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5 Easy steps to follow for pay per click marketing

Monday, November 30th, 2020

Whenever you need to generate some quick leads and give a short-term revenue boost to your business, the first thing that comes to mind is Pay per Click Marketing. It is one part of digital marketing that gives you instant traffic on your website and provides you leads that have better chances of converting. 

Another reason why businesses choose PPC over other methods is that it is one of the most cost-effective ways of reaching out to your audience. 

The benefit of PPC Marketing, however, is not only limited to costs and short-term gains. This method can easily become a part of a comprehensive online marketing strategy and contribute to the long-term Branding and marketing needs of your company/organization. But, for that to happen, you need to develop a PPC strategy that is coherent and is made keeping in mind the larger vision of the business. 

Here is a simple 5-step process that can help develop and execute an effective PPC campaign that has all the necessary components: 


Step 1 – Define your Goals

Before you start planning your PPC campaign, you first need to determine what you wish to achieve from it. Pay per click campaigns is mostly used for lead generations, but they can also be used for achieving objectives like raising brand awareness. 

Whatever goal you wish to achieve be it increasing traffic on your website, driving sales, or brand awareness, there are specific types of PPC campaigns meant for each type of goal. If, for example, your objective is to increase traffic and generate leads for better sales, PPC tools like search advertising & remarketing are suitable; for e-commerce sites, provisions like Google shopping ads work very well. 

On the other hand, if you are looking to achieve objectives like increasing brand awareness by reaching a target audience, techniques like display advertising and social media advertising will be appropriate. 

If you are clear about what you wish to achieve from the campaign, choosing the right PPC techniques and figuring out other components of the PPC campaigns will become a whole lot easier. A PPC campaign is a sum of many parts like keyword research, budgeting, copywriting and landing page optimization, etc. And, if the goals that you set are crystal clear, all these activities will be carried out without confusion. 

Step 2 – Map your Competitors 

An effective PPC campaign is generally backed up by thorough research. One of the best and the easiest ways to research is to observe the campaigns being carried out by your competitors. 

There are many ways in which competitor analysis can help you design a PPC campaign. Especially if you are new to PPC, it can help you understand the basic needs of developing an effective PPC campaign. 

By carrying out comprehensive research on your competitors, you can create benchmarks for various components like keywords, Cost of carrying PPC campaigns and landing page metrics, etc, and ensure that your campaign keeps up with the standards. It can also help you identify opportunities that have not been exploited by your competitors yet, which may give you a winning edge over them. 

Researching your competitors can also be helpful in creative work. You can make a note of all your competitor’s ads that are doing well and observe their creative components. You can take inspiration by looking at various ad copies and add your unique twist to create clickable pay per click ads. 


Step 3 – Keyword & audience research 

Once you have mapped your competition, the next important research objective is to accurately identify the right target audience and in the case of search ads, keyword. 

When it comes to search ads you need to have clarity of what people are looking for so that you clearly understand the intent behind search queries and you can identify keywords that will give the best results. Apart from Keyword targeting, Google ads also offer other audience targeting options like affinity audience, life events, remarketing audience, in-market audience, and custom intent audience, etc. 

Once you have identified the right keywords and have a buyer-persona in mind, you can use both keyword targeting and audience targeting to develop a comprehensive PPC campaign. 

If you are planning Social PPC campaigns for your business through social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram, etc, your ideal audience can be targeted based on their demographics, interests, and other data collected by these platforms. 

Step 4 – Finalize your Strategy 

After you have established your objectives and are done with the research part, it is time to put all the pieces together. This is the time you put the campaign strategy on paper by clearly defining all its components. 

The content framework, the roll-out schedule, the budget, and other important strategic aspects of the campaign must be put together in this stage. 

While finalizing the campaign strategy, ‘clarity’ is the most important aspect to keep in mind. The team working on the campaign should be able to take one look at the campaign plan and understand the needs without ambiguity. 

Step 5 – Create and run Ads 

This is the stage in which you put on your creative hat and develop PPC ads that capture the attention of audiences. When it comes to search ads, you can experiment with multiple ad copies and see which one fits the best. For display advertising, you can try different visual elements to enhance the ad copy. 

As important as the creative aspects are optimizing the PPC ads. While running a PPC campaign, you should ensure that you make the most of the money you have invested in PPC adverts. ‘Cost’ is one of the core benefits of PPC marketing, and not running an optimized PPC campaign pretty much defeats that purpose. 

No ad campaign is over until its output has been assessed, and this factor stands true for PPC campaigns as well. Many metrics can help you evaluate the performance of the campaign like click-through rate, quality score, conversion rate, cost per click, cost per acquisition, and impression rate, etc. 


20 Innovative App Ideas for Start-Ups to Launch in 2021

Wednesday, November 25th, 2020

2020 was one hell of a ride! It commenced on a good note but was soon blown away by the pandemic. Nevertheless, 2021 is just around the corner, and there is immense hope for all the sectors to hit the resume button. 

Many have lost their jobs in 2020. In a situation like this, with a start-up, you can build something of your own and may even end up providing jobs to others. Since you are stuck at home most of the time, going virtual is the best approach towards start-ups, and what can be better than developing apps. With the ever-increasing number of mobile users, this can be a great headstart for your business. You can also take help from an android app development company to come up with some cutting edge technology apps. 

20 Innovative App Ideas for Start-Ups to Launch in 2021

If you are out there to make a mark in 2021, then start by developing mobile apps for consumers. Here we have a list of the top 20 innovative app ideas for your start-up that are unique and can set you apart. 

Event managing app 

The pandemic has entirely disrupted the event sector. However, they have got their game strong by planning events virtually. You can develop an app with the help of a mobile app development company that can help such sectors to handle seminars, weddings, conferences, etc. seamlessly. 

App for holding online classes

Although the pandemic has given rise to a plethora of applications for virtual classes, there is no specific app that will bring students together. That is exactly what you need to develop for the current times. Designing an app with a virtual reality function can give your app an edge in this matter. This app should let students study and interact with each other virtually. You can even create synergy by combining augmented reality with virtual reality that will give them a feeling of the real world within the virtual world itself. For this, you can either learn web application development or take help from any professional. 

An app for booking restaurants virtually 

You can come up with an app that will not only help people in booking a table but will also help them booking the right kind of table. This can be done by designing an app that can graphically represent the tables of the restaurants. A trusted android app development company can help you in this matter. 

A plant check-up app 

This can be a great idea for your start-up. Such an app will let people take pictures of their plants, and the app algorithms can evaluate the status of the plant. It can inform them what fertilizers it needs or whether it is infested by pests. You can also design a feature that will allow people to call an arborist who can do a thorough check-up of their plants. 

A health care service app 

With the ongoing pandemic, a remote health care app can be one of the most amazing web app ideas that you can have. You can partner with any health care firm and turn this idea into a reality. Your app can have features such as calling a doctor at home in an emergency and video consultation. You can also incorporate AI and predictive Analytics function in your app that can help doctors treat and identify diseases and help people diagnose their problems on time. 

An application for digitized bills

People usually have the proclivity to throw away or misplace their bills. Thus you can come up with an app that can digitized bills. You can incorporate AI and scanners in this app to will scan the bills and segregate them into essential, household, and travel categories. 

An app to help with the phone addiction

You can come up with an app that will automatically shut the mobile phone after it has been used for a certain amount of time. Besides this zen mode feature, you can also incorporate a notification feature to alert users of their daily limit.

An app to find parking space

You can develop an app that can help people find a parking space nearest to them in times of need. It should provide live data about available parking spaces in a locality with the help of GPS and CCTVs.

An app to find out local paid work listings

You can develop an app that will help people find out work in their area. You can create two different interfaces, one for those who are looking for jobs and another for those who want to post a job. 

An app that will help in planning travels

You can come up with an app that can help find good vacation places based on their budget and tastes and preferences. It can also help them book their tickets and plan their budget, and help them connect with the local people of that place. 

A book recommendation app 

A book recommendation app can help readers select the right book for themselves. It can also inform them about upcoming books and the ones that are on sale. 

An app that will inform people about nearby deals

You can develop an app that will be able to show people deals that are presently running in their nearby markets and shops. This can push them to open the app regularly and give them deals without doing much research. 

An app to design a room using augmented reality

Collaborate with an experienced mobile app development company to create an app that can help people picture a room virtually with fresh decorations with the help of augmented reality. 

A toy exchanging app 

Develop an app that can help children exchange their toys with others. You can help build a community where people exchange and sell toys. 

An app for purchasing and selling products on social network

With the help of a good web application development company, you can design an app that can help people sell and buy products on social media. Sellers can advertise their products, and whoever wants can buy from them by directly contacting them. 

An app for exploring profiles

This kind of app can help people examine the facial features of others. These apps are usually based on AI and can fetch other information like name, birthday, age, social media accounts, and other details using the internet. 

An app for barter or exchange

This kind of app can help people exchange their products with others at the right value. The app should be able to detect the estimated value of the products and provide information on barter deals. 

An on-road car repair app 

This kind of app can help people find out about nearby mechanics in case of a sudden car break down. It should provide details about the mechanics in the surrounding area along with the amount that he will charge. 

A personal wellbeing app 

This kind of apps can motivate people to meditate and help them find peace. It can look after the app users’ emotional wellbeing. You can also input features of setting up goals for improvement and send them quotes to keep them inspired. 

An app that aids in shopping

Lastly, you can develop an app that can assist people in shopping virtually. You can incorporate virtual assistants from different brands that can show them the products, alert them about new products, and send products to their homes when needed.

Wrapping up 

The pandemic was such an abrupt situation that has compromised the lifestyle of many. People are facing issues that they never came across before. As a creative entrepreneur, you need to find out these gaps and come up with app-centric solutions for people that will fill in these gaps. 

Digital Media Planning: The Beginner’s Guide

Wednesday, November 18th, 2020

Digital media platforms have become the go-to place for people not only to communicate or seek entertainment but also to learn about, compare and get access to the products that they want to consume. Around 59% of the world population are active internet users who spend several hours on digital media platforms on a daily basis. Considering this huge obsession with digital media, companies are now focussing more on digital media marketing than on traditional modes of promoting their brands. This has necessitated effective digital media planning.

Digital media planning and buying is an online method of bridging the gap between brands and their prospective consumers. It includes strategies through which companies aim to create brand awareness and expand customer base via digital media platforms. A well-structured digital media planning can prove quite beneficial in growing a company’s reputation and online reach.

Top digital media planning strategies

Nowadays, social media presence is highly important for brands to get noticed and fetch an increased number of customers. However, if you start promoting your brand haphazardly without any planning, it can affect the company’s reach drastically. To help brands frame effective digital media strategy and secure an ad space on digital media platforms, many media buying companies have come into existence. They have skilled digital media marketing agents who create customised online marketing plans for enhancing the brand’s visibility online.

Conduct market research

For excellent digital media planning, the first thing that you would need to do is study the market. For that, you need to identify the category of your product and brand. Then, you must analyse the competition among similar existing brands and keep track of the market trends. Having a thorough knowledge of the target market is extremely important for proceeding to the next step of framing digital media strategies. The better you understand the industry in which your brand fits, the better will be your digital media planning. Well-thought strategies based on market research and trends will go a long way in ensuring profitable returns from investment on digital media.

Create target audience persona

Once you have done your market research, you have to invest your time in identifying who the potential audience of your product are. You should practise social listening to get an idea about the target audience. You have to analyse and identify their behaviours, interests, problems and how your product can solve their existing problems. Considering your brand’s product, you must frame your target audience’s age group, their professional backgrounds, gender proportion, etc. creating a target consumer persona. You can do so by analysing their common demographic and psychological aspects is extremely necessary for ensuring that you frame a suitable strategy to reach that prospective audience group. You can contact the media buying companies to get thorough guidance in creating audience persona efficiently.

Map consumer online journeys

After you have understood who are your potential customers, you have to track their online lifestyle. With digital footprints left behind by internet users, you can analyse their data and conclude which media channels do most consumers visit on a regular basis, what are the trending searches online, etc. mapping such information about the way consumers use digital media will help you create campaigns that will capture audience’s attention and convince them to take actions in the way you desire.

Choose an effective media mix

Once you have tracked down your potential audience’s online history, you can select the suitable digital media platform which will help you expand your brand’s reach phenomenally. However, for surviving and excelling in an intensely competitive market, promoting your brand on one digital media platform won’t suffice. Knowing the popularity of various social media platforms, you must create contents and promote them on multiple media platforms to increase the brand’s social media presence. You can go for social media buying to ensure customer engagement on various digital media platforms every day.

Frame an audience-centric strategy

Since your product’s success depends on its popularity among consumers, it is imperative to give foremost importance to the audience’s interest while chalking digital media strategy. Nowadays, viewers can decide whether they want to skip or continue seeing an online ad. Thus, it is important for companies to make sure that they post ads that will be alluring and relatable to the audience. People no longer prefer sales ads boasting about the product’s benefits bluntly. Ads which empathises with the pain points of consumers and suggests suitable remedies through their product stays for long in people’s mind. Thus, if you want to be the talk-of-the-town brand, you must ensure that your digital media strategy is framed, keeping the target audience in mind. You can seek help from an online media buying agency to get a desirable space on digital media platforms for your brand’s contents.


Allocate your budget effectively

A core aspect of digital media planning and buying is assessing the budget and knowing how much to spend where. While executing digital media planning, it is important to stay within your budget. Identify your business goals and infer how much you would like to invest in promotion through digital media. Once you know your gross budget, start segregating the investment among different online media platforms. An effective digital media planning doesn’t only mean framing a strategy, ensuring lucrative profits. It must also ensure that you get good reach and return from the digital media strategy at a minimal investment.

Abide by your plan

In a fluctuating industry, oftentimes brands tend to reframe their digital media strategies frequently in the expectation of better returns. However, it affects the brand’s progress negatively. Mostly, getting profitable returns through digital media marketing takes time. If you change your long-term strategy overnight because of a temporary fall in business conversions, it is not likely to produce any desirable result. So, just focussing on sales and numbers might actually harm your profit returns in the long run. You can take assistance from an online media buying agency to frame an effective online media marketing strategy under any given market situation. Once you have a well-thought plan, you should focus on building the brand’s reputation through that plan and stick to it irrespective of market fluctuations. 

If you execute these steps while figuring out the ideal digital media strategy for your brand, it is likely going to help your brand prosper and yield attractive returns on affordable investments. Social media buying through media buying agencies can also be helpful in getting the desired digital media presence for scaling up your company’s reach and profit margin.

Why you should be making a PR Strategy for your Brand?

Tuesday, November 10th, 2020

The word PR or public relations is quite a known term but deeply understood by few. Although there are enterprises that realize the effectiveness of PR as an essential marketing strategy, boosting up digital reputations. Only a handful possess sound knowledge about the functioning mechanism of the particular, and why companies go on investing their time and budget for an effective PR strategy. 

Public Relations is two-way communication between the business and its audience to create brand awareness. It is all about disseminating the right kind of information, at the right time and place, to the right kind of audience. A PR agency works closely with the enterprise to assist them in creating their brand image as per the current business trends. It helps in promoting the agenda of its client by devising a powerful plan of action. A well-planned PR strategy can completely transform the future of your brand. Thus enabling the company to vanquish all its impediments smoothly.       

Reasons to have an effective PR strategy in place

PR strategies when used in the right way can help your business flourish. Thus, PR is essential for brands and there are numerous reasons which answer the ‘why’ part. 

Public Relations comes free

Unlike paid advertising, PR is free. When you get your firm’s story published in the newspaper or magazine they will not ask for any money. Moreover, a detailed story can provide more relevant insights about your brand than paid advertising. This will also help you generate effective leads. Moreover, PR has been found to be more powerful than advertising by 90%, in impacting audiences. Thus user testimonials, media connections and word of mouth can influence your audience better than an ad. 

Lures investors

PR is an effective marketing approach that can bring in new investors for your company. Implementing PR strategies can entice new investors, which can turn out to be extremely profitable when you have just started a new business. A well-tailored PR plan with assertive media coverages can help you negotiate better with prospective investors. PR can give your brand’s credibility a boost, make it look bigger and better established. That can be a headstart for lucrative fundings and partnerships.

Attracts new customers

Using good PR practices can help you gain new customers for your brand. When a positive story about your brand gets covered by the media it will enhance the credibility of your firm. It will influence potential customers to choose your company’s services and products over your competitors. 

Assists in reputation management

PR can effectively help with reputation management. Every PR agency has solid connections with the most important media channels, which is the basic requirement to help manage your brand’s reputation. Every brand has its phase of ups and downs. There can arise challenging situations, where your brand may face a severe crisis. Disappointed clients might go about calling out names on social media, tarnishing the image of your brand. In similar situations, the PR agency will use their media connections to monitor the matter in a tactful manner, by publishing a simple press release or by organizing a press conference. 

Advocates brand value

Trust is an important factor in any kind of business. It tells people whether the business will thrive or strive. Moreover, too much skepticism towards the brand can also result in reduced sales. But hiring a good PR management firm can assist in increasing the reliability of your enterprise by making effective use of networking, influencer liaison and thought leadership. By implementing robust PR campaigns, a brand can communicate powerful messages to the public who resonate with your brand by making use of the ideas with, which the potential audience connects the most. You can definitely opt for Brand Visage to enhance the trust levels between your business and valuable clients. 

Bolsters community relations

PR management can help bolster community relations. When you have formed new connections it automatically leads to a stronger bond with the local market, usually by investing your effort and time in a local charity, or by associating with new groups or any other cause relevant to your business. An effective PR strategy is all about maintaining existing relationships with powerful influencers and understanding ways in which your firm can be an outstanding source of data for them. 

PR creates opportunities

PR is not always about using your connections with influencers for business. At times PR can be used to monitor and analyze customer support mechanisms as well. Although the influencer knows that you will never give him access to a disappointed customer, yet he understands that he cannot go ahead without your help. He will have the opportunity to communicate with your client and discuss the competitors and find out how are they functioning, instead of solely focusing on your brand.


Entices new employees 

A good PR strategy can bring in potential employees for your company. When you market your company as a leading firm in the industry, potential employees would want to work for a successful company like yours. Thus a good PR plan will not only assist in external growth but in internal growth as well. 

PR fosters the digital presence of your brand

In the contemporary digital world that we live in, every individual is connected through screens. Thus PR campaigns can create a powerful digital presence by making use of the internet to increase the overall visibility levels of an individual brand. You can get every bit of assistance and support from a PR firm to market your business on the internet. Moreover, their constant supervision helps to monitor any kind of crisis and they are always on their toes to protect the image of the company. 

Wrapping Up

Hiring a good PR management firm can help you determine the useful influencers and effective channels. Thus propagating the company’s goals and visions to the right kind of people. Moreover, PR agencies will make use of their networking and experience to optimize the reach of your brand. Influencer connection, press releases and social media channels are some of the important tools used by PR firms to upgrade the image of your brand and boost the company’s profits as well.