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UI/UX trends in 2020: What’s New?

Friday, August 14th, 2020

A lot many things changed this year, the most dynamic being the digital media which emerged with multiple new features on every platform, while at the same time waving goodbye to some other features and apps. The digital media industry in India and worldwide have long understood the importance of evolving with the changing dimensions of the digital world, and this time the change has resulted in the UI/UX platform. This is the time for the agencies to step up and review changes in UI/UX to help themselves and their brands to stand strong during today’s era. Some of the most prominent and must evolving trends for the UI/UX industry are as follows: 

1. Scrolling through the dark mode: After the transition of instagram into the dark mode, the newest trend is now the transition of websites into the dark mode. The creation of websites into a prominent dark mode will attract many prospective consumers along with increasing the visibility of the website. In fact, the reasons behind the popularity of this trend is as follows: It gives any website a modern and chic look

# It helps in adding a dose of clarity and visual appeal by bringing out other elements of the website.

# It appeals more to the users as a black mode helps them save the battery life of their devices. 

# Furthermore, the dark mode of the websites helps in reducing the strain on eyes of the users. 

Apart from creating the application in complete dark mode, there are certain websites and applications that allow the power to the users, as per which, they can decide when to shuffle the modes from white to black.

2. Use your illustrator: Well, you can visit the best social media agency in Delhi and worldwide and they will all tell you about the appeal of illustration on every creative and video. The same appeal is also true for applications and websites. An illustration created from hand has gained unparalleled attention and praise from masses all around the globe. The usage of content that is liked and accepted by your target consumers, should at any cost, be a part of your deliverable. 

3. Animating every scroll: Although every expert in the field of UI/UX must be well aware of the cost and struggle of creating a compelling animation as well as motion design, each of them is also well aware of the amount of traction and attraction that these designs grab. In recent times the majority of the creators have recognized the value of videos and motion on the website and application, which have also resulted in transforming the otherwise boring content into the most interesting one. The creators often integrate the motion designs and animation in their About us Section or in the section of their deliverables. Some of the most magnificent usage of motion designs can be seen in areas like, home decor applications and sites where in the users are able to visualize the room of their choice, or the sites and applications for specs and goggles which allow the users to try a piece of glasses on their face, and so forth. The 360 degree view of the deliverables is yet another instance of motion on applications.

4. Voice recognition: Like we have mentioned in our previous blogs, the increase in voice search and Voice User Interface is seeing the peak in digital media. The hottest trend of this year is undoubtedly. The virtual chatbots and audio assistance, that is taking over the digital world. Voice assistance has changed the way users were interacting with the creators and thereby spending more time on what the creator has to deliver. The creators can make use of this new trend to dominate in their niche market and can attract the majority of the footfalls. 

5. Product photo does the charm: Every other trend comes with an expiration date for itself, but not the charm that is spread by the photos of the product being delivered. However, the integration of real time products’ image is no more a drink of the present. Now the trend for 2020 is the usage of surreal photos of the product, showcased on multiple platforms. 

6. The charm of fonts: Fonts have always been a driving force for good content. This year as well, fonts will maintain their charm and therefore on top of the list of trends for 2020. This is more due to the fact that the users pay a major fraction of their attention on the headings and subheads, if enticed at that point, they move further to read the contents written under them. Going by this insight, it is always recommended to use bold fonts for heading and sub heads as bold fonts are known to appeal more to the users and attract maximum eyeballs. Apart from this, usage of bold fonts also add a hint of modern aesthetic to the entire website or application. 

7. Layout is important: Everything else will fall out as advantageous only if your layout is interesting. One of the classic layouts has always been the block layout. This layout works on easily definable borders for each section and hence provides a proper sequence  of information flow, even at a glance. Another very interesting layout is the asymmetric layout that has not seen the market so enormously. But, this trend will change in the year 2020. This year, asymmetric layout will see an increased market, much because people today are accustomed to operate on multiple tabs at a single go. This changed attribute of users at large will be the driving force behind the growing popularity of this layout pattern. 

8. Tonality of the content and flow: Those were old times when being a popular company was enough to gain traction and be the talk of the town. Nowadays, companies are required to do a lot many things, other than providing top notch products and services, to become the leader in the industry. The users of today are extremely thought driven and aware, this is the reason why users are more inclined towards becoming the part of the company they are investing their time in than just being a user. The users feel this as their right to have an understanding of the history, reason behind the popularity of the brand, and its unique proposition, per say, the users are interested in having a transparent relationship with the brands. Hence, it is advisable to keep the tonality of the content very informal and in the manner of a two way communication, with the usage of everyday phrases and dialogues for creating a meaningful relationship with the users. Keeping the tone a bit humorous also helps, but the companies should keep their target zone of audience before jumping onto humor and deciding its limits. 

The sphere of UI/UX has seen a wide spread in previous years and is continuing to expand more this year as well. The year 2020 will have a mixed version of UI/UX with the mix classic styles and modern aesthetics, opening up new areas of the said department. A successful website/application will have to have the correct flow of this mixture.

PPC trends of 2020: An Overview

Friday, August 14th, 2020

Pay Per Click, or as is popular in the digital media industry in India, PPC has always been pivotal for marketers everywhere and this will be groundbreaking in this year as well. Technology will be the driving force for the crucial PPC trends this year and all the seo agencies in Delhi and worldwide will have to adapt to these trends in order to use it as an advantage for their innovative growth. In today’s world of cut throat competition, it is imperative for the marketers to gain maximum in a little peck of budget. However, with such a dynamic world of PPC, it is quite difficult to eye the budget on the important ones. Below we have included trends of 2020 in the world of PPC, to help the marketers and brands in achieving desired growth: 

1. Automation of PPC: One of the most powerful methods to improve the ratings of a campaign has emerged in the form of PPC automation. The masters in Search Engines, Google, have been known to invest a big amount of resources in plumping out their best in class automation options. In order to make maximum of the said PPC automation. It is essential for the marketers to make the algorithms of the search engine, work for their benefit and help the machines with their understanding. A very important pillar for successful automation is setting up of an effective and proper track conversion along with an exceptionally good ad copy. It is always advisable to drive a maximum of work in the direction of the machine in order to save yourself from excessive expenditure of time and money.  

2. Advancement of Smart Bidding: Smart bidding is a progressive bidding system that is automatically functioned to provide control learning. It makes use of machine learning to optimize the rate of conversions and their proper values in auction. Some of instances of this pillar are, Target Cost Per Acquisition (CPA), Enhanced Cost Per Click (CPC), and Target Return on Advertising Spend (ROAS). With our advent into the new era of 2020, smart bidding is going to emerge as a more powerful tool. The strategies that are making use of smart  bidding will also position themselves as more prevalent. With manual bidding taking the back seat and system bidding occupying the driver’s seat, the marketers will now have more time on their hands to invest in strategy formation and analytics.  

3. Socializing – The master plan: Many reports and datas have appropriately mentioned that more than half the population of the world is engaged on social media platforms. This engagement has increased by a whole new speed due to the onset of pandemic. People today are investing the majority of their time on social platforms such as, Instagram, Whatsapp, Facebook, LinkedIn, Youtube, Pinterest, and Snapchat. If you believe the charts, most of these people are youngsters. This clearly states that it will be essential for the PPC marketers to focus their planning and time on curating engaging ads to circulate on these social media platforms. The marketers are advised to print bills on this multi platform engagement opportunity. Facebook and Google are undoubtedly the pioneers of this format of trend, but these newbies too contain a lot of promising success and efficiency in brand conversion. 

4. Targeting of the audience: Every marketer operating in the dynamic world of digital media is well aware of the importance of target audience and the amount of research that goes into defining the set of target audience. Google Ads, took this issue and in its recent deliverable, Google Ads have made provisions to its users wherein they will now be able to add target audience in their ads. This will help the marketers in narrowing down their focus to the target audience. This upgraded characteristics of Google Ads allow the marketers to limit their budget and its usage in the most productive way. This feature also permits the marketers to exclude the group of people who the brand feels does not gel with the communication and target of the brand. Apart from this, the new upgrade of Google Ads also allows the users to layer up audiences against each other, this specifies that a brand can make use of demographic targeting along with keyword targeting together like a shell, to curate significantly relevant sets of ads. 

5. Rise of Bumper Ads: As stated earlier, there is a significant increase in the number of people using the internet, i.e, social media. But, another fact under light is that out of these groups of people, most of them are prominent online via their mobile phones, hence it is extremely important for the brands to curate video content that works most smoothly on mobile devices. If the datas are tgo be believed, video marketing and ads are already predominating the market and those who are still away from this trend are struggling hard to meet the engagement and traffic for their brands. Video ads are a popular source this year, not only because they are aesthetically more pleasing and interesting but also because they function at a comparatively lower cost. With the advent of video ads, Youtube now offers a platform wherein brands can curate a short ad video of 90 seconds or less for delivering information to the targeted consumers in a more productive way. Youtube, and other such video centric platforms are a great mode of hosting search campaigns for gaining maximum reach in no extra budget. 

6. Visual searching is the new normal: Voice search has already seen an upsurge, appealing both to the new advertisers as well as audience. But, the latest trend that is soaring high is f visual searching. Visual search on an algorithm wherein an individual will be able to search for his said search query with the help of picture, unlike usage of texts. For instance, if a person takes a picture of the glasses that he/she likes, then Google will produce search results of places from where you can buy it. In today’s fast pacing world, immediate response is the need of the hour and visual search is the answer for it, delivering required results more promptly than typing search. The year 2020 is expected to flow in more advancements in this particular field of search. 

7. Remarketing: Remarketing has been a trend since time immemorial in the digital media world and it will continue to be so, this year as well. However, this year remarketing will be extremely personalized and will be customized as per different set of target consumers. Like we know, the main purpose of remarketing is to keep the brand active in the minds of the consumers, and this is needed most during this time of pandemic, hence marketers will have to be on their best game to make full use of this trend, for their benefit. 

It has always been said and experienced that the world of digital marketing is an all-time evolving world with new trends and practices, flowing in from time to time. In order to survive in this ever changing world, the brands and marketers will have to sharpen their adaptation game which will help them to withstand and succeed at every turn.

SEO For educational website: Everything you need to know

Tuesday, August 4th, 2020

For many years marketers all around the globe are trying to explain the importance and usage of SEO in the digital world owing to their crucial presence that can uplift the reach of a brand, multifold. 

Now, it surely is difficult to keep up with the dynamic world of search trends and to keep a record update of your website from time to time. The algorithms revolving around SEO are not intended to negatively influence your organic traffic, but to facilitate your brand in providing user-friendly and content that is specifically tailor-made so as to stand out as relevant for your list of customers.

The digital media industry in India, is well versed with the unmatched benefit of SEO in the educational sector and is working hard in the same direction to make this a topic that is well understood by all. By exhibiting the algorithms involved in SEO, most appropriately, the schools, colleges, and universities will be able to optimize their website, which will lead to a raise in search ranking along with better functionality of the website for future students. While a vigorous strategy for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) does take a considerable amount of time, the results obtained will yield profit for many years to come. 

Search Engine Optimization for schools: 

Like we stated earlier, the world of Search Engine Optimization is extremely dynamic. Google alone makes use of more than two hundred factors to rank a website online. This means that each branch has over two hundred ways of updating their website to make it more relevant for the end users, in order to solve their queries. This is where Search Engine Optimization steps in, helping the schools to uncover these hundreds of factors and translating them into strategies to increase the visibility of the school on digital platforms. Few of the basic factors that a school must eye to implement a successful SEO practice and to keep control over it, are mentioned below:  Integrating essential keywords: The schools can increase the possibility of occurring on top of the searches by integrating relevant sets of keywords in their web content. 

1. Usage of Images: The implementation of visual effects on your website, either in form of image or video, helps a site to escalate by placing them higher in search results.

2. Authority of both page and domain: As the number of people viewing your site increases, so is the increase in your school’s online reputation. This further leads to a considerable growth in domain authority. 

3. Freshness and frequency of the content: The more frequently and freshly curated content on your site, the higher will be ranking of your page. 

4. Architecture of the page: Every search engine is different and as such each one of them make use of its own system of indexing. It is always recommended as well crucial to include titles of the page, header tags, and meta tags on your site, appropriately, to make sure that your content is properly structured.  

5. Quality of the content: Every school should aim to curate content that is both interesting as well as helpful to its prospective users.  

6. Length of the content: Search engines are known to be biased against the length of the content. Content with word limits exceeding 1800 words will surely attract more traffic, increasing the impact of a SEO strategy. 

7. Mobile view: Knowing that the majority of the masses today access the digital world via their mobile phones, is no rocket science. Make sure the site is mobile friendly or else you would be losing a considerable amount of traffic.

Optimizing content for Search Engine Optimization:

The essence of a fruitful Search Engine Optimization strategy lies in the integration of relevant keywords into the content at the right place of the strategic vision. However, the content writers should also understand that this does not mean unnecessary stuffing of keywords at every place as then the content will look redundant as well meaningless. The reason behind stuffing only relevant keywords is to facilitate the users in finding each answer to their query, easily.    

Role of Keywords: 

The market is full of keywords revolving inside the education sector. This makes it a little more difficult for the schools to identify and incorporate the list of phrases that is used by their target audience in order to search a solution to their problem. But, while you are in the middle of this tedious task, it is always beneficial to remember the benefit of integrating the appropriate keywords in your content, knowing the importance of keywords in SEO strategy. 

To trust the words of experts in seo agencies in Delhi  and worldwide, for  curating the most appropriate list of essential keywords, start with making a list of the words and questions that you feel is the core conversation pillar for your target audience. You can also get involved in a brainstorming session for the same for swift results. Apart from discussing the keywords, it is also advised to identify the search volume of your prospective target audience. 

Role of Links: 

Another extremely important pillar of a significant and result-driven Search Engine Optimization strategy is the appropriate usage of links so as to improve the ranking of your content, and thus, page. Developing a link simply means allowing search engines to understand that your content is thorough and inclusive of all important facets of a successful SEO.  

This is the reason why it is imperative for the schools to understand the three types of links that exist in the world of Search Engine Optimization and, viz, Internal Links, External Links, and Backlinks. 

Internal Links, as the name suggests, are the links on which the school has direct control. These are in fact, the hyperlinks that are used by the school to direct users to other pages available on the website. 

External Links, are the links on which the school has either no or very limited control. These are the links that increase the ranking of your site on the first page of Google by showing the search engine that the content used is well researched and evaluated. 

Backlinks are the links that are created by some other content creator on his/ her site, wherein they link your content. This improves the credibility of the website and therefore backlinks form an inseparable part of Search Engine Optimization for school. 

Apart from the above mentioned point, the technical aspect of Search Engine Optimization, keeping a thorough track rate of bounce rate, dwell time, and page speed, is extremely important. The authorities at school must make sure that their content as well their overall website is being monitored at regular intervals to fix any issue that might arise from time to time, like broken links, duplicate content, etc. The trend for mobile search is also reaching new heights and as such the schools must also provide an inclusion of the same in their SEO strategy. 

Search Engine Optimization is one of the most dynamic tools of the digital world and thus, it is always recommended to change and adapt as per the latest ongoing trend of the market. Indulge in a vigorous strategy to evaluate and edit the content of the website to gain maximum results. 

Online Reputation Management: Trends 2020

Tuesday, August 4th, 2020

Reputation of a brand and its effect on a probable list of consumers is a well known factor. These days, the reputation of a brand progressively impacts the purchasing choice of expected consumers. In an intensely digitalized society, organizations are continually being assessed and get open input through online life stages whenever day or night. In this manner, it is particularly significant for brands today to effectively deal with the reputation of their own organization and to present a powerful administration methodology. All things considered, it is not, at this point just you who has an effect on the picture of your business, for instance, through external correspondence, but in addition users and workers. There are many reasons behind the growing importance of reputation management for the brands, which are as follows: 

# In today’s world, everything is evolving at a speed that’s unmatchable. Everything is changing and evolving faster and on a global level. Be it trends, news, or any other issue, the level of transformation is unpredictable. These evolving parameters require constant interaction on online platforms and hence the importance of reputation management. 

# The consumers of today have become more susceptible to transparency in everything they do or see. The same is true when the talk is about reputation management. Apart from this, the increase of false information that’s being shared at a large scale also requires transparent conversion and reputation management. 

# There is a decline of trust of the users on the brand due to increased feeling of inequality amongst the users. This feeling of trust can be gained once again with the help of extensive Online Reputation Management

Below we have mentioned the trends of 2020 for reputation management for the brands to achieve new levels of success:

1. Artificial Intelligence and IOT strategies: The digital media industry in India and worldwide is quite aware about the advent of artificial intelligence and Internet of Things (IoT), playing a vital role in consumer’s world. While the Internet of Things (IoT) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the new trend, it can also be used most extensively to provide unparalleled customer experience and satisfaction. Brands can use these new age technologies to optimize the insights on their target consumers. This will also allow the brands to connect more closely with their consumers via multiple offers and crucial messages. 

# Messaging is the core: Numerous individuals these days like to convey by means of instant messages rather than a call or an individual discussion. Promoters can likewise exploit this turn of events. Since the contentions for tending to clients by means of informing are persuading from the customer’s perspective from one perspective: 

# Nearly everybody has a cell phone and most of clients know about instant messages 

# Higher reaction rate: An organization’s message shows up nearby other instant messages, for instance from loved ones, and is subsequently bound to be taken note 

# Versatile Help: Clients can without much of a stretch contact an organization through instant message, regardless of where they are. Clients can likewise get support or ideal assistance out and about 

# No holding up in lines: Informing Applications offer quick contact. On the off chance that the organization responds gradually, the client can set the cell phone aside and do different things while hanging tight for a reaction.

Then again, organizations can likewise profit by it as it is considerably more financially savvy than overseeing enormous call communities and informing applications give practical worldwide reach. Organizations can utilize them to share pictures, recordings and emoticons to make their client collaborations all the more fascinating and individual.

2. Spend more on google optimization: The purpose behind this pattern is the expansion in zero-click look. These happen when somebody scans for something yet doesn’t tap on the outcomes. This is on the grounds that the information found in Google list items contains all the data required. Tapping on a site is hence not, at this point important. From multiple points of view, this makes Google the “front entryway” to your business. As this pattern keeps on developing, organizations need to reconsider their site procedure. Rather than utilizing Google to attempt to direct people to their locales, organizations need to utilize their site to fill in the different Google properties with data and begin to see Google as the essential method to connect with clients and possibilities. Google utilizes the data it recovers from an organization’s site to decide how that organization will be positioned in look. Google likewise figures out what rules and what data will show up in the consequences of your site. Organizations that have organized information on their site make it simpler for Google to get to this data. Reputation of the executives is similarly significant, as audits and industry postings likewise assume a significant job in an organization’s hunt positioning.

3. Make brand visible: You should be seen and heard to construct a notoriety and an adherent base. In addition to the fact that you should prepare for what you will declare and impart, you likewise need to respond rapidly to new discussions while remaining consistent with your image, tone and informing. The test is that discussions and issues advance quickly on the web, much the same as the present every minute of every day sequence of media reports. On the off chance that an issue isn’t tended to rapidly, inside hours you can wind up overpowered with a whirlwind of voices across social, advanced and conventional media. In the most dire outcome imaginable, your key partners will have reacted and made a move before you have. Organizations and pioneers are progressively expected to take an open position on issues critical to people in general, and this weight can emerge from inside and outside the association.

4. Trolls continue to be a strict No: No brand can remain safe from the evil eye of trolls. The brands and the creators should know the thin line distinction between viable complaints and evil trolling. While complaints are steps that can help you improve your brand for the best, trolls are made specifically to damage the goodwill and public image of the brand. This should be tackled with utmost sincerity and sensitivity, without hurting the troller but also making it significantly visual that TROLLING CAN NEVER BE TOLERATED.

The brands and creators have long understood the impact of effective Online Reputation Management and this will continue to grow this year as well. The above mentioned strategies, as promoted by the experts from the best digital marketing agencies in Delhi and the world, suggests that the creators and brands can work in harmony to advance on a mutual growth pattern. 

Content Marketing: A thread

Tuesday, August 4th, 2020

One of the most static truths about any kind of marketing and advertising lies in the tone and quality of content that is being used for the communication, in any manner. The digital media industry in India, and worldwide is well aware of the fact that content marketing is the backbone of the digital world and hence should be given its due attention and time for its betterment. People often connect content marketing with just the blogs, infographics, and releases, but that’s not true. All of these, although, are extremely important pillars of content marketing, these are not that’s all in it. 

Below we have mentioned a few extremely important points that all the content writers and the digital agencies should keep in mind and follow, to curate the content that are in consistency with the goal of the business. 

1. Spin a story: We all are well aware of the love for stories. Since ages, stories have been a way to share life experiences, important information, and life lessons to masses all around the globe. This precious pin from the past should always be remembered while writing content to appeal to the readers/ users. While writing a piece of anything, insert a relevant anecdote at the right place to save the writing from boredom and technical, stale content. The writers should always strive to curate a content that is a proper amalgamation of entertainment and messaging of the brand so as to make it interesting enough for the prospective consumers, making them stay on the said content for a little longer than usual. 

2.Content is another name for data: A content writing technique isn’t about the quantity of sites composed every month, or the number of hours spent on decoding the facebook live sessions. It totally is about quality, yet these things are not actually what procedure is about – they are parts, however they aren’t generally what will control your key methodology. An incredible content advertising system should be such that connect with crowds at every step of the way, and so as to do this, a decent planner has to realize how their content is functioning. At the point when you know precisely how to turn your content so it’s viable at one stage, then you can utilize that data as you move into the following stage in the channel. Your methodology will be guided by investigation. The activity of the specialist is to carefully screen, track, watch and report on the numbers so as to ceaselessly refine and modify towards better changes. You should follow where your clients are “originating from,” and where they are “going.” as it were, you should be persistently evaluating traffic designs. Consistently testing what you’re doing is the manner by which you’ll get a strong hold of your crowd’s inclinations, interests, and buying conduct. You have to realize how well material is acting so as to make it to the following stage of the procedure. Essential inquiries you’ll need to present ceaselessly include: 

# What can be refined and improved? 

# What instruments, applications, and stages are playing out the best and least well? 

# What is the best utilization of time and assets corresponding to change? 

# How are the pieces mixing together

3. Rhetorical questions are the key: Rhetorical questions like, “Are you looking to succeed”, “Do you wish to be the best”, and more are a great way to not only entice the users but also to make them think for themselves that they do need the product or service being advertised. Rhetorical questions are often the starters that keep the interest of the users going. However, having said this, the creators should not get wild with rhetoric questions in their piece of writing to a point that makes the readers frustrated and irritated. A proper ratio should be maintained with the length of the article and the amount of rhetorical questions that can be used. For instance, in a piece of article having 1000 words, the number of rhetorical questions should not exceed 4. 

5. Content and brand should be in harmony: While it is true that a content should not sound like a puppet, blindly muttering the brand, but it is also equally true that content should resonate with the style and deliverables of the brand. The content should be the alleged voice of the brand. This is particularly a difficult task to do, as it takes a lot of time and effort to set the voice of the brand that is in consistency with the vision, mision, and targeted consumer set of the brand. Every blog, release, article, and even regular content on various social sites should be reviewed on a daily basis to maintain and control the tonality as well as the voice of the brand for better. One of the simplest ways of doing so is, before writing any content, always ask yourself if the writing is strong and relevant enough to extend to the values of the brand? What is the innate nature of your content, i.e, is it artificial, redundant, or sincere? Is your target consumer well versed with this tonality? Answering these simple questions before writing any piece of content can help the creators in translating the voice of the brand most accurately in every communication. 

6. Content remarketing: If you ask a content writer about an average time of creating a meaningful and interesting content, he/ she probably won’t be able to answer your question for good. This is because a lot of time and effort goes into creating a relevant and interesting content, be it for a blog, an article, a release, a website content, or any other piece of information. Apart from time and effort, content creation also calls for high expenditures, majorly due to inadequate returns on the writing. This is the reason why many businesses, both big and small, are often stuck into the vicious hole where the content fails to add much value to the business and thereby is rejected. There is a way out from this hole, and that is content remarketing. We all are well aware of the remarketing wing of PPC campaigns that work to maximise the effect of PPC for generating better results. The same is required for content, wherein a content is remarketed for good, so as to capture more set of eyes and to fulfill its life. Like in PPc remarketing, here also, the first step is to define the right set of audience to whom you wish to show your content. Then, the visitors spending their time on the site are next tapped and shortlisted, so as to use them for remarketing agendas via banner ads. This remarketing leads to create a more impactful brand awareness and thus greater level of engagement to fulfill the purpose of the content that is so meticulously created. 

The importance of content marketing is something that no one can avoid and thus it is being both valued and used by top social media marketing company in Delhi and the world all around the globe. The key to successful content marketing is by curating relevant pieces of information that resonate well with the brand and are in consistency with the ever dynamic trends to leverage maximum results.