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How to use Hashtags effectively on social media

Friday, April 17th, 2020

Hashtags have now become a crucial part of social media marketing and are used by any digital marketing company or brand. It is a supposed to be a great way of labeling and searching all kinds of social media updates. It makes your content unique , easily discoverable and allows you to find relevant content from other brands and businesses. The hashtags allow you to find and engage other social media users based on a common theme or interest. There is no doubt that hastags are the best way to help you to increase engagement on Twitter & Instagram.
Hashtags can help in increasing awareness, getting your content visible to a public base than just followers and increase your social shares. By simply incorporating #nameofhastag into your social media content, you can expand the reach of your post increase your audience. However, knowing how to use a hashtag is a key to your success on social media. Here are some innovative ways to use hashtags in social media marketing.


1. Keep it simple and relevant:

When you are choosing a hashtag, it’s important to form sure that you simply pick something that folks are checking out and may easily remember. There are many hashtags scattered within the social media universe. Using a hashtag that’s long and difficult to spell or pronounce, will probably not offer you an honest result. However, an unclear, never-used or generic hashtag also will not get the results you would like .
Your hashtag should be short, precise and straightforward to spell. It should give your audience a transparent idea about the subject of the conversation. The key’s checking out to what topics your audience can relate. You need to find the ones they are already talking about. The hashtag helps to categorize your content and let people follow a trend and even assist you to interact with a community. You need to use a hashtag that’s relevant to your content and company also as simple to use.


2. Utilize trending hashtags:

A trending hashtag may be a hashtag topic that has become very fashionable . Maybe you have heard people are talking about what’s “trending now”. Sometimes, it’s pertaining to the hashtags that are currently popular or are the foremost talked about immediately . Oftentimes, hashtags are centered on the major news topics of the world. When you see a trend that relates to your business, engage in it by using the tag. By employing a trending hashtag in your content update, you’ll get your message seen by a way larger audience. More and more people can see your updates instead of just your fans and followers.
In addition, a trending hashtag is that the good way to extend brand’s visibility. Before you employ a hashtag in your social media post, confirm it adds value to your existing conversation. If your post does not add value, it is likely to be ignored and lost in an ocean of posts. If you’ve got a very informative post, more and more people will re-share it and it’ll increase your overall brand awareness.

3. Use hashtag on multiple social media marketing channels:

Hashtags are an important part of all the social media platforms. Hashtags give your brand more exposure so you’ll spread the word about your product to a huge audience. In addition, when you use it multiple times on different channels, people will easily remember your hashtag. You can use the hashtag before the keyword within the mind and this manner you’ll find useful content

How does Digital Marketing affect the new age Health care system

Friday, April 17th, 2020

So before talking about how digital marketing is affected the healthcare systems in a good way, let’s see what exactly is digital healthcare marketing?

Does it mean that your dentist has started posting before and after snapshots in his online ‘Smile’ Gallery on Facebook? In addition, will your orthopedic surgeon share videos and testimonials of patients who have made a miraculous recovery from a partial knee or a hip replacement? Does “digital healthcare marketing” -described as the emailer and newsletters that you received from your primary physician reminding you of your upcoming physical? Or does it mean all of the above? Well, digital media is all of the above. It keeps evolving as the century goes by.

Healthcare Marketing has evolved in both ways- online and offline media.

When the internet came to use of billions of people in the 1990s, it forever changed the landscape of digital healthcare marketing. Since then, hospitals have led the way by creating small hospital websites because this industry has always had enough resources to invest. These web-sites used an array of combination of original creative content, stylish graphics and design, hard-coded webmasters, and original photography. The goal of making such websites was to let the public know about the healthcare services and prices that their doctors, physicians and pharma companies are offering.

Over the 2 decades, websites have become increasingly more complex as well as sophisticated, as healthcare advertising has continued to evolve. At first, customers had to manage through a website to find the phone number of the hospital/ doctor. Early websites were often built for aesthetics and show their value in the market instead of best practices for direct response techniques.

Today, as the internet and technology keeps serving us with endless possibilities,  a local private physician practice can also compete with well-established hospitals. It all depends on the type of healthcare marketing they are doing. Small physicians start their healthcare marketing with their websites, with original content as a hub for all advertising activities. These days, not only websites but there are a variety of ways to capture a potential patient’s key interest on a website, including:

1. The best and easiest way –– Organic Searches

The first and easiest way for a potential patient to find your details online through healthcare marketing is through a basic organic search. This search is completely based on what kind of keywords, phrases and formulaic density you have used in your website. If you’ve successfully hired an expert in SEO keywords and Google Analytics reporting, a normal patient can easily find you with a simple type on Google. This is the power of Organic searches. Make sure your hire a content writer to write  your website since it can be ignored by major search engines if you have the wrong keyword density.

2. The most important way to build a business –– Paid searches

Google has already created the PPC (Pay-Per-Click) ad industry. With this they have made millions and billions of dollars, pennies at a time with- paid search marketing. PPC ads are those ads which appear as the short, three-line ads you see at the top. Hospitals take the best advantage with this, by listing out their prices and services with flashy words. If you want to be successful in getting more potential patients –– and to compete with bigger hospitals –– this is your chance. When compared with organic search, PPC is best left to the experts who have proven track records and understand the nuances of PPC ads.

3. The king of all digital marketing –– Social Media

It’s no doubt that the best way to engage patients in always Social Media.

Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn, and many other social media platforms continue to grow their fan base and popularity. You should stretch your maximum healthcare advertising budget in this sector to engage potential patients immediately.

Digital Marketing Strategies to boost your Brand Awareness

Friday, April 17th, 2020

Brand awareness is a very crucial necessity for every organization. Nothing can sell like a powerful brand image. No pushy advertisements or advancements can supplant what an anchored brand can when the question is about raising revenues. Be that as it may, in today’s bottleneck competition, each business is consistently keeping watch for better, more financially savvy approaches to position their brand among the right set of audience and increment brand awareness.


In these times of cutting edge competition and limited financial aids, you can certainly depend on these strategies to boost brand awareness.


1. Clout influencer connections 

Did you realize that 70% of millennials base their purchasing choices on recommendations made by their companions? They don’t need to be superstars or incredibly famous influencers, but their friends, relatives, and smaller-scale influencers who post genuine items and service reviews all the time. This is the place you can step in to gain the trust of the important people amongst your target audience. In fact, in today’s world, no brand can manage the lack of influencer activities as the majority of the buyers tend to settle on the brands that are endorsed by their companions. Only the top digital companies can leverage this connection efficiently as they know that building a long term relationship with an influencer is more likely to yield success in the future than a one-review base.


2. Raise your Content game

Certain financially savvy strategies may have the benefit of being incredible for your budget, yet some of them take more time to show results. In any case, slow progress is in no way poor progress, as when you take as much time as necessary to frame a reputation, it will outlive the individuals who depend just on snappy yielding strategies. Good content requires time, imagination, and persistence to produce results. Not many organizations produce enough buzz from the absolute first blog entry, and the objective is to build your engagement rates all together for SEO and audience js to adore you more. In return, this attention lure increased visibility in terms of likes, shares, comments and better positioning. A digital marketing company surely is an asset for other agencies in this regard.


3. Get your SEO house all together

Brands wake up consistently, and all of them want to be on the first page of Google. With such a great amount of spotlight on investing in the best SEO techniques, numerous business people choose to empty the entirety of their accounts into this one component of brand awareness. Rather than emptying your budget to fuel your expensive SEO strategies, you can plan smartly and cleverly with only the best SEO company to manage your budget for all the activities of brand awareness. The best in class Search engine optimization consistently requires robust speculations; Watch out for the most recent algorithms and give your best effort to work with specialists to execute them in such a manner to keep your site positioning as high as possible with effective keyword searches, mobile optimization and more.


4. Strive for a personal touch

More often than not, simple solutions yield incredible outcomes. While nobody can preclude the incredible effect of digitalization and the comfort of online communications and shopping, it is inadequate to bring that degree of warmth and character that we all strive for. What makes a few brands unmistakably more famous than others are those little actions that show how willing they are to go that additional mile to make their customers happy. It can very well be something as basic as a manually written note attached to the item they purchase or a personal discount on special occasions, as birthdays. Follow-up messages checking on if they are happy with your administration is a success for your brand image.


Hence, with a bunch of systems to designate your budget and a lot of creative minds, you can help your brand image to flourish.


Importance of Strategic Brand Management

Friday, April 17th, 2020

Strategic brand management is very crucial for any brand, as it supports and helps in spinning stories for a brand that further creates brand recognition, boosts revenue and accentuates long term plans for the achievement of goals.

Brand management is the application of specific strategies, tailored for every brand in hand, which helps in the promotion of the brand in the final marketplace with a strong positioning in customers’ minds. A thorough and positive relationship between the target consumer and brand is the outcome of good strategic management. For strong strategic management, a good digital marketing company is a must choice.

Why is it important? Here are a few reasons:

1. Improves Brand perception

 How your brand is perceived and communicated by the target audience among themselves, highly depends on a good strategy of how you wish to translate the brand into an emotion. This further helps in strengthening the selling power of the brands by building trust.

2. Brand differentiation & Appeal

With the bottleneck competition, revolving in every industry, it is of utmost importance to make your brand stand out in the eyes of consumers. There should always be a unique proposition attached to the brand as a whole, for its easy positioning in the marketplace, and for this, a competitive & creative strategy is a prerequisite.

3. Reduce vulnerability to competitive actions

In today’s world, when the competition is at its peak, it becomes quite difficult to protect your brand from competitors. An effective brand strategy protects your brand from competitive threats.

4. Increase brand loyalty

A good brand strategy is a full proof check for retaining loyal customers and increasing brand value.

5. Increase employee engagement with the company

An effective brand strategy allows the employees to feel closer to the organization and motives them to engage more aggressively with the brand. An employee with high morale is one of the most valuable assets for any organization.

6. Boosts MarCom’s effectiveness

 The success of a brand depends largely on clear and effective advertising, the basis of which is a clever yet lucid marketing communication. A result-oriented MarCom is the offspring of an effective brand strategy.

A successful Brand management strategy, how to create?

1. Align values with brand positioning 

While an efficacious brand strategy should at all times be consistent with the positioning strategy, it should also be in close connection with the values of the organization.

2. Analyzing Brand Performance

For effective reputation management and brand building, it is necessary to have media listings and media monitoring, a service that can be delivered only by the best digital marketing company, in India. It plays a crucial role in devising a good brand strategy. 

3. Centralized brand management system

A centralized access to vision, mission, assets, brand definition, creative and communication is a head start for successful strategic brand management.

4. Sustainment & growth of Brand Equity

 A thorough utilization of the brand’s product matrix and a hierarchy of the brand and brand portfolio are a very important set of tools to determine effective brand management strategy.

To sum up, there exist many types of branding, like brand name recognition, where a company popularizes its logo and brand name to spin branding stories around. Then come individual branding, attitude branding, brand extension & dilution, private labels, and crowdsourcing. While each of them has its own sets of advantages, all of them are vulnerable to a cost-effective, constructive and efficacious strategy. Good strategic brand management helps facilitate positive consumer interaction with the brand, along with boosting the value of the products, provided by the brand. It is an imperative model of marketing wing which is used to create brand affirmations and in the overall growth of the enterprise.