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8 Tips to create a killer Video Content marketing strategy

Tuesday, December 29th, 2020

The soul of a marketing strategy is narrating and expressing a story or an idea in an explicit form. In that case, creating video content can do miracles. Multiple brands these days utilize video content marketing strategies, to promote their services and products. However, coming up with the right kind of video for your brand needs a lot of brainstorming. 

Creation, distribution and promotion are the three main factors that decide upon the success rate of your video. If you have adopted the right strategies for your video you are definitely going to be viewed by millions. However, businesses usually lack one of these three essences in their videos. Whether Youtube or Facebook video marketing, your content should be a synergy of information, entertainment and education to create a lasting impression in the viewers’ minds. 

Top 8 tips to create a killer video marketing strategy

You must be worried about how to incorporate the three factors in the same proportion in your online video marketing strategy. Don’t worry cause we have got you covered. You can simply leaf through the tips given below to come up with a killer video content marketing strategy. 

Decide the video goal and KPI

Your foremost task is to spot the mission of your video content. Once you know your aim, come up with a solid plan, in line with your goals. Sit down and work on the script. Note down the minute details, content and the messages that you want to put across through it. 

There are different kinds of videos that you can choose for your firm, but the idea behind it should be clear. It should be beneficial for your business and target audience as well. 

Once you have set the goals of your video, it’s time to think about the key performance indicator (KPI). This means you need to set a target to reach a significant number within the stipulated time period. Let’s get this straight, the main purpose of slogging behind a video and its content is to boost your ROI and generate more traffic for your business. 

Strategize your video SEO

SEO is not only limited to websites and blogs but also applicable to video content marketing strategy. Plan in arrangements in such a way that your video appears at the top of any search result. Incorporate relevant keywords within the title and description of the particular video. When you embed a video be certain that the content of that webpage aligns with the video. For better indexing try using video transcripts. 

Describe your video in the best way possible 

People usually have the proclivity of viewing titles of different videos and not watch it all. Hence, you need to provide them reasons to pick your video over others. This can only happen when you tell them a bit more about your videos in the description box or can use certain other eyeball grabbing tactics. Mention the perks that the viewers will get from watching the video within the description box. Make use of thumbnail pictures to highlight important points covered in the video. You can also provide video transcription, from which the viewers can decide whether the video is worth their time or not by sifting through the particulars. 

Utilize the content for conversion

Once you have been successful in getting people to view your video, your next aim should be conversion. The best way to do this is by implementing a call to action strategy(CTA). Based on the objective of the video, you can ask the viewers in his message to take up necessary measures,  you can also embed the website link of your page at the bottom of the video or incorporate various social media buttons for sharing purposes. No matter what is your Youtube video marketing strategy, the audience should be able to connect with it and feel engaged. 

Choose the content that will interest your viewers

Research and find out what kind of videos are currently on-trend, you can come up with some quirky ideas that might get the viewers hooked on your video. These days Facebook video marketing strategies are all about testimonies, webinars, influencer videos, products and services reviews, company culture videos, product promotional videos and more. Choose any particular idea to use as a base of your content. 

Choose the right social media channels 

Of course, you are not going to be the first one to use online video marketing, your competitors are already on it. Hence, you need to find out what kind of content is being shared by your competitors. Come up with something unique from what your competitors are offering. Next, you need to find out which social media channels your potential viewers are using. It can be one or multiple. Streamline your video sharing activities as per the viewing rates on a particular platform. Moreover, timing plays an important part, make sure you are uploading the videos at times when the online activity levels of your viewers are at their peak.  


Create a video content calendar

Once you are out of sight you are out of mind. Don’t ever let that happen. Keep posting videos regularly. So that people remember your brand and know its value. No matter what, do not compromise on it. Plan a calendar, come up with fixed dates on which you want to launch your video, maybe once in a month or in a week, the choice is yours but make sure the video content marketing strategy is high in quality and in line with the audience’s tastes and preferences. 

Content distribution

Once your video content is ready and set to be launched you need to distribute it strategically. You can use email marketing to update your potential viewers about the video coming live.

Wrapping Up

Besides the above listed tips and tricks, there are multiple other hacks as well, which are effective for a killer video content marketing strategy. Make sure that the video is short and compact, use analytics to review the content within your video and express gratitude at the end of the video with a simple thank you. You can implement all of these effective strategies for your Youtube video marketing and witness the result yourself. 


The Complete Guide to Social Media Marketing

Tuesday, December 22nd, 2020

Social media and the relationship we have with it is one of the defining features of our generation. We spend a substantial amount of time scrolling through platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, and it is fair to say that the influence of social media in our lives is quite profound. Be it our relationships or our professional and social engagements; many aspects of our lives are now deeply intertwined with social media. 

It is only natural that businesses from around the world see social media as a big opportunity and they have, therefore, invested heavily in leveraging this medium. Social media marketing is now a norm in the field of advertising and most brands and businesses have a social media presence which they use to engage with their audience. 

This medium has enabled marketing professional with many interesting tools and techniques and has allowed them to engage with their audience like never before. Digital marketers have realized that well planned social media campaigns are something that has many advantages. 

Social media marketing, however, is a vast subject and one needs to have a holistic perspective to make the most out of this medium. With this Guide, we have attempted to give you a snapshot of what social media marketing is all about, what are its benefits, and how you plan an effective social media campaign. 

So let’s begin! 

What is Social Media Marketing?

Social Media Marketing is that part of Digital advertising that lets you use various social media platforms to achieve marketing objectives. 

By using various paid and organic methods on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Linkedin, etc you can engage with your target audience and try to achieve marketing objectives like boosting sales, increasing brand awareness, finding new customers, etc. 

Now that we have defined what Social Media Marketing means, let us now dive into how it can be beneficial for your business. 

Benefits of Social Media Marketing 

  1. Brand Awareness 

Of the many digital marketing methods available, Social Media Marketing is arguably the best way to generate brand awareness. All you have to do is to create a social media profile of your business and then promote it using various paid and organic techniques. With a comprehensive social media strategy, you can reach out to a large audience and make your presence in the market. 

With the help of Social Media Marketing, even small brands and start-ups can hope to increase their brand recognition. With an effective strategy they can, they can engage with their target audience better and even compete with big companies in their industry. 

  1. Better engagement with the audience 

Social Media is an interactive medium, and unlike TV or newspaper adverting, you can communicate with your audience and customers through social media. This allows you to build a deeper relationship with your audience, and also understand their needs better. Your customers and audience can also use platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to give their feedback and reach out to you for any issues related to your product or services. 

One of the challenges, however, in social media is that you need to be careful about negative publicity. It is an open forum in which both appreciation and criticism flow freely. It is generally recommended that companies invest in Online Reputation Management (ORM) from the very beginning so that they are well prepared for any publicity crisis. 

  1. Brand Loyalty 

With the help of an effective social media marketing strategy, even niche brands that have a small market footprint can create a community of staunch followers. You will witness that there are many fashion and beauty start-ups, which have successfully used Instagram to market their brands and gather brand advocates. The youth especially relates to and appreciates brands that use social media to engage with them. 

  1. Driving Sales

The Digital Marketing method that is generally associated with driving sales is Search Engine Optimization, but these days’ social media is also being used effectively to generate leads and drive sales. With the advent of Social commerce, many companies can use social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram to directly sell their products. 

Apart from the core benefits discussed above, there are many other advantages of Social Media Marketing like better search engine performance, cost-effective advertising, and increased website traffic, etc. But, without the right social media marketing strategy, none of these benefits can be realized. Here is a simple process that can help you develop an effective social media strategy for your business. 

Creating a Social Media Strategy  

  • Define your goals

The first step of charting a social media strategy is to define what you wish to achieve by marketing through social media. Your objectives could be anything from driving sales, to increasing brand awareness or increasing followers, etc. Defining the goals will let you choose the right platform (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.) and also help you figure out the activities that will work on those platforms. 

  • Identify your target audience 

Without figuring out your target audience first, you’ll not be able to develop the right content for your social media profile. Once you understand the ‘buyer persona’, you will be able to identify what they find appealing and what kind of content will keep them engaged. 

  • Observe your competitors 

By checking out the social media profiles of your competitors you can get a sense of what is working for them and what differentiating factors you need to create. You can get some inspiring content ideas from your competitors and also identify opportunities that they may have ignored. 

  • Create content and a content calendar

Once you are done with the research part, the next thing is to get to the creative work and start developing attractive and engaging content. Apart from creating the content, you also need to schedule the posts and ads; for which you can use marketing tools like Hootsuite and Sprout Social, etc.

  • Evaluate your strategy 

You need to determine whether the goals that you had defined in the beginning are achieved or not. And, for that, you need to track the performance of your social media campaigns. Metrics such as engagement, impressions, shares, and mentions, etc can help determine whether your social media strategy is a success or otherwise. 

To conclude… 

Social media is a dynamic medium in which creativity and innovations are the norms, and if you can keep up with this fast-changing environment, social media marketing can prove to be a tool like none other. 


Web Application Development – The Ultimate Guide You Need to Know

Tuesday, December 15th, 2020

Ever since the web application concept was started, it has been increasingly used and reused by internet users due to the easy accessibility and rich functionality. Web applications can be used as conveniently as any native app. However, these apps can be accessed only through website browsers, unlike mobile apps. Such apps thus, require internet access to run. Web apps have reached the zenith of its popularity in this internet-obsessed world and is the major reason why brands are increasingly developing such apps to expand their customer base. Often companies hire web app designers for getting custom web application development to suit the company’s goals. However, developing a high-performance engaging web application can be quite tricky if you don’t have proper guidance. It is essential to know and understand how an alluring yet utility-based web application can be developed so that you can use the platform to reach more and more prospective consumers.

Web application development includes a number of integrated steps, each of which needs to be executed efficiently for getting the desired outcome. Many website developers assist brands to create tailor-made web apps, one being wordpress website development platform. Here are some tips to give you a thorough guidance on web application development.

Fix your web application goals

The foremost thing that is required to be done before developing a web app is to assess and know the goals that you want to achieve through the application. Without knowing your goal and the issue you intend to address through the app, you can’t build an app anyway. So, a precise idea of your application goals is important to develop a suitable app accordingly. If you work with a web design company, make sure you put forward a clear briefing about your web application goals in front of their designers.

Learn about your prospective consumers

If you want your web application to have better reach and engagement, you must know who you are developing this website for. To develop an overall persona of your potential customer, you have to track the interests and digital footprints of internet users. You can get to know the approximate age group, professional or academic backgrounds and other demographic features of the intended users and then sit for the custom web application development accordingly.

Create user-friendly web application

In today’s world, where there are numerous options for one type of web application, it is imperative to create a web app that will add value for the potential consumers. As customers are investing their valuable time on your web app, you need to make sure that it gives them a satisfying experience on the app whether it is entertainment or information based. You must also develop a web application that is mobile-friendly as smartphones have become the leading medium of online activity. This will ensure greater reach of your web application. As you are targeting users, you need to ensure that the application is comprehensible and easy-to-use for laymen as well. Taking guidance from web designing companies can be a smart choice for ensuring an user-friendly web application development.

Pick a suitable tool for web app development

For developing your website app, you would require to use different tools. Using the right tool will have a significant impact on your web application’s popularity and reputation. You must use a tool that will enhance the credibility and desirability of your audience rather than using a tool that is high on demand. Popular tools can come at a high cost. Besides, if you don’t have experts in your team who can use the popular tool efficiently, you might not be able to get the desired result from web application development. You can go for the tools of wordpress website development online platform to build a comprehensible and enriching web application.

Select a suitable technology for web application

Choosing the ideal technology for developing your web app is of crucial importance. You may opt for frontend technology or backend technology or even databases for this purpose. Using a good technology for developing the application will ensure better performance of the app and thus, can stimulate your brand’s fame.

Create a wireframe of your web application

Once you have completed planning the internal contents for the web application, you would then need to create a distinct wireframe for your web application. A wireframe is like a blueprint of a web application. It presents the outline of the application layout, concept, colour framework, functionality, intended responses per click, user flow, etc. Once you have chalked out the web application prototype, you would exactly know how your application will get presented to the users and then, you can make the necessary changes on it for optimising user engagement.

Conduct web app testing

When you have completed developing your web application, you need to run a test of the web app to check whether this prototype is ready to be launched or if it still needs changes in it. You have to conduct multiple web application testing including security, performance, functionality, compatibility and usability testing. You can opt for manual testing by taking reviews from intended users, checking the speed of your web application, analysing its performance, etc. The key thing to note is whether the web application functions in a way that is easily understandable and can be conveniently surfed by the users. Running an automated testing of your web application through a web design company can also serve the purpose effectively.

Host your web app

Once the website app is ready to be run, you have to buy a suitable domain. You will also be required to pick a cloud hosting provider. This is the mandatory requirement for running a web application on a server. The next step is to transfer the web application from your local device to your selected cloud hosting provider. For this you have to use the Continuous Integration (CI) tool. This is the final step for completing web application development. If you are satisfied with the way it functions on the server, your web app will be good to go.

Web application is a trending approach for brands and websites to build a large consumer base and is not likely to fade away from trend anytime soon. Considering the numerous number of daily internet users, web applications can be one of the best ways to reach millions of users in a short span of time. Just make sure you get your website app designed by a skillful team of designers to ensure good return on investment (ROI).

Blogging and SEO: 7 simple tips to Rank Your Blog

Monday, December 7th, 2020

Blogging is regarded as one of the most reliable methods of inbound marketing in the hands of online marketers. Brands from across various industries and product categories try to engage their target audience through blogs that offer some value to the readers. 

This, however, is an organic marketing tool, and it requires a fair bit of time and patience for the results to show. For writing a blog that is effective and that can drive organic traffic to your website; many aspects need to be taken care of. And, one of the most important aspects, in this regard, is Search engine optimization

SEO has been an essential part of digital marketing from the very beginning, and its place in the field remains just as important today. When it comes to blogging, the role that SEO plays is essential, to say the least; without the right SEO activities, getting a high search engine rank for your blog is nearly impossible. Be it blogging or any other form of content marketing activity, SEO has a part to play in many marketing initiatives.  


In this blog, we’ll discuss some ideas that can help you leverage SEO to create high-ranking blogs: 

  • Choose keywords carefully 

If you want to create a comprehensive SEO strategy, the first and foremost thing to consider is ‘Keywords’. By placing the right keywords in your blogs, you’ll make it easier for Google and other search engines to understand the content, and improve its chances of getting displayed for relevant searches. 

Keyword research is one of the most important aspects of SEO, and there are tools like Adwords Keyword planner available to help you identify the right keywords. Keyword research is a vast subject by itself and it generally takes a competent SEO professional to find the right keywords however, some of the core concepts you must pay attention to are user intent, long-tail keywords, and keyword difficulty. 

  • Optimize for Featured Snippets 

When you search for something on Google, you’ll often see that the topmost result has appeared in a box-form with either a paragraph or a list from the respective blog/webpage. This information appearing at the topmost organic result is called ‘featured snippet’. 

If the content in your blog is well structured and it has been optimized for SEO, it greatly improves the chances of the blog getting reflected as a featured snippet. Users find featured snippets rather useful, and it is a great way of increasing organic traffic on your website. 

However, creating blogs that are good enough to be reflected as a featured snippet is quite difficult, and it takes a lot of careful research.  


  • Ensure High-quality links

One of the most effective SEO techniques is link building, and if you want your blogs to rank well on Google, you need to reinforce it with a robust link building strategy. 

The primary requirement for link-building is that you write content that others consider worthy of being linked. Once you have the content in place you can use many backlinking methods at your disposal like guest blogging, broken link building, outreach, and paid links, etc. 

There are many benefits to having a well-rounded link building strategy. To begin with, it is an important metric if you want your blog to rank high on Google. Over the long run, link-building also helps in bringing credibility to your website, and it becomes a reliable source of traffic. 

  • Have a responsive blog page

There are many devices through which content is accessed these days, with smartphones being the most frequently used device. You should, therefore, create a website that is responsive to different devices like Mobiles, tablets, and desktops. 

Mobile-fist indexing is another reason to opt for a responsive website. If the mobile version of your website is optimized, it is more likely to perform better on the search engine. The user interface and the user experience of your mobile site are also important as it allows the users to navigate with ease and find all that they are looking for. 

  • Titles and meta description

What your link looks like on the search engine can have a big influence on whether people choose to click on it or not. Writing titles and meta-description carefully, therefore, become very important. 

The meta-description you write for your blog must be a comprehensible summary of its contents and should include the keywords you are targeting. You should ensure that the description has an optimal character count and that keywords have not been stuffed. 

When it comes to the title of the blog, you should write one that grabs eyeballs and includes the necessary keywords. 

  • Leverage local search 

If you want a high rank on Google in a particular area, and/or you wish to be more visible on a map, you must invest in local SEO. While creating content for local search, you should write blogs that are relevant to that region/area you should also create a Google My Business Account to make you more prominent on a map. If you are a small business based in a particular area, local SEO is something that you’ll find especially useful.  

  • Write meaningful content

The content that you finally publish on your blog should be something that readers find useful and engaging. There is a common tendency to compromise on content quality for the sake of certain technical SEO aspects. This, however, can be counterproductive as search engines these days are smart enough to identify malpractices like Keyword stuffing and duplication of content, etc. 


Blogging has a certain nondescript nature, and its value as a branding and marketing tool is often ignored. For some reason, people do not expect blogging to yield good results. 

The truth, however, is that if you invest enough in writing high-quality blogs that your audience finds valuable and keep publishing regularly, you can generate a lot of business through this medium. All you need is a capable content marketing agency, which has a good understanding of your industry and has content writers who are competent enough to produce engaging and high-quality content.