-page SEO, technical SEO. They aim at creating brand awareness with the help of SEO tactics which can help small businesses to acquire a larger base audience. There is a list of the best digital media company in India that can help you grow.

  • Digital media agencies will help you in acquiring a larger base of organic traffic through SEO.
  • For a product selling website, digital media agencies can help in converting visitors to the leads for sales.
  • They will help in improving the performance of the website to make it rank on the Search Engine Optimization result page.
  • Digital media agencies are really effective in creating brand awareness and it will be proven beneficial for small businesses. 
  • With better ranking and brand identity, the trust among the audience will be enhanced.

How digital media will help your small business to grow


It is really important these days to have a website and to come in the knowledge of the audience. To come in the presence of people, it is much more important than your website should be seen whenever searched. To improve the search, what is more, important is to get a better ranking on search engine result pages. Digital media helps small businesses to rank on SERP with the help of Search Engine Optimization and Search Engine Optimization where they perform On-site and Off-site activities to get better performance.

They perform both SEO activities such as optimization of the website with optimization of meta description, suggesting keywords, helps in adding authoritative external links to rank on high-quality Search Engine, helps in improving your website user experience to get a broader range of audience.

They also help in getting better approach off-page activities such as creating backlinks, creating a presence on social media, creating content for different types of platforms.

Improves Social media performance

Most of the users days are attracted to social media platforms and it makes it important to do Social media marketing. Social media marketing involves the process of creating content that can help small businesses/individuals/groups to reach out to a larger base of audience using online mode. Social media acts as a marketing tool for small businesses these days. 

Different social media platforms need different requirements such as Instagram is more of a promotional tool for content and products and has the most audience while LinkedIn is more like a professional platform that needs content that looks professionally well-off. Twitter is more like an informative platform. A digital media agency helps in handling social media and promoting content on different platforms using different techniques and understanding different demographics.

Helps in running promotional campaigns

For any small business holding regular promotional campaigns is necessary to keep in touch with the audience. Promotional campaigns help in gaining a larger base of audience and also help to get some brand value through promotion. But running promotional campaigns is not an easy task, it requires a lot of effort but if managed improperly will result in a negative impact. Digital media agency helps in increasing the reach of Promotional campaigns among the audience and they also suggest some strategies and manage the campaigns to get the best positive result.

Assists in Marketing

Marketing online is really important and these days online marketing is done through running advertisements online. Google ads is a tool that is used to run ads and it is very important to take care of how to use a tool perfectly. Digital media agencies help in getting an approach in digital marketing on where, when, and how to run ads on platforms. They also provide content for the Platforms which makes it easier to manage things efficiently. Marketing needs professional assistance, for that you can take help from the best digital media agency in Gurgaon as many India-based agencies are effective in such a purpose.

If you are looking for a total digital media agency in Delhi NCR, then Brandvisage is perfect for you. We are expertise in advertising solutions online and offline along with holistic marketing strategies and social media marketing, SEO, and public relations activities. We aim at providing the most effective ways to give the client the best investment results. We are a new-age marketing solution that ranges from digital media to offline media. 

We can provide you with the best solutions to grow your small business through digital media marketing and advertising solutions. We help in getting the best content for your website and aim at giving the best results.