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PPC Marketing – The ultimate guide

Monday, May 25th, 2020

PPC or as we know it, Pay Per Click is a wing of digital marketing, made famous by the digital media industry in India and worldwide, wherein the advertiser pays a price each time his ads are clicked on social platforms. There are essentially two ways of buying visits to your website, increasing website traffic – by organically tracing customers and tapping them, and by buying customers’ footfall on the site via PPC. 

One of the most well-known formats of PPC is search engine advertising. This works as, whenever a prospective user searches for a keyword pertaining to the offerings of your business on search engines, your ad will be up for display. This happens because you, i.e, an advertiser bid for ad placement in the sponsored links of a search engine, every time a keyword search is done by anyone. 

Every time a cycle of this process is completed with a click on your ad, directing the visitor to your website, you will have to pay a small fee to the search engine. It is well stated that a visit on the website by a prospective consumer is a lot more than fess spent on getting them. 

A thorough PPC campaign consists of many steps, each one equally important for the success of the campaign. The process starts with doing research on the required set of keywords and selecting the right set from them. Next, the selected keywords are then organized into campaigns and ad groups to yield beneficial results, lastly, PPC landing pages are set up to optimize the conversions so received. One should always pay a good deal of attention to creating relevant and optimally targeted PPC campaigns to enjoy a discount on the fee charged by search engines. Profitable and perfectly run PPC campaigns lead to lesser charges by the search engines, which leads to a higher profit rate by the brands. Hence, it is extremely important to understand the correct way of doing this stage of the marketing and this is why we are here to discuss some points that will help you to learn the pillars of a good PPC campaign.


The world of Google Ads: 

The most popular advertising system of PPC is Google Ads, formerly popularized as Google AdWords. This simple yet super effective platform of Ad allows businesses all around the globe to create ads that turn themselves up on search engines provided by Google and other Google properties. Google Ads works on a compensation model for each snap, in other words, it works on a pay-per-click model wherein there is a bid initiated by users on each keyword and they are required to pay for every click made on their advertisement. Each time a consumer initiates a search, google delves into the world of Ads advertisers and picks a set of winners to show up in the significant ad space on its search result page. A blend of various elements like the quality of keywords and ad campaign, their relevance, etc are used to choose the winners. With so many brands fighting to appear on the page, advertiser’s Ad Rank is a well thought about tool that is used to multiply CPC Bid, which is the highest amount of fee that an advertiser is willing to spend, and Quality Score, which takes into account the click-through rate and quality of your landing page, to decide more effectively who can appear on the page. This system permits the winning advertisers to locate and connect with potential customers at a budget-friendly cost.

Being the most prominent and exclusively famous search engine, Google entertains massive degrees of traffic, thereby bringing in most impressions and click to ads. This is the reason why carrying out PPC via Google Ads is specifically a valuable choice. Although a lot of factors go into the calculation of driving out a successful PPC campaign, the major area focus should be: 

Drafting relevant keywords: 

It is of foremost importance to craft pertinent lists of important keywords, and proper ad text. 

Quality of the landing page:

Landing page should be created that has relevant content in a persuasive tone, a crystal clear call to action line, and tailor-made specific search queries that help in the optimization.


Google rates the quality of the landing page, keywords selection, and the PPC campaign. The advertisers with higher quality scores tend to have more clicks at a lower cost.

Don’t compromise on Creativity:

A good creative with an alluring copy goes a long way in yielding positive results. 


Keyword research for PPC Campaign: 

If you are of the opinion that one-time keyword research is enough to create ample traffic on your website, then you are highly mistaken. As much time consuming and lethargic it is to research quality keywords, it is equally crucial for the success of a PPC campaign. If you see it in a more deep-rooted phenomenon, every PPC campaign is knitted around keywords thus it is quite safe to say that every successful advertiser continuously engages in the tedious task of finding and refining new keywords for each campaign. One-timer research of the keyword will result in filtering out of other valuable and result-driven keywords that might get your more and more traffic. 

A successful list of result-oriented keywords should be: 


Relevant to your business:

No one likes to pay for the traffic on the website that is not relevant to their business at all. This issue can only be solved with finding and targeting only those keywords that are targeted towards the offerings of your business. This will lead to an effective cost per click regime, giving out increased profits. 


Exhaustive, not a concentrated list of keywords:


While engaging in thorough keyword research, make sure to include the long-tail keywords, along with the most prominent and popular ones. Long-tail keywords, although they are less common to your business and more specific, they certainly add up to the majority of the search-driven traffic. Another advantage of using them is in the fact that they are less expensive than tightly packed keywords, as they are less competitive.


As stated above, to achieve a successful result with a PPC campaign, one must constantly work towards expanding the campaign by constantly increasing the list of keywords. 

Once you successfully create a new campaign, the next step is to manage it on a regular basis to ensure their effectiveness. You should make it an aim to analyze the performance of your campaign at regular intervals and take all necessary steps required at each step, to mitigate deviations, if any. You can make the following stated adjustments to optimize your campaign: 

1.Pretty obviously, you can extend the reach of your campaign by adding relevant keywords at each interval.

2.Include non-converting terms like negative keywords as well, to minimize spends on waste and improve the relevancy of your campaign.

3.Disintegrate your ad groups into smaller, and more relevant segments that will help you to create a more targeted landing page and ad text.

4.Lastly, revamp the content and call to action of your landing page, making it interesting and creative to boost conversion rates. 


This guide can prove to be your go-to list for understanding PPC campaigns more accurately. It is always advisable to select only the best digital agencies in Delhi and around the globe, to conduct a successful PPC campaign for your brand. 



Expert SEO Tips to Boost Traffic

Monday, May 25th, 2020

Something with which the list of best SEO company will relate to is that SEO is never static, it is forever changing and dynamic owing to the changes made in Google algorithms from time to time. Google is known to make somewhere around 500 changes in its SEO algorithm in just a year. We all must be aware that a good and well-planned SEO can work wonders in positioning your content more often in search results and a lack of it can drag you backward in both growth and presence. 

Hence, it is quintessential to adapt to the ever-changing world of SEO and from time to time to experience the benefits of increased traffic, which leads to an increase in the number of conversions, improving lead generation, and therefore, increase sales. 

SEO ranking parameters have changed a lot in recent years and to become the best SEO company in India, one should sharpen their practices and follow these below-mentioned rules and tips to benefit their brands most efficiently. 

User experience is the focal point:

We all know the importance of end-users in the advertising & marketing world. Well, SEO is not left behind in this regard. With BERT introduced in the picture, it is of extreme importance to write content from the user’s point of view. Your content should be interactive for the end consumer and should aim to help him in solving his queries. You should work on reassessing the user access points and on building content that aligns with it. In other words, say if a user visits your site and immediately leaves it due to lack of answer or creativity, or any other reason, your site will start losing racking and as a result, Google will shift your site lower and lower. On the contrary, if a visitor spends an ample amount of time on your website, Google will keep your site on a higher rank. Thus, it all depends upon the user experience that your site is providing and the necessary steps that you are undertaking to improve it from time to time. 

Optimized and high-quality content:

Like everywhere else, content is the king responsible for the optimum performance of any SEO. To adjust to the newer world, one can only survive in the long run with effective, to the point and valuable content. Everything else will be diminished. Make sure you curate the most enticing topic and subtopic to start with, followed by easy to understand, relevant content. There are two ways to shoe and uplift your content to benefit your SEO strategy, and they are: 

1.Make your content longer with a lot of words, as longer content tends to outrank shorter content on the search engines, giving them a higher rank.

2.Use keywords that are strictly related to your post and brand and work around them, instead of using ad hoc lists of keywords and stuffing them in, forcefully. 

Time for some motion:

One of the biggest mistakes that people in the business are committing is ignoring the potential of a video in today’s scenario. Today when the world is ever fact pacing, the majority of the leaders in SEO are still stuck with the concept of quantity or quality, a reason for their downtrod. It’s even practical to assume that a visitor will be more interested in going through a minute video rather than engaging himself in a 100 words article. It is expected that by the end of the next year, online video will consume about 80% of the total space, engulfing about 80%+ traffic.

Focus on UX:

To focus on UX- User Experience is soon going to be a must parameter for industries and brands everywhere. From the first-ever interaction in the SERPs to the ultimate experience of the landing page, the consumer experience should be worked upon. Start working on the best possible methods to increase the experience of the users on your site by duly wondering about the value that you can add to their every visit. Site speed and page speed also stand as strong pillars of consideration when the topic is about increasing user experience. 

Backlinks are crucial:

Regardless of time and era, backlinks stand as an extremely crucial point for SEO success. No matter the industry, or size of the company, it is always important and advisable to create links for SEO success.they are in fact, the life of SEO success and puts ranking in perspective.

Mobile First-Indexing to be the key area of Focus:

With almost 98% of the users switching to mobile for viewing social media and websites, it is inevitable to consider the importance of mobile-first indexing. Google now considers the mobile view of your website as the primary version of your website. However, if you don’t have a mobile version, your desktop version will be taken into account as the primary version but it will drastically affect your rankings. Google also recommends the creators to use a fully responsive URL for the mobile version of their site to increase ranking. SEO at this point needs to divert their focus towards mobile search results to understand what they are up against and what all optimization can be expected to improve the results. 

Listen to the new trend that is Voice Search:

If you haven’t already started with optimizing your voice search in the SEO domain, you are surely lagging. With voice search technology improving at every sunset and becoming more and more accessible, the brands should get ready to become a part of this new SEO slate, as this pattern is here to grow and continue in the future. As voice Search is locally centered, it is extremely crucial for businesses that either locally operated or focus on a more geographic area for their expertise and product distribution. Today, almost 75% of the top search queries are the byproduct of voice searches and you surely can’t risk missing out on such a big number, can you?

Optimize your site at regular intervals:

Site optimization from time to time is one the most crucial steps in SEO and should be performed irrespective of any hurdle and devoid of any excuses. Make certain to keep your site free from any crawl issues. Size up your website performance, compress the size of your images, and avoid using too many redirect pages to avoid crawl issues and other significant issues that might tamper with the ranking of your website.  

Hints about structured Data:

The importance of good quality content is not alien to anyone in 2020. But, Google algorithms still don’t understand the context in full, hence the SEO experts are required to create hints for the search engine to translate searcher’s intent and better use to deliver results in your favor. This is known as structured data and if done right, it leads to data layering, which further increases the prospect of ranking success.

These tips and trends of this year and of coming times surely are a starting point to drive more traffic to your brand’s website thereby providing better and successful results. Once you are done with jotting down a new strategy, implementing all of the above tips, always start with measuring it with a guide to ensure ROI in these dynamic times. Lastly, while including these insights in your SEO practices does not call for much effort or finance, losing them will surely create a major backlog in your practice, leading your brand to lose a lot of traffic and potential customers. 


Smart Social Media Tips 2020

Friday, May 22nd, 2020

Social Media started as a source of entertainment, which then slowly crept its way on the higher slabs of the ladder and soon became an indispensable part of our lives. A part that is now primarily seen as a platform that helps in engaging with audiences and increasing brand visibility at minimum cost, delivering maximum results. This is the reason for the successful present and future of the digital media industry in India and worldwide. The top benefits of well thought and good social media strategy is as follows: 

It helps in increasing footprints on the brand’s website, in other words, it helps in increasing traffic on the website.

It increases the brand positioning in the minds of the prospective consumer base thereby growing a larger audience base.

It assists in increasing brand awareness.

Since Social Media is the nerve of today’s generation, a good social media strategy helps any brand to connect with the target audience base in a more precise and fruitful manner.

With increased brand positioning and customer base, more leads are generated, thereby allowing brands to increase sales, thus money. 

Keeping all these points into consideration, it would not be wrong or exaggeration to say that social media strategies and planning has emerged as one the most prominent and crucial milestones for every marketing & advertising wing of every organization. 

The most recent social media statistics, too prove the importance of Social Media for every brand. These are as follows: 

More than 60% of the World’s population is using the internet daily and is online. 

There exists a 9% increase in the total number of social media users from last year, making the numbers to 3.80 billion. 

92% of users of the internet worldwide, connect with social platforms via their mobile phones.

So, if you intend to give your brand a jumpstart with the best of social media planning and strategy, keep reading the blog further to come across some best cutting-edge tactics and practices of social media success, as is followed by the best social media marketing agency in Delhi and worldwide.  

1. State your goals and objectives: 

The most imperative requirement for a result-oriented social media strategy is laying down clear cut goals, and objectives along with well thought planning to achieve them. Lack of strong goals, in the beginning, will not only reduce your growth but will also restrict you from revising or evolving your strategies in the long run. Always chalk down your goals that are consistent with your overall marketing goals and resources. 

2. Research is the strongest pillar:

You can only work to churn out your goals and efforts into fruitful results, in the world of social media when you know your audience. It is crucial to know and connect with your audience and for that to happen thorough research of your audience base is of utmost importance. Some of the ways to understand your target audience better are:

Carry out a survey to have a better knowledge of their pain points and problems that your brand’s product or service will help to counter solve.  

Keep a close track of your target audience’s demographic steps.

Never miss out on any opportunity to enter into a conversation with your target audience, be it as part of comments on any post, or blog, or via direct messages.

Always be free and open to embracing feedback from the target audience. 

3.Contests are a perfect way to accelerate engagement and social media strategies:

A well crafted, and interesting contest carried on social media platforms, is one of the best ways to entice social media audiences. A good contest will help in tapping a new consumer base, alluring the existing target base, increasing brand visibility, and engagement on the page. You can conduct a giveaway contest, which proves to be the most successful running contest on every platform, a guessing contest with a gift voucher for the winner, and so forth. Always remember to promote all the contests that you carry out, for the best results. 

4. Crafting good, out of the box, and trending social media content is paramount for success:

If you are posting content on your social media channels just for the sake of it, you are taking a reverse walk that will never yield success of any kind. Every content that adjusts itself on your social media channels should be well thought about, unique, and crafted in an exquisite manner, keeping in mind the taste of your consumers and the design language of the brand in question. Every social platform has its own set of virtues and your content should be such that can amplify the virtue of the said platform. For instance: 

Facebook is majorly famous for captivating content that is for entertainment purposes and at the same time creates a drive for knowledge. Facebook groups are a very strong method to connect with your ideal consumer base.

LinkedIn is all professional. It’s one of the finest platforms for content distribution and for engaging the B2B consumer base.

Instagram works wonder for short, crisp, and visually pleasant content. Good for creating engagements and attracting eyeballs.

5. Keep the salesman tactics at bay:

While social media platforms are a way to increase brand awareness and thus sales & profit, a salesy communication never works for the profit of any brand. Today’s well educated and informed buyers hate the idea of being sold too and hence every brand should avoid that on social platforms. The mantra of success via social media is quite simple in fact; focus on connecting and building relationships with the audience and once they start trusting you they will automatically buy from you. Too many promotions on social platforms often turn out to be off-putting for the audiences. 

6. Video is the new communication language:

Apart from the masses residing under the rock, everyone knows the importance and reach of video content on social media. People love watching videos and GIFs in contrast to mere static creativity in the long run. Make sure to adorn your social media page with more video format and lesser static posts. 

7.The right tools of the social media business:

Social media is not merely about the social platforms, it is also about extensive SEO, SEM, and ORM techniques and no business strives ahead for success without implementing these practices equally well. The right set of tools and practices leads to the success of the social media strategy while the wrong tools can destroy all of your efforts.

Thus, social media can be quite overwhelming and difficult at times but no one can ignore their benefits, making social media marketing an indispensable part of the marketing world. Always make sure to appoint the best agency to carry out your social media world. Make the best use of trending formats and the latest changes on the social platforms, and around the globe. Be aware of every activity and the latest news of everything that the world is facing to be on top of creativity, social presence, and visibility in order to attract more and more consumers. And, lastly make sure to make connections with the audience, the priority of every communication and every post to see the results. Without conversing and relationship building, the result can prove to be drastic and harmful. 

6 Tips to help you in Blog Optimization like a Pro

Friday, May 22nd, 2020

Bloggers all around the globe are both fascinated and intimidated by Search Engine Optimization (SEO). While search engines are placed on the top of the shelf when the discussion is about generating maximum traffic for a blog, it is most often done in a poor manner that leads to limited readability of the posts. Most of the bloggers, even some of the best digital agencies in Delhi and the world, believe the pretense that to write an SEO worthy optimized content, the keywords must be forcefully stuffed into the headings and paragraphs that follow, making the post scarcely readable. 

To brush up the basic level, SEO is essentially a method to make the search engines like Google that your blog is helpful and relevant to individuals seeking information either about your line of product or your industry. 

Now, to select an optimum way to disseminate the information to targeted search engines, about your website being relevant to various queries, is the point that loses the concentration and focus of the majority of bloggers and marketers, resulting in failed results. In the long run, this could possibly lead the bloggers to take part in various tactics that might potentially harm the website altogether.  

New Web optimization tips for bloggers are always springing up around the Internet. It is significantly hard for new bloggers to get a grip on what they should do with regards to getting content to appear higher in search engines. It appears the go-to strategies are well known one day and become completely useless and harmful in a matter of a couple of months only. 

Regardless of a few changes made to the Google algorithms, used to figure out where your content will rank for various questions, the tactics for Search engine optimization have remained fairly steady throughout the years. After all, nobody wishes to be the restless advertiser having restless nights thinking about the gossip of Google refreshing Panda or Penguin on Webmaster. 

Here, we will be discussing the best SEO practices and tips that every blogger should incorporate to strive in the field. With the help of these tips, you can master the art of SEO, if done correctly. Always remember, a good and result-driven SEO is interesting and leads to generating quick eyeballs to your content as well to your sites, without much effort.  

1. Always write for your Audience first

One of the biggest faults that started getting visible with the “SEO Content” becoming the talk of the town, was the gradual drop in the quality of the content. The bloggers almost instantly got involved in writing their content for mere search engines, like robots and in the meantime completely ignored the basic – Audience. One should always keep in mind that the basic of every search intent made by the audience is to get fruitful answers and solutions, and not robotic semantics. While writing a blog, the focus should essentially be written in a way that leads to answering the question raised by the audience, and not merely stuffed with irrelevant keywords. This can only be achieved when the focus is shifted from keywords to content quality. 

 2. Build your links with the help of relationship building:

One of the most prominent and strongest methods to increase the ranking of your blog in search engines, still remains linking your content with other websites, as per the best SEO services in Delhi and all around the globe. In past years, most of the bloggers were famously engaged in “Black Hat” tactics of building links, like getting indulged in spam directory sites or buying links from poor quality blogs to increase the number of links addressing their website. The easiest and most result-driven way to achieve this is by building relationships. You can start by creating a list of influencers, websites, and important authorities of your industry. Next, you can lure them with some kind of value-added benefit to create a relationship with them, post which they will likely be interested to link your content on their site. 

 3. Master on-page SEO basics:

The second most crucial aspect to increase ranking is, on-page optimization. One should master its basics, mostly for the reason that you have greater control over it in comparison to off-page factors. Although a lot goes into on-page SEO, you can start with the basics, which is more than enough to keep you ahead from others in the line. It includes: 

Creating SEO friendly URLs

Assigning Meta Title

Including H1 Tag

Providing Subheadings

Usage of Images

Creating Internal Links

Creating Outbound links

Accessing Usability

 4.Invest a good deal in SEO tools:

Like any other practice, Search Engine Optimization can be implemented manually, however, it is a lot more efficient with the help of hundreds of SEO tools that are available to help rectify different problems and grey areas of optimization. Some of the most prominent includes practices that can be solved using tools available online are: 

Thorough keyword research and their inclusion in the content.

Keeping a track record of your content ranking.

Ensuring the optimization of on-page SEO.

Working to build as many links as possible.

Creating content on the topics of interest. 

 4. Keyword Research should be part of your planning:

It is true that content should flow and conceptualize to appeal to the answer and solutions to the problems stipulated by the audiences. However, the importance of keywords can not be ignored or left behind. While planning on your calendar about the blogs, always take out some time to undergo thorough research on the keywords. This, apart from helping your blogs to climb the ladder of ranking on the search engines, also helps you to understand what is it that your target audience is thinking and what language appeals to them when looking for answers. 

 5. Invest time in creating linkable assets:

Have you ever come across an extremely valuable, useful, and unique piece of content that couldn’t help but link to it? This is known as a linkable asset. Suppose you read two articles on Google, one amazon and the other just okay. You will go on lengths to talk about the amazing article to everyone you will meet and maybe talk about the okay piece only if someone specifically asks about it. This is the difference between linkable assets. To make your blog stand out, you can use some of these ideas to create linkable asset: 

Giving a tour of free tool or App

Some ultimate guide posts

Creating Mega lists

Showcasing some Infographics

Introducing online guides

Adding some influencer round-ups

Including quizzes and puzzles

Involving some really interesting case studies

Adding industry-related surveys and researches


To have access to the best services in search engine optimization and to stand out like a PRO, you need not necessarily have years of experience. With some smart techniques, proper usage of online tools, and some awesome content up your sleeves, you can master the art of Search Engine Optimization, which does not exactly have to be complicated or difficult. Follow the above-mentioned tips and steps and you can rule the SEO world in no time, even if you are a first-timer and wish to create your space in this world. Lastly, it would not be wrong to state that SEO is the need of the hour and will continue to grow more and more, with the increasing consumer behavior towards online searches and digital platforms.